The Rotary Club of Conejo Valley along with 11 local Rotary Clubs, The Wheelchair Foundation, and friends distributed over 330 wheelchairs!
The need for wheelchairs around the World is tremendous. "It is estimated that over 100 million children, teens, and adults with physical disabilities worldwide need wheelchairs, though less than 1 percent own or have access to one." ~ Wheelchair Foundation 
In 2020, International Service Director, Diego Velasquez, along with his Rotary Club of Conejo Valley, set out in their mission to distribute a container of 280 Wheelchairs to Ukraine. 

Ultimately, despite the challenges of the pandemic, in 2021 they raised the $46,000 funds with the help of 11 Rotary Clubs, the Wheelchair Foundation, friends, and generous donors. 
We are thrilled to announce these funds allowed them to reach their goal for the container of 280 wheelchairs for Ukraine and another 56 wheelchairs that were distributed to Colombia and Venezuela. The impact is huge. 
When someone receives a wheelchair at least 10 people (caregivers, family, and friends) of the recipient have a positive impact. 
“Wheelchairs allow children that can now go to school, adults that can now go to work, and seniors that can once again become an active part of family life and society." - Wheelchair Foundation 
Over 3,300 family members, caregivers, friends, and of course the recipients receive a positive impact in their lives through mobility, independence, and hope!