Twilight Rotary Club of Bakersfield (“Rotary Twilight”) helped make sure the children of Mt. Vernon Elementary School in Bakersfield, California, enjoyed Halloween despite remotely learning from home because of the pandemic. As part of Mt. Vernon Elementary School’s Red Ribbon Spirit week of October 26, 2020, Rotary Twilight delivered an astounding 400 pumpkins (enough so each student picking up breakfast and lunch at the school could have their very own pumpkin.) All 400 pumpkins were generously donated by Rotary Twilight President Elect Robin Paggi’s husband, Pat, and his company, Daniells, Phillips, Vaughan & Bock. Rotary Twilight members, Robin Paggi, Laura Williams, Pamela Elisheva (with hubby, Irvin), PP Anselmo Moreno and Brad Henderson picked up and loaded the 400 pumpkins from Trader Joe’s and transported them across town to Mt. Vernon Elementary School where a very happy Principal Xochitl Prieto was there to receive them.
Twilight Rotary Club President Li Gibbs, PP Nancy Pollard, PE Robin Paggi and Community Service Dir. Laura Williams returned to Mt. Vernon Elementary on Monday, October 26th to distribute the 400 donated pumpkins to students of Mt. Vernon Elementary. The students and parents stopped by the school to pick up meals on the first day of Mt. Vernon’s Red Ribbon Spirit Week. Thanks to wonderful Principal, Xochitl Prieto, teachers, administrators and staff, the students of Mt. Vernon enjoyed an entire week of different fun activities each day of that week when they stopped by the school to pick up their meals. Twilight Rotary Club was excited to take part by personally handing each delighted child their own pumpkin to carve. It was heartwarming to watch their little faces light up as they excitedly received their pumpkin, just as touching was the smiles we received from grateful parents. Twilight is thrilled to be able to help lift the spirits of Mt. Vernon Elementary students who are taking part in remote learning from homed due to the pandemic.