Dear Colleagues:
(On January 13th), a horrific bomb attack in Quetta, Pakistan, took the lives of 15 security officers and civilians outside a polio immunization center. 
As an organization and Secretariat, we offer our heartfelt condolences and express a deep sadness in the wake of this terrorism against the cause of polio eradication. (Read the official Rotary statement condemning the deadly attack here.)
Unfortunately, we know that violent opposition to the brave work of polio health workers is not uncommon.
The Taliban and other extremists have waged a brutal campaign against vaccination teams, resulting in the deaths of more than 65 health workers and their supporters in Pakistan in the past two years. A local polio coordinator was killed by gunmen in the Swabi district of Pakistan in November.
This is why the commitment made following the blast by the police authorities in Balochistan, and the national government, to redouble their support of the polio eradication effort is an inspiration to everyone as we move forward past this sad day.
At Rotary, we must continue to demonstrate our commitment to ending polio in honor of those who risk their lives to reach every child with the vaccine. Vast improvements have been seen in Pakistan, with more than 80% fewer cases in the country than in 2014.
And our (post-blast) release of $35 million in grants for polio signals our determination to finish the job to which thousands of courageous individuals have committed themselves, and never forget the sacrifices made by those who were lost in attacks.
(January 13th was) not without a ray of hope. It (was) also the fifth anniversary of no new polio cases in India. This reminder of what can be achieved should give us strength to persevere, and bolster our resilience in the face of terror.
All the best.
John Hewko
General Secretary