Posted by Michael Boyer on Aug 27, 2017

The Rotary Brand Experience

"If you were to ask me what 'Brand' is ... it really is a guide or a lens for the way you think, the way you act, and the way you communicate brought to life at every single point of interaction with your audiences, both internal and external." - Hayley Berlent
Meetings are a great opportunity to provide positive interactions with both internal (members) and external (guests) people. Please enjoy this humorous video that illustrating how many clubs "welcome" people to their club. :-)
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Member Retention: Member Satisfaction

Why is member satisfaction important? Members are the customers of each club, they are the life blood of all Rotary clubs. The success of a club is directly attributable to the satisfaction levels of the members of the club. If you have highly satisfied members, your club is prospering and attaining its goals. If members are not satisfied your club membership declines. 

Your club is participating in a monthly 1-question membership survey. I ask that you participate and provide your rating of how your club is doing and PLEASE add any ideas or comments you have that will make your club better.

You never know when a great idea will come and your club needs to hear them all. 

Remember every 1-question membership survey is 100% anonymous. Thank you!