District 5240's Past District Governor, Wade Namura, has been given the opportunity of being appointed to three Rotary International positions this year! He is now the Multidistrict PETS Alliance Chair for 2020-2021, he took over as the TRF Cadre Technical Coordinator Chair for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, and he has been appointed as the Regional Organizer of all cadres of North America; one of seven globally! Below is a summary of what the roles entail including how clubs in our district can benefit.
Assistance Available for Global Grant Projects
The Rotary Foundation has appointed PDG Wade Nomura as the global Chair of the Cadre of Technical Advisers for Water Sanitation and Hygiene. In addition, The Foundation has initiated a pilot program of Regional Organizers to help club and districts increase their humanitarian projects globally by utilizing the skills of the Cadres in the global grant application stages as well as throughout the project. There are seven Cadre Regional Organizers selected from throughout the world to assist with the implementation of this program, Wade being chosen as one of the seven to lead all TRF Cadres of North America plus English speaking Caribbean countries. This role incorporates grants for all Areas of Focus. Stay tune for more information and if you would like assistance from a TRF Cadre on any aspect of a grant or project, please contact: wade@wadenomura.com
Wade Nomura to Chair the Multidistrict PETS Alliance
PDG Wade Nomura has been appointed as the Multidistrict PETS Alliance Chair for 2020-2021, having originally joined in 2015. Wade plans on expanding the Multidistrict PETS Alliance to include more international PETS members and the larger single district PETS, which could double the size of the current Alliance. The goal is to provide more club presidents with additional information and resources they can utilize when serving as club presidents. Wade becomes the first chair from our Southwest PETS to serve at this international position in the 21-year history of the Alliance. Wade has served on the Southwest PETS committee for 12 years, chairing the event in 2017. Wade has also attended a number of other PETS in the United States as a speaker and trainer. The current members of the Multidistrict PETS Alliance are 26 USA multidistrict PETS organizations and two international PETS organizations.