Membership growth and development were top priorities for Michelle Ramsey during her presidency at The Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise and it’s no surprise that socials played a crucial role in welcoming new members and integrating them into our vibrant Club culture.
We all know time is a precious commodity these days. Between family commitments, work responsibilities, and personal aspirations, finding availability can be a challenge for both new and existing members. But fear not! Our socials were here to enhance the Rotary experience while fostering connections.
To kick things up a notch, we added "New Member Socials" to our calendar. These events served as a delightful blend of getting acquainted and learning more about Rotary and our Club. Trust us, they were a hit! 
Two standout socials deserve special mention. First up was "Introduction to Westlake Sunrise," where we dished out all the juicy details about our Club structure, esteemed board members, talented committee chairs, and ongoing and upcoming projects. It was an eye-opener!
Next, we had "Understanding the Rotary Foundation," led by our very own Nick Frankel. This informative session helped new members grasp the ins and outs of the Rotary Foundation.  It was an enlightening experience!
But, we're not done yet! Our upcoming program will shine a spotlight on The Sunrise Rotary Foundation. It's a chance for our new members to explore the distinct roles of the Rotary Foundation and the Sunrise Rotary Foundation and understand how our fundraising efforts and their contributions can make a lasting impact locally and internationally. 
Introduction to Westlake Village Sunrise Rotary
Understanding of The Rotary Foundation