PRLS stands for
Practical Relevant Leadership Skills 
and is a program of District 5240, USA



The goal of PRLS, begun in 1993, is to provide a set of training sessions wherein current and future Rotary leaders could learn to become more effective in their leadership roles.

Basic PRLS has been renamed Intro to Rotary and consists of a half day with 3 modules: Rotary Then and Now, Leadership and Leading a Meeting and Communications and Speaking in Public. This program was specifically developed to train individuals whose goals include a future leadership position in Rotary. They learn skills that will make them more effective in that role.

The subsequent sessions are carefully designed to improve individual leadership skills that are broad based and not just Rotary- specific. Participants have found substantial value in the many practical applications of information presented throughout the curriculum. The program's blend of curricular theory and practical application skills helps prepare students for success in any leadership role.

The PRLS program offers practical training in professional circumstances that can benefit anyone on both a personal and professional level.

The Object of PRLS

‚ÄčTo provide a training environment for Rotarians to learn effectiveness as individuals on a daily basis.