World Peace and Saving the World may sound bold and lofty, but is it? Rotary's programs have always been about PEACE! And for RY 2017-2018 there are two documents to consider: "Peacebuilder Club Presentation" and "Become a Peacebuilder Club." Please check them out on the left column now.
In Rotary Year 2015-16, District 5240 made a commitment to become a Peacebuilder District. We also made a commitment to wage peace wherever we can – in our local communities and in communities around the world. We are establishing Peacebuilder Club program designed to enhance Rotary’s mission of ‘advancing world understanding, goodwill and peace’ through the promotion of programs and projects aligning with the six areas of focus and in particular the #1 Area of Focus – Peace, Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolution. Priority will be given to youth and peace education projects and in gaining the assistance of the graduates of the Rotary Peace Fellowship program for local support.
What Is Peace?  It is not just an absence of war.
Peace is:
  • Lack of Poverty
  • Lack of Injustice
  • Lack of Hopelessness
  • Lack of Non-Human Environment
A District 5240 Peacebuilder Club is a Rotary club that is dedicated to diminishing the root causes of conflict: the need for food, water, shelter, health care, literacy, jobs, and human rights. One that is dedicated to breaking this cycle of devastation and despair, and to helping create an environment of security through providing education, water, sanitation/hygiene, health-care and a chance at a decent future. A Peacebuilder Club uses peace education and peace principles to guide the club’s service and development projects.
In many ways everything we do as Rotarians to improve the human condition, supports peace.   When you feed the hungry, improve educational opportunities for everyone or help create a climate for community economic development you are peacebuilding. When you see injustices and assist in removing them you are peacebuilding.  When you reach out a hand to people you don’t know, you are peacebuilding. 
To learn more about the RY 2017-18 Peacebuilder Club program or to schedule a presentation at your club, please contact PDG Deepa Willingham (
If we can eradicate polio and do it in our spare time, can our next goal – peace - be far behind.