A Letter of Thanks
To the members of my District 5240 Rotary Family,
My family and I would like to thank each of you for the support and love that you have shown to us over the past several weeks as we have struggled with the loss of Heather who to us was wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend. Many of you have been with us from the beginning four years ago when she was first diagnosed with the cancer that ultimately claimed her life. On those days when Heather questioned why she should keep fighting, your prayers, good thoughts and energy lit up her room and gave her the strength to go on.
Heather reminded us that you don’t need a fancy title to do good in the world. The only title she ever wanted was Humanitarian.  With the support of you - the Rotarians in our district -  she became what our friend PDG Steve Rickards from Toronto Canada calls the legendary Heather Frankle who dreamed big dreams, changed thousands of lives and never took no for an answer.  
On behalf of all of us who loved her and marveled at her accomplishments, I thank you. To those of you who have made a contribution to the Heather Frankle Project Fund you have ensured that her good work will continue into the future.  In her memory, I ask you to keep dreaming.  When you or someone you know has an impossible dream – reach out to them, embrace them and support them as you did Heather because what she proved is how one Rotarian with a dream, a Rotary pin and this Rotary district can truly change the world.
With Much Love to All,