Vocational Moment

As I tour our clubs in District 5240, I am very excited about the renewed emphasis in our very first Avenue of Service - VOCATIONAL SERVICE. This is completely in line with Rotary International's desire to reignite an interest in this service area in all clubs.
Here is a quick tip on how you can help your club re-energize Vocational Service and also help those prospective Rotarians learn more about your members when they visit. Simply do this: When a member addresses the President in a meeting, have them begin with: Their Name; Their Vocation. It would sound like this: "President Gary, this is Jim Bell, Wells Fargo Bank..."
That's it! Simple. Easy to do. At no cost! Over time as your members learn to do this, remember, it's to help prospective members become acquainted with your members, and to encourage all your members to benefit from each other when they do business. After all, who better to do business with than someone you know and who cares about you from your Rotary Family?