Welcome to March and the beginning of daylight savings time.  Be sure to set your clock ahead on Saturday March 12th before going to bed.
One of the tremendous assets we don’t often talk about is the Zone 25/26 website.   You can find it at  www.zone2526.org.   Across the top of the home page are eight drop-down menu choices.  I’d like to bring two of them to your attention:   Strengthen Clubs and TRF.   When you ‘hover’ over Strengthen Clubs, the drop-down menu offers three choices.  Please check-out Membership and then Public Image.  These two topics apply to every club.  Both of these support areas will go a long way in answering your questions and offering the help you need in both areas. 
The TRF menu has one drop-down entitled TRF Resources.  Within this one drop-down menu you will see eleven conveniently labeled folders filled with every topic you can imagine to strengthen your club’s TRF commitment.  There are even videos to use for training and club programs.  You will also find global and district grants information to help you.   All of this is offered at no cost in order to help each Rotarian become more knowledgeable and, in the process, help their club become a “world-class” club!