Rotarians support peace when we address the inhibitors to positive peace which include lack of opportunity and lack of hope.   To increase awareness of and to provide opportunities and hope to athletes who have suffered paralytic injuries, Westlake Village Sunrise formed a partnership with Swim With Mike, an organization that provides scholarships to injured athletes.  The mission of Swim With Mike is to change the lives of student-athletes who have experienced catastrophic injury or illness by providing scholarships, creating community and instilling hope and purpose in their lives. Representatives from Swim With Mike spoke at club meetings.  A fundraiser was held led by President Jim Wisdom who himself had suffered a serious injury as a teenager.  An article on April 8, 2022, in The Acorn local newspaper provided public awareness of the club and the cause.  President Jim participated in a swimathon to increase awareness and providing funding to Swim With Mike.  Jim's  250 laps raised more than $2500 for Swim with Mike and the athletes it supports. Through these efforts, the Rotarians of Westlake Village Sunrise have increased positive peace in the communities and athletes served by Swim with Mike.