Past District Governor (PDG) Wade Nomura was recently named as the new PRLS ‚Äč(Practical Real-life Leadership Skills) Director at the District Conference in Monterey. Wade becomes the first PDG since Jock McKenzie to serve in this position.


Wade “I am honored to have been given this unique opportunity to assist our many Rotarians in creating more efficient clubs and projects. PRLS was the very first program I took in Rotary. The value of this program in my life went well beyond my expectations, as it literally changed my life. Upon graduating, I was asked to become an instructor, which I gladly accepted. From there, I became certified to teach every module of PRLS. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to teach 100s of club presidents and dozens of District Governors. These graduates went on to change their clubs, districts, communities, and impacted the world through their efforts and attained skills. I look forward to improving the program, and thank the past PRLS directors David Gore, Bonnie Cameron and Jack Tingstrom, for evolving the program to what it is today.”

Wade has served as the lead PRLS instructor, PRLS curriculum Chair, the Strand editor, PRLS Extension Chair, PRLS advisor and has presented PRLS in 10 other districts, including in Mexico in Spanish. Wade has also been involved with leadership training for Rotary as a PETS instructor and Curriculum Chair, at the Zone level as a Governor Nominee Trainer, Zone Trainer, and currently as the Zone Training Cadre Administrative Chair for 23 districts.

Wade plans on restructuring the PRLS committee, by adding Deputy Directors Jack Tingstrom and Tony Huff to handle the administrative duties, Mary Lingua as the Curriculum Chair, and additional instructors with professional/expert backgrounds.

PRLS will now be offering New Member orientation on Rotary for clubs at a local level, and on a regular basis. This Introduction to Rotary class will include “Rotary, Then and Now”, “Leading with Vision” and “Communications” in a half day class.

PRLS will also be reaching out to ALL PRLS graduates to create a PRLS Alumni Leadership Group, who will be asked to assist the current District Leadership in multiple areas.

You can also expect a new PRLS website look, along with more current updates, articles and a link on the District Website.

It is a fact that people with outstanding communication skills are more successful in life.

We will give you the tools to become a better communicator, and improve your life.

Stay tuned for the New PRLS !!!