The Rotary Club of Carpinteria Sunset, California, USA, was admitted to membership in Rotary International on 29 June 2016.
Congratulations to Charter President Gary Bright and Charter Club Secretary Stefanie Harrington.  The club is chartering with 25 members and will be meeting on the first and third Wednesday evenings at 6pm (location forthcoming).
Charter Members:
Gary Bright
Stefanie Herrington
Esther Brand
Gary Dobbins
Christopher Jacobs
Victor Schaff
Will Carlton
Edward Van Wingerden
Don Risdon
Betty Brown
George Krebs
Autumn Shelton
Andy Sheaffer
Will Kalbermatter
Gerry Lamberti
Kevin Baird
Andrea Risdon
Daniel Flynn
Tamara Ivanova
Marsha Callender
Joseph Lazaro
Niels Johnson-Lameijer
Tobias Prins
Anthony Staal
Hans Brand