Each week, TV Santa Barbara airs a half hour show named "Rotary Serving Our Community". The show focuses on different Rotary events, projects and clubs in the greater Santa Barbara area. The show is produced and hosted by Rotarian Wade Nomura.
"Rotary has brought me so many opportunities and connections in my life, and I wanted to share with the audience what Rotary does" says Wade. "I wanted this show to highlight to our community what Rotary is doing, and bring awareness to the efforts and changes Rotary is making in our community."
Production of the Rotary show first aired in August with a show featuring "Unite-to-Light", a solar powered light developed at UCSB and distributed worldwide by a nonprofit organization. Rotary has distributed nearly 12,000 of these lights. There have been other partnerships between the Rotary clubs and other organizations that have been featured, such as the local Boys and Girls clubs, that have Executive Directors that are Rotarians, CASA and CADA partnerships, and local City governments and elected officials that are Rotarians. There have been shows featuring the Rotary Rose Parade Float, the Rotary International World Peace Conference, water projects in Honduras from a Rotary Foundation Cadre's point of view, the $1 million playground initiated by the Rotary Club of Carpinteria Morning, and other featured projects done by the local clubs.
"We hope this project will expand to other communities. Our plans are to expand outward in covering other clubs in our Rotary District this year, then reach out beyond our District into other areas of Southern California. Ideally, it would be our vision to have Rotary shows in all of our communities to highlight what Rotary is doing in these communities", says Wade Nomura. "Want to know what Rotary is and does? Watch our show."
If you are interested in being on the show, contact Wade Nomura at wadedg1112@verizon.net.