FAYM (Festival of the Arts Youth Movement) is a music and arts festival that was created by the Interact clubs of Simi Valley last year to promote youth creativity. Music and arts are promoted through the interactive music and vendors. This year we are collaborating with Interact, Key club, Rotary club and Kiwanis of Ventura County to make this event larger since we are involving these large divisions of key club as well as the Interact clubs outside Simi Valley. All the proceeds made from this event will be used to provide vital materials to the Door of Faith Orphanage in Mexico.
We are focusing on the art programs because we want to provide equal opportunities for everyone despite these programs receiving less funds compared to core subjects, this is inspired because Santa Susana High, where FAYM started, has more funding since we a performing arts school compared to Simi . This year, FAYM will be held on February 25th at the Rancho Simi Community Park Amphitheater in Simi Valley. FAYM is 100% student run which gives high schoolers the opportunity to learn how much work, collaboration, and problem solving is necessary to host a large scale event. Youth creativity is encouraged since we only accept student vendors, performers, and technical crew. For example, one of our vendors is an aspiring entrepreneur who sold her handmade backpacks and gave 10% of her earnings to FAYM. Last year we made approximately $7000, $5000 was used for expenses but the remaining $2000 was used to purchase materials requested by the Door Of Faith Orphanage in Baja, Mexico. From September 10th-11th, ten members of the FAYM committee personally delivered these supplies and made crafts with the children.