Global Grant to Provide Toilets to Girls In Karnataka State

Rotary Club of Bangalore South (D3190) and Rotary Club of Westlake Village (D5240) have partnered on this project to provide 110 toilet units to villages in Karnataka State.

Without safe toilets, women and girls have to relieve themselves outdoors at night, putting them at risk of sex harassment and assault.  Studies by many organizations in India have shown that literacy rate in India among girl students drops due to lack of access to safe toilets.

Indirect beneficiaries will include approximately 330 women living in the houses.


Other greater benefits include hygienic practice and awareness in the neighborhood that helps to develop good routine habits, and spark the necessary conversation about sanitation habits.  


The total project budget is US $44,000, of which RC Westlake Village has committed $9000.  (RC Moorpark in District 5240 has already pledged $1000.  RC Bangalore South is committing $2000.)


How can you help?  If you would like to support this worthy project, please contact us for the documentation.  We can only accept the first nine donors at $1,000 each (plus the TRF fee of 5%, if donating for PH recognition).

Please contact us at: to join us.