Posted by John Weiss


As we conclude November and our first 5 months of this year, there is so much that I am grateful for: my family, my faith, my friends, and all of you: 3,314 fellow Rotarians in our great district!  I’m thankful for my circumstances, my home club, my business and staff, my doctors and health care providers, my district staffers that make me look good!  How about you?! What are you thankful for?  

Disease Prevention and Treatment Month

This month Rotary’s monthly theme is Disease Prevention and Treatment. This is a meaningful aspect of being a Rotarian. We have worked collectively for about 30 years to eradicate Polio. Many of you have been on a NID (National Immunization Day), some on several! Some like Jim Lewis, Anil Garg, and many others are tireless in efforts for increasing Polio awareness. Others like District Governor Elect Sandi Schwartz and Club President Denise (Bakersfield Breakfast) are tuned in to health and wellness with leadership roles.

Interact District Conference is Saturday February 24th, 2018 in Oxnard.

Your district committee is hard working to make this 3rd Annual event special. We will offer an Interact version of PRLS (Practical Relevant Leadership Skills) with an introduction to Rotary. Interactive leadership skills.  A special on child or human trafficking will be offered for students and parents. We hope that every Interact, Rotaract, and Rotary club will be involved at some level.


The other day I was considering the 55 new members I’ve recruited over the past 15 years. The first step is to love Rotary and be willing to talk about your passion with anyone you feel might make a good Rotarian. Some refer to an elevator speech. I refer to a conversational introduction.  A smile goes a long way. Ask what they think of community work, helping others, volunteering time, donating time and fundraising. Ask if they get on the internet. Direct them to, your club website, or club Facebook. Have fun with it. Role-play. Please feel free to talk with your club’s Membership Chair… 

The new Council of Legislation of 2016 gives your club the flexibility to consider Corporate and family Memberships. Now you can have 2 to 3 members from a single company or organization. Now couples can be recruited together. It makes for more volunteers, more community event sponsors, and membership retention.

Forty-two club visits so far and 37 club visits to go (including Rotaract clubs). One of my club visits in November was with the E-Club of One World which has members from our district, Italy, Mexico, Canada, and other countries, too. If your club has members who find their work has changed, or they move, the E-Club of One World might be a great fit.   

You can view the video of meeting on YouTube by clicking here


Christine and I have been so inspired by your warm welcomes, sharing of club projects, and sending of greetings and cards!  

All our best,

John and Christine