April is a very busy month in our District. We kick-off "PEDAL AGAINST POLIO," a month-long event to raise monies for Polio Plus. Pedal Against Polio is a very adaptive, simple plan that will be implemented in many different ways: stationary bikes in homes and fitness centers and/or actual rides in many cities (5k, 10k, 20k, 30k) around the District. Many clubs have chosen their approach to this very flexible and convenient way to support the eradication of polio. I'm so proud of you for taking on the Pedal Against Polio Challenge during April. A big shout-out to Dan Giordano and Jim Lewis for leading this charge.
With each April comes our District Training Assemblies. Please plan on your "continuing Rotary education" in Oxnard on April 2nd, or in Bakersfield on April 23rd. There are many 'elective' classes being offered this year. Our clubs get better when we get better, it's been said.
Also, in April, it's customary for us to visit our sister districts for their District Conferences. First up is our sister district in South Korea, District 3720. Donna and I will be accompanied by District Governor Nominee John Weiss and Past District Governor Chungsam Doh, our leader, interpreter, as well as the father of this district relationship. We are looking forward to the second week in April in Ulsan and Changwon in the southern portion of the country. This will be the last time we visit District 3720. Rotary in South Korea is growing rapidly and on July 1st, District 3720 is splitting into two Districts giving us two sister District relationships in future years. The last week of the month finds us in Mexico with a fairly large delegation from our District in San Miguel de Allende for District 4160's District Conference. Many local Rotarians are also going along to visit on-going grant projects that so many of our clubs have so generously participated in, and of course to continue the many friendships we have developed over the years.
See you at the District Training Assemblies!
In Rotary Service... Jim Bell