Congratulations and thanks for taking on the leadership position of your club. Each year we also look for a leader for our district and each club in the district is invited to submit a candidate for the District Governor’s position. If your club has a member who is qualified and willing to be considered for this leadership position, we hope that you will submit his/her application. Not only will it be an extraordinary experience for your member but it will also be a great honor for your club.

Join us for a District Governor Informational Meeting in Zoom on September 11, 2021.  Past District Governors and the District Governor line will be in attendance. The purpose of this meeting is to provide information to potential candidates on the role and responsibilities of the District Governor and to answer your questions.
Please feel free to call the DGD nominating Chair, PDG Savi at 805-285-6700 or email her at rotarysavi@gmail.com with any questions that you may have.

Important Dates

  • October 02, 2021 - Last Day to submit applications
  • October 23, 2021 - Nominating Process at Los Robles Greens