Has your club submitted your certified list of club electors to Jeremy Swanson, the D5240 Parliamentarian?  If not, what are you waiting for?  
The District's annual business meeting will be held on Saturday October 7th at 11 AM at the Ventura Beach Marriott, and delegates will be called upon to vote on an update to the District By-laws.  It is an important vote as we haven't updated the by-laws for three years. The proposed changes will facilitate the District's being more efficient & effective in assisting & supporting Member Clubs. They would also enable updating the the District Operating Manual & Leadership Plan in a timely manner. But this can't happen without your delegates casting their votes. 
No proxies apply for this vote. Only your designated Club Delegates may cast a ballot.  Please note, Club Delegates need not register for the District Conference in order to attend the business meeting to represent your club! For those coming only for the vote, there is free off site parking on the street or one can pay $7 to park on site. Though it is preferable to have submitted your delegates' voting documents to Jeremy prior to the morning of the 7th, delegates can present them to Jeremy before the start of the business meeting.
As of September 26, only 20% of the club delegates' documents have been sent to our Parliamentarian Jeremy Swanson. We need 67% positive votes of the delegates to approve the updated bylaws. For example, a club with 75 members would send 3 delegates i.e. 3 Rotarians (remember - no proxies for this vote).
Club Presidents, if you have any concerns on this, please reach out to your local Assistant Governor, Executive Governor or DG John Weiss.