The Rotary Club of Ojai has been working on an exciting new fog and water collection project, and we would love to share our progress with you! Utilizing modern versions of ancient technology, we are harvesting water from the offshore ocean fog and the mists that form in our mountain valley. With the aid of a district grant, multiple fog catching systems and weather stations have been installed in our local elementary and middle schools. Our students are learning about weather science, cutting edge design, and alternative methods of collecting potable water. What if you could gather the dew that forms on your cars every morning, and then use it to water a small vegetable plot? What if the fog from a cloud bank could be collected to serve the drinking water needs of an entire community? These are the questions we are asking, and the seeds of curiosity we hope to plant in our student’s minds. Collecting water from fog and rain has great implications locally and internationally, and we believe the possibilities are only beginning to be explored.

If you are interested in learning more about our project, or about fog and rain collection initiatives happening around the world, please contact Bryant Huber at We would love to share what we are working on, what we hope to create, and we want to inspire others with the exciting new ideas being explored.