Vocational Training Teams

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Vocational training teams are groups of professionals traveling abroad to either learn about their profession or teach local professionals about a particular field in order to build skills within a community.

Vocational training teams
 •Training is developed based on local needs within the areas of focus
 •Training team is composed of at least one team leader and two team members
 •Team members will provide or receive professional training
 •A single grant can be used to fund one or more training teams
 •A detailed, daily itinerary of each team’s travel and training activities is required for application

 •A vocational training team leader has a general level of Rotary knowledge, international experience, leadership skills, some expertise within the area of focus, and a defined role in the proposed training activities. Non-Rotarians may serve as team leaders provided the sponsors establish this need in the application. The team leader is required to complete his/her portion of the application online.

 •A vocational training team member has at least two years of work experience in the area of focus and a defined role in the proposed training activities. Team members are required to complete their portion of the application online.