June is the month that is dedicated to ROTARY FELLOWSHIPS. This is one of my very favorite areas of Rotary. There are more than 60 "fellowships" that have been organized by Rotarian enthusiasts in such diverse areas as fishing, flying, golf, horseback riding, internet, cooking, lawyers, rowing, social networks, wine, yachting, scuba diving... I think you're getting the picture. I am a 10+ year member of the IFMR – International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians. One of my Twilight Club members is a long-time member of the IFRM – International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians. The fun part of the fellowships is to meet Rotarians in your area, your state, North America, and most likely from other countries who have the same passion that you do. Most fellowships stay in touch via their website and email newsletters. It's pretty cool and I highly encourage you to join a Rotary fellowship this month!
This is my final Governor Newsletter for 2016. I hope to see YOU at the District Awards and DG Stepdown on June 25th at Moorpark Country Club so I can personally thank each of you for being an awesome Rotarian. I promise it will be a "country-based" hoot and definitely, ON THAT DAY ONLY, more fun than the local law authorities will allow – but we will obtain a special permit! Sign up HERE for the luncheon on June 25th and join the fun! Yippy Ki Yay!!
In addition to thanking all of you who have made my Rotary year as District Governor so great, I especially want to acknowledge how grateful I am to my loving wife, Donna. She has been with me every step of the way, and her help, patience, energy and dedication has made this year possible.
In Rotary Service,
Jim Bell