The Paso Robles Rotary Club set up a booth to talk about Polio and the Foundation in August of last year at the Winemakers’ Cookoff fundraiser with hundreds of patrons. Volunteers from the club included Doug Barth and Lacey Clifton. The booth was set up at the entrance to the event next to a booth selling Rotary-branded t-shirts to gain the most attention to the Foundation and the work Rotary does to eradicate polio. A plush Rotary piggy bank was at the booth and was carried around throughout the event to continue to encourage donations. Many visitors came up to the booth with questions; a top question being the necessity of a polio booster shot, which is not needed. Rotary member Lacey Clifton’s mother is a polio survivor so Lacey shared her Rotary “why” with visitors to the booth and passed out invitations to attend a meeting. The Foundation booth was well received and the Paso Robles Rotary Club plans to host the same booth again this August.