Rotary District 5240 is made up of over 3,000 members from: 72 Rotary Clubs located in 4 counties of Southern California; The Rotary E Club of One World which spans over 6 continents; The "National Chapters" of The Rotary Club of Carpinteria Morning which connect local clubs to members in other states and countries. We meet regularly to form bonds and friendships and we also strive to improve lives locally and around the world. 
Stories From Around the District
Some sad news regarding one of our Past District 5240 Governors... The text below is from Rob van Nieuwburg, Past President of the Rotary Club of Ventura.
A little over three weeks ago I told you how my long-time friend Marc Vertin was fighting for his life. In the afternoon on September 12, 2019, he lost that fight. As usual, everyone will express their sorrow, offer prayers and thoughts for the ones staying behind and move on with life. That’s what we do. Sometimes events like this hit just too close for comfort. It takes more than just accept and move on. Tears won’t even do much to help with the pain and immensity of the loss. For me, this is one that is much too close.
Marc was family. Marc was a Rotarians’ Rotarian. When he served as District Governor for Rotary District 5240 Marc gave us his motto “It Can Be Done.” It was more than just words. He lived his motto and never gave up going after his goals. He was a breath of fresh air during his service as District Governor in 2002-2003.
When the family moved to Indiana, they faced plenty of roadblocks. But he NEVER gave up! When Marc’s health posed a challenge, he put up one heck of a battle. Especially in the last month. Remember: “It Can Be Done.” But, sadly enough, this last one proved to be too much to overcome.
I miss my friend and will miss him forever. It would be nice if the world could stop for just a little bit, so we could adjust to a world without Marc. So, we could deal with the emotion of him leaving us behind. But no such luck. We must move on. Life goes on, as they say. I will miss his humor. I will miss my “co-founder” of the Bad Boys Table in our Ventura Rotary Club. I will miss sharing the LA Dodger fan discussions, not to mention his views on society with focus on the positives and blessings. I think about all the times we shared in and outside of Rotary. When Marc and his family left California for Indiana an emptiness stayed behind. But he was only a phone call away. He stayed as a member of our Ventura Rotary Club while residing in Indiana. We stayed in touch.
Now there is a gaping hole that I don’t know how to fill. I wish everyone that knew Marc will reflect on what he left behind, the lives he touched, the good he has done. The countless friends he made. The service above self to others without question, unconditional and limitless. What an example!
Farewell, my friend. Thank you for all you’ve done. Thank you for being my friend. We are all hurting because you lost your fight and left us. For you, the pains are no longer. You paid your price and it’s your turn to rest. Until we meet again. l Love you man!
We will go on, because “It Can Be Done.”
Rob van Nieuwburg
Ventura Rotary Club
Past President 2014-2015

September is Education and Literacy month. This is a focus that resonates deeply with me.

When I was three years old my father died and my mother had to raise 5 children ages 3 to 14.

I saw her work her fingers to the bone with every cent she made going into the sink hole of her children’s needs.

She always told me that education breaks through the barriers of limitations and she made a deal with me.

She would do the working and I will do the studying.

I accepted the deal. I studied and I was accepted into one of the most exclusive schools.

I knew from there on there was no stopping me and conquering the world was just around the corner.

But I was wrong. After I graduated there were no more scholarships and to go further, money was needed, which I did not have.

I do believe that success is a combination of abilities and opportunities and as Rotarians we have this powerful platform of Rotary to provide opportunities to others so that they can realize their full potential.

As I visit the clubs in our district I am thrilled, I am excited, and very grateful to find that without exception, each club has a focus on education & literacy.

When you light the lamp of opportunity for someone it illuminates a path to endless possibilities.

Let us continue to light those lamps through education and literacy.

District 5240 has no shortage of outstanding Rotarians whose service to humanity can serve as an inspiration to all of us.

This Rotary year, we plan on recognizing and sharing their inspirational journey.

Each of the 12 Groups in the District has been assigned one month in the Rotary 2019-20 year for the Assistant Governor and Presidents to select one Rotarian of Action in their Group

For the month of August the Rotary Clubs selected as their Rotarian of Action to be Tammy Dobrotin. 

In recognition of “doing good in the world”, Tammy will be presented with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition.

Tammy Dobrotin – Goleta Evening Rotary

Tammy is easily on of our most active and dedicated members and has been for several years! She can always be counted on to get involved in our numerous service projects, both in the planning and the actual work. Her level of commitment does not simply end with showing up on the day of the event but rather she typically takes on a leadership role simply because she is incredibly smart and committed to all things Rotary!


The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North

In 1989 the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North (Club 673) embarked on a local project to help and support a Santa Barbara Elementary School, part of the Santa Barbara Unified School District (a disadvantaged School in the District)

The initial project came about because one of our Rotary Members Mr. Ken Compton, then the Administrator of The Samarkand (a local well known Retirement Community) and his wife Ellie Compton a teacher at Adams Elementary School initiated a project whereby our Rotarians would Volunteer at Adams and assist in tutoring the students.  The Class ratio was one teacher to about 26 students.

The School was approximately 70+ % low income, subsidized lunch programs, and although with in the Santa Barbara District needed community support, and assistance with in class tutoring of the students. Our Rotary Club had initially 4-6 class volunteers who each volunteered 4-8 hours per week, and that number has continued for approximately 30 Years.

All of our Presidents, and Past Presidents along with the Club Membership, and District Governors have supported the Program.

Rotary Clubs of Ojai and Ojai West Raise 10,000.00 for the "End Polio Now Drive”

President Cheree of the RC of Ojai and President Steve of the RC of Ojai West combined forces and created  a spectacular evening of food, entertainment and inspiration for District Governor Savi. 

It was  held at the Boccali’s Pizza & Pasta Restaurant of Rotarian Dewayne Boccali who serenaded the audience while they enjoyed the food and the ambiance.

The theme was “Spaghetti Western” and they decided to have a polio drive which they appropriately named ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ 

President Cheree said they had to count the donations several times before she made the announcement to make sure she was  accurate and not dreaming

They raised $10,000.00 in less than one hour for the ‘End Polio Now Drive’. This becomes $30,000.00 with the Bill & Melinda Gates 2 for 1 match.

The close to 100 attendees dug deep into their pockets to help Rotary keep its promise to the children of the world that they will live in a Polio Free world.

In Rotary, we believe in the marathon and not the sprint!

(Image from International Marathon Fellowship of Rotarians / www.rotarianrun.org)

Congratulations to the following Rotary clubs that have welcomed new members as of July 31. They are now part of an organization that is founded on the principle of the equal worth of every human being and the value of Service Above Self.

  • Bakersfield Breakfast
  • Bakersfield Twilight
  • Camarillo
  • Carpinteria
  • Carpinteria Morning
  • Central Coast Passport
  • E-Club of One World
  • Fillmore
  • Los Olivos
  • Nipomo
  • San Luis Obispo
  • Santa Barbara North
  • Santa Maria
  • Santa Maria Breakfast
  • Westlake Village


From: actiongroups <actiongroups@rotary.org
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2019 11:44 AM
To: actiongroups <actiongroups@rotary.org>
Cc: Open World Program <OpenWorldProgram@rotary.org>
Subject: US Rotary Clubs are needed to host Open World Delegations

Dear Action Group Officers,

I’m writing you to introduce the Open World Program (a program funded by the Congress of the United States) that offers Rotary clubs in the US a unique opportunity to enhance international understanding and peace by hosting emerging leaders from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Rotary International Recognizes Golden Valley High School Teacher Jennifer Yamauchi 

Educator Receives Highest Honor Bestowed Upon Non-Rotarians

Jennifer Yamauchi, a teacher from Golden Valley High School in Bakersfield, was recognized today with the Award for Excellence in Service to Humanity, the highest honor Rotary International bestows upon any non-Rotarian.  Fewer than 550 people around the globe each year are recognized with the award, making Yamauchi, one of a relative few world-wide that receive the highly-regarded honor.

By David Gore
"A Paul Harris Fellow is the recognition applied to the contribution of $1,000 or more by, or on behalf of, any person to The Rotary Foundation ("TRF")."  Many such contributions help fund projects in the donor's community, and frequently these projects are funded through District Grants.  It's part of human nature to contribute to projects done in our own backyard.  The need is easily evident to us by virtue of getting to know our neighbors and the daily struggles they face as they work to improve their situation.  Paradoxically, however, humanitarian needs are often greater in far-flung corners of our world that attract little outside attention.
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WHAT qualifies as a Club Story?

Club Stories are highlights of District 5240 Club-specific activities. The following examples illustrate activities that qualify as District 5240 Club Stories (upcoming or after the fact):
  • Community Service Projects
  • International Service Projects
  • New Membership Highlights
  • Club Fundraising Events
  • Member Award Recognitions

HOW do I submit my Club Story?

After you make sure the story qualifies as a "Club Story," you may submit it by emailing ALL of the following items to stories@district5240.org:
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The three most recently published Club Stories will be highlighted on the homepage of www.rotarydistrict5240.org, while an archive of previous Club Stories will be included and available to view under the menu tab, District -> Archived District Stories.
Your story may also be selected for the District Newsletter which goes out to our nearly 3300 active members.

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