Club Resources:  Intercountry Committees (ICCs)

What is an ICC?

An Intercountry Committee (ICC) is an agreement between two countries in Rotary initiating activities for bilateral humanitarian and peace efforts, using programs and initiatives fitting into the Rotary International Strategic Plan.

There is a formal framework to develop a strategic, long-term relationship.  The opportunity exists for Rotarians in both countries to get to know each other and to assist each other with information about their respective countries and cultures. The ICC becomes a source of knowledge and expertise and the group of Rotarians are ambassadors of peace.

How were ICC’s started?
After World War II, on May 23, 1950 in Strasbourg, at the conference of Rotary District 70, the governors Robert Haussman (Rotary Club of Stuttgart, Germany) and Roger Coutant (Rotary Club of Lille, France) officially created the first Intercountry Committee between France and Germany.
ICC’s Role in Rotary
  • Increase international understanding and goodwill by encouraging Rotarians to learn about the other country and its culture, to visit each other’s countries and homes
  • Create friendships by encouraging clubs and districts to link with clubs and districts in other countries by jointly participating in different international partnerships and projects
  • Help facilitate Rotary projects & programs
ICCs Value
  • Combine efforts and project “know-how” of Rotarians, their Clubs and their Districts – who all have real interest in the other country
  • Facilitate Rotary activities with the other country by finding reliable partners
  • Special focus on Team Building Projects and Peace Projects - Network of Twin Clubs
How do ICCs Work? 
  • Networks of Rotarians and Rotaracters, clubs and districts in two or more countries working together on a national level
  • ICCs are formed with the approval of District Governors
  • Facilitate international home visits, strengthen friendships, and promote service that transcends club, district, and national borders
How to start an ICC
  • National committees in each country – the two committees form the ICC
  • Committees – elected for 3 years
  • Each Committee has a coordinator
  • Minimum 2 members
  • Committees Roles are established
  • Meet at least once a year alternating countries
  • Evaluate and prioritize projects and activities
  • Develop a long term plan that are agreeable to both parties; keep a project log
Multi-District Countries
  • Large countries that have many districts, such as France, Germany, Italy etc...
  • They include all the Country Districts in the ICC
USA: 12 ICCs
Ways to Get Involved with an ICC
Intercountry Committees Leadership
Intercountry Committees Coordinator

Jane Howard, Rotary Club of Cambria