From Thurs. 4/28/22 through Sun. afternoon 5/1/22, Westlake Sunrise Rotary sponsored Jarrett Frey, a student here in the Conejo Valley. He learned many things at RYLA: How to take charge, how to inspire people, connect with teammates, and how to bring out the best in them. Because of the education he received in leadership, a winning attitude, perseverance, and ethics, he will be seeking a more active role in his Interact Club and spread his knowledge about how to improve both leadership and character. He wrote to WLV Sunrise President Jim Wisdom the following: “ It is frightening to think that without your support,  I would not have experienced this life-changing opportunity.”
WLV Sunrise President attended the RYLA opening ceremonies on Thursday 4/28/22, and his daughter Kelsey Wisdom ( former RYLA student and now a RYLA Counselor) attended the entire event as a Counselor.  RYLA Chair Darrin Arrasmith and his staff continue to deliver a top-notch experience for the youth here in the Conejo Valley. And this was the first in-person RYLA event in three years. It felt great to be back in person!
The pictures in this story are the following:
  1. RYLA Chair Darin Arrasmith and Kelsey Wisdom speaking at the Opening Ceremony.
  2. Kelsey Wisdom inspiring the students to get involved and make the most of their RYLA experience
  3. Four RYLA Counselors who helped the parents of RYLA students unload their luggage upon arrival.