District Governor Nomination Process

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Date: July 11, 2016
From: Loretta Butts, PDG 2014-2015, District Nominating Chair,
           Jim Bell, PDG 2015-2016, District Nominating Committee Vice-Chair
To:      Club Presidents and Assistant Governors, 2016-2017
cc:       DG Nick Frankle, DGE John Weiss, DGN Sandra Schwartz, District Parliamentarian
Re:      Notice of Application for District Governor 2019-2020
Each year the clubs of Rotary District 5240 have the privilege and honor of suggesting candidates for District Governor from their membership. If your club has a qualified and willing member, we hope that you would support and honor that individual by submitting his/her name during this open window of nominations. Being considered is a memorable experience as each candidate develops new and meaningful connections with Rotarians throughout the District.
The Nominating Committee, applicants and their presenters will convene on Saturday, October 22nd at a location still to be determined in the District. Interviews will commence at 9:00 am (full schedule will be announced). Each candidate must have a fellow club member present him/her to the committee just prior to their interview that day.
Sometime following the interviews, the District Governor will notify all applicants of the Committee’s selection and will then make an official announcement to the District approximately 14 days after the selection. The Nominating Committee consists of the Chair (2014-2015 DG), Vice Chair (2015-2016 DG), 2016-2017 Assistant Governors, and the non-voting District Parliamentarian.
Please find the enclosed Rotary International’s Governor-Nominee Form (includes the Club’s Statement of Candidates Qualifications) and the District 5240 Statement of Service completed and signed by the candidate. Also enclosed is a copy of Article 6.5 of the District By-Laws outlining the Sponsor Club’s Responsibilities.
Prior to the deadline of September 21st, 2016, forward these completed forms to District Governor, Nick Frankle, c/o District Nominating Committee Chair Loretta Butts, 7400 Pinal Ave., Atascadero, CA 93422.
Loretta Butts, PDG 2014-2015
District Nominating Committee Chair
(805) 466-2045
Jim Bell, PDG 2015-2016
District Nominating Committee Vice-Chair
Attachments: Click on the following for the forms