District and Global Grants
Information regarding Qualification and Certification
Rotary Clubs in District 5240 must be qualified to become a lead club on a District Grant or a Global Grant. Qualification must be re-established each Rotary Year.
For the 2022-2023 Rotary Year, District 5240 has established different Grants Qualification standards for each type of grant.
District Grants
Clubs must have two members read the District Grants Policy statement for 2022-2023, take a related quiz (open book), and submit the completed quiz to the DRFC Grants Subcommittee Chair.
One of the two members must be the President Elect (President for the 2022-2023 Rotary year).
Global Grants
Qualification requirements To Be Announced at a later date.
Club certification is done by completing and signing the Rotary Foundation Memorandum of Understanding (TRF MOU) as described in the District Grants Policy statement and Global Grants Policy statement.
Club must be qualified and certified to write District or Global Grants.
District and Global Grants Policy documents may be found by following the links on this page.
Questions regarding 2022-2023 Grants Qualification can be sent to:
2022-2025 DRFC Grants Sub-Committee Chair Pat Abruzzese: pabruzzese@pccinc.com, or
2022-2025 District Rotary Foundation Chair Dave Gore:   davcgor@gmail.com