In a recent article Click Here for Article, we saw how Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) recognition points can be used in a 50:50 matching arrangement to inspire contributions to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) via donations to the Annual Fund, Polio Plus, or an approved global grant.

This article extends this concept by tying it to an award that may be earned by Rotary (and Rotaract) clubs: the 100% PHF club.  Did you know that this TRF award is earned by a Rotary/Rotaract club just once in its existence?  Thereafter the club is considered a 100% PHF club, even if new members join the club who are not yet PHF.

As of this writing, more than half (42 of 71) of D5240’s Rotary clubs are already 100% PHF clubs.  399 Rotarians in the remaining 29 clubs have not yet received a PHF pin.  On average, each of those 399 members currently has already accumulated $117 in PHF recognition.

Therefore, D5240 could become a 100% PHF district if these 399 members jointly contributed $883 per capita ($1,000 for PHF, minus $117) to The Rotary Foundation, a total of $352,300.

Is it realistic to expect all members (often newer ones) who are not yet PHF to make $883 contributions to TRF?  Probably not; at least not immediately and unaided.  But here is where the magic of a 50:50 arrangement comes in!

D5240’s Rotary clubs collectively have accumulated 1,372,528 PHF recognition points to date, supported by their past contributions to TRF’s annual fund, to Polio Plus, or to named global grants.  This figure is dwarfed by the 3,836,228 recognition points owned individually by D5240 Rotarians.  (We have been generous in our support of TRF!)  These recognition point totals surpass by comfortable margins the amount needed to make the district 100% PHF.

So, here’s a modest proposal for the 29 Rotary clubs in D5240 that want to earn their 100% PHF club banner this year.

  • Establish a 50:50 program in your club, using either club (or member) PHF recognition points.  Challenge your non-PHF members to become PHF by pledging $s to The Rotary Foundation.  For every donated dollar, match it with a PHF recognition point from your club, or from your club’s members who volunteer to participate.  Always use signed TRF forms 102-EN to transfer recognition points.

It’s easy, and your club should do it.  Recognition points do not earn interest.  Their most important use is to provide an incentive to others to make new contributions to TRF.  Points disappear (often) when a Rotarian resigns from the club or passes away.  PHF recognition points should be used sooner, not later, as an incentive for contributions to TRF that help fund your club’s projects, for the welfare of your community and the world.

If your club isn’t 100% PHF, challenge it!  Become a 100% PHF club by June 2020.  Institute a 50:50 matching program and watch your club earn a well-deserved honor that never expires!

A list of 100% PHF clubs appears on the next page.  Questions?  Please contact the author at