Chris Smith, son of Bakersfield Twilight Club member Amy Smith and Bakersfield North President Zane Smith donated his bone marrow today to someone he doesn't know, someone he hasn't seen and all because he showed up to an off-site meeting of Bakersfield Twilight at the local blood bank.
Chris who is afraid of needles not only donated blood that night, he signed up for the bone marrow registry. He recently was notified that he was a 100% match to a 60 year old lady with leukemia and would be be willing to donate his bone marrow. He of course said yes. According to his mother, he has undergone a battery of blood tests and bone marrow stimulating shots that really make your joints and bones ache.
He took the time out of his busy work and volunteer schedule to travel to La Jolla to donate his marrow. Not an easy procedure. He is back in his room resting and plans to return to Bakersfield tomorrow.
For those of you who attended the District Conference, Chris was the young man who spoke on his experiences at RYLA. He is not only afraid of needles, he is equally afraid of public speaking although you would not know it by his presentation at the conference.
Let's all send him our best wishes and kudos award as today Chris saved a life and is a real hero. You can contact Chris by emailing him at
Sandi Schwartz, Chief of Staff
Rotary District 5240