How to Get a Two Minutes and Twelve Seconds Rotary Commercial to 73 Million People under $200K
That was the challenge a group of dedicated Rotarians faced last year when the Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee (RRPFC) meet to decide on a theme for the 38th consecutive Rotary entry in the Pasadena Tournament of Rose Parade.  To be effective the message had to be universally understood and show the impact Rotary has on people’s lives around the world. 
After considering many theme suggestions the RRPFC decided to celebrate the 100 anniversary of The Rotary Foundation. Off to the drawing board to create a float design. The float would feature a lovable 35 foot long and 17 foot high smoke breathing world traveler (Archie) the dragon for Arch Klumph the Foundation founder in 1916. Archie would be the vehicle to drive home the message of Rotary Making A Difference through the projects The Rotary Foundation supports.  Rotary took home the Princesses Trophy for best use of flowers in a float 35 feet and under in length. Get the inside story and how you can support next year’s float at
Follow the progress of the Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee’s Float as we hop into the 2018 float design in upcoming newsletters.