Every three years Rotary International holds the Council on Legislation, which is the only time the Council meets to change or make recommendations for the changes in our Rotary International Constitution and By-Laws through resolutions and enactments.
Each district in Rotary International selects a representative to attend the Council on Legislation and vote/act on each and every resolution and enactment. I was selected by our District through a vote during our District Business meeting at the 2012 District Conference on the Queen Mary by a majority vote, and will be your representative for the upcoming Council on Legislation to be held in Evanston on April 10-15, 2016.
I would like to do the best I can to represent our clubs in making sound decisions that will benefit Rotary, our members, our project beneficiaries and the monies we generate. Please look over the accompanying Council on Legislation document to see if any of the action items are of interest or concern to you, and let me know your opinion. The first few pages list the enactments in numerical order so you can look at just those that are of interest to you.
It is important to realize that these enactments are initiated from clubs (in most part) from all over the world, and are not policies being "suggested" by our Rotary leaders. The Council on Legislation is in place to make certain decisions on our governing documents and are made by Rotarians and not just the Rotary International leadership.
I look forward to representing you in Evanston in April and will update you upon my return.
PDG Wade Nomura