In recognition of Rotary Gratefulness Week, the Pismo Beach-5 Cities Rotary Club honored several essential workers at their November 17th meeting.  This was a wonderful meeting that the club enjoyed because they were able to personally thank some very special people for the great work they do on a daily basis.

The workers recognized were representatives of their profession and their colleagues.  Each was given a plaque to commemorate their recognition and all but one received a $100 gift card to an area restaurant.  One honoree, California Fresh Market, received a check for $100, which they matched, to be used for a pizza party for all their employees before the start of the holiday rush.  The honored essential workers are listed below with a picture of them receiving their plaque from club President Shannon Bowdey.
The Wonderful Employees of California Fresh Market.  The employees were represented by the store manager Mr. DJ Deutsch.
Insta-Cart Driver – Christine Kilpatrick.  Ms. Kilpatrick and her fellow shoppers/drivers helped us all stay home and out of harms’ way during the most difficult part of the year.
Teacher – Chrissie Vaughn.  Mrs. Vaughn is an elementary school teacher at Shell Beach Elementary.
Firefighter – Captain Dennis Byrnes.  Capt. Byrnes continues to protect our communities after 45 years in the fire service.
Hospital Worker – Jennifir Bautista.  Ms. Bautista was a Materials Manager at the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, responsible for obtaining the supplies needed by the emergency room.
Police Officer – Detective Jim Jolly.  Det. Jolly’s responsibility, as a reserve officer, is the investigation of crimes against children, particularly the sexual exploitation of children.  He is also, in his full-time job, a physician’s assistant in the emergency room of the AG Community Hospital.
These wonderful employees were very deserving of recognition for their dedication and commitment to the communities they serve.  They are wonderful examples of the Rotary motto, “Service Above Self” and the Pismo Beach-5 Cities Rotary Club was honored to have them at the meeting.