Congratulations 2010-12 Club President and all District 5240 Rotarians for an Outstanding Year!
It was such a pleasure to see and hear about all the outstanding things that were accomplished by so many clubs at the District Awards Ceremony.  I would also like to commend the individuals that earned special recognition for doing so much on behalf of Rotary and District 5240 during the 2010-11 Rotary year.   IPDG Deepa had an outstanding year as District Governor, and her leadership was evident in all that was accomplished this year as a District.   My staff and I were busy in the back of the room taking notes, in hopes of replicating the successes of 2010-11.
It was also a lot of fun, seeing the “Deepa Players” in and out of character in the various skits, Keith Parks and Walt Johnson as Tough guys, Arnie Dowdy in drag, and the list goes on….  But the best line of the evening came from PDG Anil who complained about not being able to get past Deepa’s accent to understand what she was saying!

One of the highlights for the evening for me was the opportunity to introduce the Rotary Club of Carpinteria Morning as the 2011-12 Home Club of the District Governor.  I am very proud of the hard work and dedication of the members of my home club.  I now face a larger problem, I have been so openly welcomed by my class of presidents and their clubs, I might just have to say I am a member of 72 clubs!
It was a pleasure lso to introduce the next few years of our District’s leadership.  District Governor Elect Frank Ortiz (of Santa Maria Breakfast) and District Governor Nominee Jack McClenahan (Ojai West) along with me have been labeled the “Three Amigos”(which beats being called the “Three Stooges”!) and highlights our commitment to work as a team to support and encourage the Clubs and individual Rotarians of Rotary District 5240 .
It was a great evening  and enjoyed by ALL!   Please join me as we begin 2011-12 by continuing to do good works while letting the good times roll.
Serving with Rotary’s Best,