In Celebration of Education and Literacy Month 
As children start back to school, we celebrate Education and Literacy Month in September.  District 5240 is a leader in supporting education and literacy programs in our local communities and communities around the world.  In the Rotary Year just completed, our district gave more than $100,000 in scholarships to enable people to attend four year colleges, community colleges and vocational training programs.  Clubs have adopted schools and provide time, talent and treasure to enhance the educational opportunities provided to the students.  We mentor students young and old in reading skills.  We read aloud to the young children in our community to increase their love of reading.  In fact, one of my favorite speaker gifts has been the opportunity to inscribe “best wishes for good reading” in books that will be donated to a school library. 
In partnership with Rotary Clubs in Sri Lanka, our district has sponsored the education of more than 1000 preschool teachers throughout that country.  We support reading projects in Guatemala and have helped upgrade and equip schools in developing countries to improve the education of the next generation of country leaders.
There is no better example of this year’s district theme – if you can dream it, you can do it – than PDG Deepa Willingham’s dream of educating the girl child   and the amazing accomplishments of PACE Universal in support of learning and of community development.  PDG Deepa reminds us that an education changes girls’ lives and gives them a future.  The PACE holistic program nurtures the girls’ social, cultural and nutritional development and inspires them to be leaders in their communities. Learn more about PACE at and as you read the PACE story, remember it all began with the dream of a Rotarian in our district.
Every club in our district has a story about the impact they have made on the life of a student be they young or old. It may be about the person who went to RYLA and had a life-changing experience.  It may be about the young adult who is the first in their family to graduate high school or go to college thanks to the support they received from Rotary.  Whatever your club’s story, share it to show how your support of education and literacy programs changes lives.
Take time during September to take a look around your community.  Are there schools needing your support?  Are there students who could benefit from your mentoring?  Are there educational opportunities going wanting for lack of time, talent and treasure to bring them to fruition?  Remember, it only takes one person, a dream and a Rotary pin to change the life of a child.