The Rotary Foundation by Brenda Cressey, Trustee-Elect 2017-2021
The Rotary Foundation, with all its hopes and dreams, is because of each one of you.  The Foundation was the very reason why I joined and now remain a Rotarian.  In fact, the Foundation and its mission to eradicate Polio is the very reason why I joined Rotary 28 years ago.  
Today, I am extremely humbled by my appointment to serve a four-year term on the Board of Trustees of The Rotary Foundation from 2017-2021. There are 15 members, each nominated by the president-elect and then elected by the board in the year prior to talking office.  Four of the trustees are past presidents of RI.
As I travel around this big world of Rotary I’ve been privileged to meet people who I feel are true humanitarians, people who are “Doing Good in the World”. 
In this Centennial year of our Foundation, it is my hope that each and every Rotarian takes the time to learn more about the life changing projects and programs that are made possible because of our ongoing and generous support.  It is also my dream that each Rotarian consider taking it a step further by becoming personally involved.  Consider finding a new international project, one your club and perhaps partner clubs will be happy to support.  One that will allow Rotarians and their family members be connected to that project – In other words, a hands-on project that will change lives for the better, but will change your life too! 
Perhaps, this is the year that you will make a decision to become a member of the Paul Harris Society or to even consider a Legacy gift, by way of your estate plans, with an outright or bequest to the Foundation. Consider this, when making a gift to an Endowment Fund, you will in fact, remain a Rotarian forever because your gift will be invested forever and therefore will provide financial support for projects and programs forever.
This year, Dick and I became members of the Arch Klumph Society.  With our gift, we have endowed a Peace Certificate Fellow in perpetuity.  Such an incredible honor.  We have taken the steps to be a part in making our world a better place, we can look forward to seeing our scholars helping to change the world as we seek true peace and understanding, because we do believe that “Peace is Possible”!
Additionally, people are beginning to ask me about the responsibilities of a Trustee. Trustees are involved in all related business of the corporation. We will hold, invest, manage, and administer all funds and property of the foundation.  We also administer all programs, projects, and activities of the Foundation and evaluate these programs, projects and activities.  Of course, we promote the Foundation and disseminate information about it and honored when able to recognize individuals, Rotary clubs, and others who support the Foundation.  There are many more responsibilities, but far too many to list here.
Friends and fellow Rotarians, please know that I’m especially honored and privileged to be a member of this great District and of the Rotary Club of Paso Robles.  Your support means the world to me and I will do the best job I can in keeping our Foundation in good financial standing, while supporting all the good works made possible through your ongoing support.