$22,500 awarded in scholarships

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The Rotary Club of Ventura South President Nkosi Khumalo (“NK”) is proud to announce the 2022 Senior Graduate Scholarship recipients from St Bonaventure High School ( Olivia Escobedo, William MacNeil, Maria Bernal, Jessica Sanchez ) and from Ventura High School (Juerta Pirraci, Iliana Macias, Ryan Palmisano, Jesus Alvarez Flores, Taylor Denger). Each graduate received a cash check of $2,500 towards their university tuition.

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Insurance broker chooses community service

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When David Drumright joined the Rotary Club of Camarillo in 1999, he was focused on networking. The insurance broker quickly realized, however, that community service was more valuable than gaining new clients.

“What motivates me is that I love the club, I love the people and I love what we do in the community,” said Drumright, 62.  He was nominated by former presidents to assume a leadership role in 2006, and he said he has been dedicated to reviving important traditions while developing new strategies to serve the city.

The greatest challenge he’s faced as president is the pandemic, he said.  Unable to hold long-standing events in person, the club struggled to maintain participation.
“A lot of clubs have fallen apart, and I didn’t want to see our club fall apart,” he said. “I want to see it grow.” The club has roughly 55 members—five more than before the pandemic, Drumright said.

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Rotary Club gives scholarships, funded by Talent Showcase

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Money from the Rotary Club Talent Showcase and the Carpinteria Rotary Foundation is now in the hands of the Carpinteria Education Foundation (CEF), earmarked for student scholarships.

The money will fund seven scholarships. This includes two $2,500 scholarships for members of the Carpinteria High School Interact Club, in Doc Carty’s name; one $2,000 scholarship for a student pursuing music and the arts, in Nilo Fanucchi’s name; and five $1,000 scholarships for Career Technical Education students selected by the school staff.

School board trustee Sally Green accepted a check for the scholarships on behalf of CEF.
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Cambria’s Coast Union High School Interact Club

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Cambria Rotary sponsors, mentors and guides the Coast Union High School Interact Club each year as they carry out projects and develop leadership skills. We could not be prouder of this year’s club and salute them for all they have accomplished.

President, Lisi Happel, Vice President, Caiden Kennedy, Treasurer Violet Wills, Secretary Emmy Johnson and Social Media Director Rory Cloward led the 2021-22 club which conducted monthly beach cleanups, volunteered at the Harvest Festival, Toys for Tots, Camp Ocean Pines Anniversary Dinner, Skate Day, San Simeon Easter Egg Hunt, Beautify Cambria’s Dark Skies and the Bee Festival.

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Bakersfield Clubs Assist College with Peace Initiatives

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In celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birthday in 2019, Bakersfield College started the first of many peace initiatives with support from the Patel Foundation, the Bakersfield College Foundation, and area Rotary clubs. The first of many proposed peace gardens on campus, with a Rotary Peace Pole, was dedicated on October 21, 2021.
A second peace garden will break ground soon. Bakersfield Breakfast Club Rotarians and Peace Committee members Cheryl Scott and Mindy Wilmot continue to be involved in the Peace Initiative on Bakersfield College campus. They were also involved in the Bakersfield College Peace Initiative President’s Seminar Series where the connection between Rotary and Peace were showcased. “BC and Rotary: Building Peace in Kern County” may be found at this link. Additionally, a video further discussing the partnership may be found on YouTube.
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In February of 2022, a group of Rotarians from district 5240 and 5280, joined our leader and International Service Director, Diego Velasquez, on a rewarding journey to Paipa, Colombia! Aside from enjoy the enchanting beauty of Colombia, the mission was to discover inspiring international service projects at Colombia’s 7th Annual International Rotary Projects Fair. Our Club’s International Service Director, Mr. Velasquez, organized the Rotarians over the course of several months and ultimately departed from Los Angeles and arrived in Bogota, Colombia. From there they made it to the ultimate destination in the remote and lovely town of Paipa.
The three-day project fair gave these Rotarians the opportunity to see many projects which they brought home. At this projects fair, our group joined over 120 Rotarians from Colombia and 22 Rotarians from 5 different countries and enjoyed the local hospitality, tours, and recreation. Tours were offered and Rotarians enjoyed destinations including an underground salt cathedral, the historical city Villa de Leyva, thermal hot springs to bathe in, and see the Puente of Boyaca where Colombia gained its independence from imperial Spain!

Simi Sunrise Annual "Bolio" EVent

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On Sunday, April 10th the Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise held their annual Bolio event at Harley's Simi Bowl in Simi Valley.  This event is a fundraiser to support Rotary's battle against the Polio virus which has been eradicated in all but two countries in the world.  It is an opportunity for fun and fellowship centered around 10 pins which one attempts to knock over using a 12 pound ball with 3 holes drilled in it for your fingers.  Sounds primitive, doesn't it?
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"Lost @ Sea" Memorial Service : A Community Project

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Reputedly the only memorial service that honors and remembers those who are lost at sea, Cayucos Rotary is proud to be the sponsor of this annual event since 2009.  This is probably our club's most emotional community service project.

Each year, fishermen, veterans and civilians honor and remember all who fought, and anyone else who has been lost at sea.  The ceremony has grown from about 100 curious eyes to almost 400 prior to Covid.  Local agency officers, like County Supervisor Bruce Gibson, County Sheriff Ian Parkinson, and even past Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian had come to officiate the event. Today, the event is co-organized by the Lost-at-Sea Committee with representatives from Cayucos Rotary, Morro Bay Rotary, Cayucos Lions, Morro Bay Commercial Fishermen's Organization.  The Coast Guard is on hand to help as well.

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Membership Story - Husam Hishmeh

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Westlake Village Sunrise Rotary President Jim Wisdom reached out to Husam early in his year as President to gain some ideas about how to grow membership. While Husam and Jim talked at length about membership early in this Rotary year, and Westlake Sunrise attempted to incorporate some  ideas to increase membership, our club had challenges in maintaining and increasing membership- in part due to challenges with COVID.  We found that about a third of our members were not showing up on a regular basis to our meetings (either on zoom or in-person, because we have hybrid meetings).
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Promoting Peace

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To promote peace, Cayucos Rotary is gathering a group of school-age students to create peace posters and raise the need for peace in our community and the world.

The youths will be invited to our meetings to share their thoughts and their  posters will be laminated and posted on the windows of local merchants, to demonstrate our support against the war in Ukraine, and anywhere else in the world. This peace activity will be promoted via our website, club's Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
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Cayucos Rotary Lead with Music Scholarships

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One of the fun projects that's unique to Cayucos Rotary is awarding music scholarships to college students looking to pursue a career in the music industry or related industries.

Five years ago, Cayucos Rotary created a "Chungsam Doh Music Scholarship Fund" to honor and thank Past District Governor, Chungsam Doh, for mentoring and supporting Cayucos Rotary.  PDG Chungsam was so humbled that he personally contributed to the fund.

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Conejo Valley Rotary:  About Our Club

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Established in 1978, we are a smaller more intimate club that is known locally for being mighty and getting wonderful things done locally and internationally.
We’re known for providing Thanksgiving meals that feed over 3,300 local children and families in dire need with respect and honor, providing K9s for Warrior, helping distribute over 11,000 wheelchairs to those who desperately need one, and starting the first local drive-in movie charity event!
Some recent projects we’ve undertaken during are helping finance and supply books for a literacy program called Little Free Library, stuffing backpacks with school supplies, participating in a global grant to bring clean water to Zimbabwe, helping the local Casa Pacifica organization with volunteering, and much more!
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Conejo Valley Rotary Program:  Interactive Peace Building Game

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The Rotary Club of Conejo Valley invited back Anahita Dalmia to update us on her peacebuilding project. Anahita is the CEO of Alterea and daughter of a past president of the RC Delhi Premier (Aneesha Dalmia).
Anahita first presented her project to RC of Conejo Valley in March 2021. She explained that, when she was a student, she read that more polio cases are now caused by the vaccine than by wild viruses. She was concerned because she knew of her mother’s and Rotary’s involvement with the polio vaccine. After researching the subject, she realized that the statement was misleading and that much of the information accessible to students is misinformation or disinformation. Anahita wanted to help.
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Westlake Sunrise Youth Service:  RYLA

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From Thurs. 4/28/22 through Sun. afternoon 5/1/22, Westlake Sunrise Rotary sponsored Jarrett Frey, a student here in the Conejo Valley. He learned many things at RYLA: How to take charge, how to inspire people, connect with teammates, and how to bring out the best in them. Because of the education he received in leadership, a winning attitude, perseverance, and ethics, he will be seeking a more active role in his Interact Club and spread his knowledge about how to improve both leadership and character. He wrote to WLV Sunrise President Jim Wisdom the following: “ It is frightening to think that without your support,  I would not have experienced this life-changing opportunity.”
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Cayucos Rotary Is Growing

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At Cayucos Rotary, every member is responsible to bring in potential members.  Before we learn of Rotary International President Shektar Metha's initiative on "Bring One, Keep One", Cayucan Rotarians have been practising this mantra since our charter in March 2008.

As a small club in a small beach town, it is essential that we know our members and learn how to retain them.  Cayucos Rotary is not unlike other Rotary clubs. Our club has our ups and downs. Members do leave. We depend heavily on our sponsors to mentor each new member and we get our new members going in our projects. Also as a small club, we need our members to participate in every way possible : donate and /or contribute in kind and work on projects.
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A Polio Affair (TRF Story)

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Prior to Covid, Cayucos Rotary has organized “Paddle for Polio” in conjunction with the Cancer Survivors Group from the Morro Bay Dragon Boat Association to raise awareness of polio and fundraise for polio eradication. Participants included Group 11 Rotarians, who raised funds within their club. We were not able to do so for the past two years.

For 2021-2022, past president Sherry Sim adapted and did the “Peddle for Polio” by committing to wake up at 6:00 AM to peddle on her exercise bike for half hour daily for two weeks prior to World Polio Day. Sherry is not an early riser.  She was penalized 4 days out of the two weeks, for failing to wake up on time to peddle and her ‘penalties’ added to her contribution to the PolioPlus fund. Club members supported her efforts and the club raised $400 last October. Participants from the club included Michele Lilley, club president; Emily Campbell, Past President; Donna Archer, Past President; Pamela Cookson and Sherry Sim, Past President.

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Westlake Sunrise - Teacher Appreciation

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On Fri. 5/6/22, Westlake Sunrise Rotarians gathered together at the beginning of their Rotary meeting at Los Robles Greens and assembled over 353 Teacher Appreciation bags filled with goodies and sweets to thank the teachers for their hard work during this COVID-challenged school year.  Our President Elect and Community Service Chair, Michelle Ramsey, supervised the assembly process and  helped us assemble the bags.
Once the bags were assembled,  WLV Sunrise Rotarians delivered them to a number of schools in the Conejo Valley and surrounding area. We delivered these packages to Westlake High  School; Oak Park High School; Westlake Elementary School and Westlake Hills Elementary School.
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SLO Rotary Sponsors Four RYLA Students

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The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo was pleased to sponsor 4 students from San Luis Obispo High School to attend this year’s RYLA, the first in-person camp in several years!  Three students completed the leadership camp (one became ill on the first day and had to return home):  Katerina Harris, Kylee McNabb, and Dawson Sennes.  Katerina and Kylee are juniors, Dawson is a sophomore and already involved in ASB leadership at their school.  All three had an outstanding, life-changing experience, and made scores of new friends from all over the district.  Kylee received two awards, one for talent show, and the other for Service Above Self.
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SLAINTE! (Gaelic for “Health”)

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Have you heard of the song “Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore/Norwegian Wood” or “Honeysuckle Hornpipe/Temperance Reel”?  Probably not and nor had we until recently on Saturday, May 7th a band named Wrenwood Sessions here in Bakersfield featured them in an afternoon “Concert In the Garden” fundraiser for the Twilight Foundation. 
After a 3 year hiatus, Bakersfield Twilight members were very excited about getting together with the public again to raise funds for the many causes our foundation supports.  Our event was held in the Tejon Sculpture Garden at the Bakersfield Museum of Art with picture perfect weather and a group of attendees that truly enjoyed the lively music, unusual instruments (bodhran, octave mandolin, mandola, harp), and wonderful back-stories that went into creating these songs.  Wrenwood Sessions is a local group of friends who gathered together in 2010 to form a group to share their mutual love of Celtic music.  We can’t thank them enough and our enthusiastic members who all contributed to a successful event! 
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Simi Sunset Membership

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Ready to close up this great Rotary year and we look back to the small things that make a bi difference.  There are times that showing up are enough but then there are the times that people need a take away.  This year we provided all our members business cards to hand out inviting potential members to join us at our meetings.  Something that can fit in your hand and remind you of the good that a community can do.  All it takes is one small phone call and we have them hooked. Get them in the door to get them involved and word of mouth and excitement of giving back is all you need.
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Cayucan Rotarians Know How to Have Fun

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In addition to great speaker programs, Club President Michele Lilley decided to turn it up a notch this year to make our meetings more interesting.  For certain months, we would have a "themed" meeting and every member is encouraged to participate and have fun.

We kicked off Club Pres. Michele's first meeting last July with a garden theme, and members came in garden garb and boots. Pictured above obviously is our "Halloween" meeting, and we rocked it. We endured covid and ended 2021 with a special Christmas social ~ all were dressed to impress.  Soon we will get to "roast" President Michele under another theme.
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Cayucos Rotary Believes in Girls' Education

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For the past six years, Cayucos Rotary has supported PACE Universal by sponsoring the cost of educating at least two-three girls each year. This is one of our favorite international projects, and our club's delight to support Past District Governor Deepa Biwas' girls school at PACE Universal in Piyali, India.

Education & literacy, as Rotarians know, is one of the seven areas of focus for Rotary.  Cayucan Rotarians believe education is the key to helping these youths lay the foundation to help them become more self-sufficient and more successful in life.

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Cayucan Kids Pick Up with Cayucos Rotary

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Despite covid, Club President Michele Lilley remained steadfast and continued to receive undeterred interest from school kids around town to join us in our bi-monthly beach clean-ups.

These youths are a joy to work with. They are enthusiastic and scour all over the beach and street to find that "treasured" trash.

Cayucan Rotarians started picking up way back when the club was first chartered in 2008-2009. The project has become an annual project since inception, and grown stronger from a quarterly clean-up to a bi-monthly sting.

Kudos to our club president Michele Lilley and our young aspiring Rotarians-to-Be.  We appreciate them.

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Cambria Rotary "Consider Yourself One of Us" Membership Story

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Sandy Cha, the new owner of The Cambria Business Center, is given an inspirational New Member Orientation at the home of Roger and Sue Robinson.  Sandy was an Interact member in her youth.  She and her husband, Johathan Mumper, have two young children, encouraging a renewed interest in pursuing family-oriented events and projects.  Membership Chair, Donna Crocker, affixes Sandy's mini-me figure onto the Golden Jubilee 50th  Anniversary Cambria "Member Ship".  Julian Crocker reads a Seventh Grader's prize-winning essay to teach Sandy about the 4-Way Test, and other members give Sandy highlights about Rotary's history and the projects they most appreciated & enjoyed.  The "Artful Dodger" Otis Archie & Donna lead the attendees in welcoming Sandy with a rendition of "Consider Yourself One of Us" from the musical "Oliver".  Although Otis is snowbound for this February orientation, he joins the event virtually.  Cambria Rotary has welcomed 4 new members in the 2021-2022 term, all of whom are taking active roles in the Club.  We are blessed.

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Westlake Sunrise Rotary Club Service

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On Thursday evening, April 21, 2022, the two Westlake Village Rotary Clubs ( Westlake Sunrise and Westlake Village Rotary Club) came together for a signing ceremony at Los Robles Greens in Thousand Oaks to sign a MOU ( Memorandum of Understanding ) in preparation for our 2nd Annual  Holidays In The Village event on Sun. 12/4/22.

The enclosed picture identifies those on the planning committee for this event. They are as follows. From Left

Matt Midura- PEN- WLV Sunrise

Ryan Majus- WLV Rotary

Cristina Ortega- WLV Rotary


Westlake Sunrise Rotary Club Service 2022-05-13 07:00:00Z 0

Westlake Sunrise President Swims for a Cause

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Rotarians support peace when we address the inhibitors to positive peace which include lack of opportunity and lack of hope.   To increase awareness of and to provide opportunities and hope to athletes who have suffered paralytic injuries, Westlake Village Sunrise formed a partnership with Swim With Mike, an organization that provides scholarships to injured athletes.  The mission of Swim With Mike is to change the lives of student-athletes who have experienced catastrophic injury or illness by providing scholarships, creating community and instilling hope and purpose in their lives. Representatives from Swim With Mike spoke at club meetings.  A fundraiser was held led by President Jim Wisdom who himself had suffered a serious injury as a teenager.  An article on April 8, 2022, in The Acorn local newspaper provided public awareness of the club and the cause.  President Jim participated in a swimathon to increase awareness and providing funding to Swim With Mike.  Jim's  250 laps raised more than $2500 for Swim with Mike and the athletes it supports. Through these efforts, the Rotarians of Westlake Village Sunrise have increased positive peace in the communities and athletes served by Swim with Mike.

Westlake Sunrise President Swims for a Cause 2022-05-13 07:00:00Z 0

Practicing Vocational Service Is Key to Holidays In The Village Success

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Rotarians are asked to serve their communities using their skills, strengths, and talents. Westlake Village Noon wanted to create Holidays In the Village (HITV), a European style Christmas Market, as an annual community event in early December that was family friendly. It was too big a challenge and needed more skills than they had in their Club. Solution – partner with Westlake Village Sunrise and the City of Westlake Village!

We pulled it off! On Sunday, December 12, 2021, HITV was an amazing success with thousands of attendees! The overwhelming feedback from attendees: We had a wonderful time! Please tell us you are doing it again next year! Well – we are! The second annual HITV will be on December 4, 2022.

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The Rotary Health Center Jessore, Bangladesh It is a non-profit 50-bed general Hospital for the poor people in this region.  Both outdoor and indoor medical services are provided for the poor in the community at nominal cost.  Every year in the outdoor section 2500 patients receive medical consultation, treatment and medicine from an outdoor medical officer.

More than 1000 operations are conducted yearly in the indoor section of the hospital.  The health center also offers arsenicosis patient management as arsenic contamination is rampant in Jessore.


The Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise Helps its Neighbors

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The Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise places a priority on neighbors in need.

From cleaning up yards for people who cannot do it themselves to installing smoke alarms in the homes of senior citizens and to coordinating with other local services to assist us in these efforts, our Rotarians are People of Action!

The Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise Helps its Neighbors 2022-05-13 07:00:00Z 0

Santa Maria Noon Interact Event

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The Rotary Club of Santa Maria Noon Interact Club held the 1st Annual International Food Faire May 3rd.  There were 12 countries represented.  Noon Rotary Youth Director Erinn Dougherty brought the group in.  Club Advisor, Honorary Rotarian Jules Tuggle is a teacher at St. Josephs High School where the club is located.  Jules put this 1 minute video together for our benefit.

The Food Faire activity was designed to introduce the entire 450 student body to other cultures.  It was a peace building activity.  $1000. was raised to send to a "sister high school" in Africa.  A handful of the Interact Club members were brought in a van by Sports Coach Tom along with school Principal Erinn from the school to the Noon Club meeting May 10th.

Santa Maria Noon Interact Event 2022-05-12 07:00:00Z 0

Santa Maria Noon Membership Activity

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The Rotary Club of Santa Maria Noon is in an area where farming is the top industry.  Our Club had no active members in this Classification.  Our Club Classifications Director Tom Allen asked us to focus on this area.  We then had two off site tours during the year; one at a farm and one at a new Vocational Ag High School campus.  We had one program at the meeting site in addition focused on "farm box vegetable service". Our programs were revved up in topics like economics and international peace fellows that have worked in farming as well as other areas.

The net result is that we have attracted two potential new members.  One will be inducted later in May. 

Santa Maria Noon Membership Activity 2022-05-12 07:00:00Z 0

Conejo Valley Rotary Youth Service Projects

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We’ve got two excellent youth service projects we’d like to share! One is working with Conejo Valley High School seniors and the other with a middle schooler that has an excellent passion project!

For several years we’ve sponsored our local Conejo Valley High School Interact. These young adults are not what most people think they are. Some of these students come from very challenging backgrounds without transportation to school. Others have basic needs that are not met and do not allow them to have an environment to grow. For example, some of the students must care for their siblings, thus they fall behind in academics in other high schools in the Conejo Valley.

Conejo Valley Rotary Youth Service Projects 2022-05-12 07:00:00Z 0

Three RYLA Students Sponsored by Simi Sunrise

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Youth Service opportunities were limited this year, but the Rotary  Club of Simi Sunrise is proud to have sponsored three amazing students for RYLA this year.

All three students came to one of our meetings to share their experiences with us.

Their words were powerful.  One of them said, “Coming here has inspired me to chase my dreams, have a voice and become a better leader.”

Through programs like RYLA and our scholarship awards for graduating seniors, the Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise is proud to be helping our youth build a brighter future.

Three RYLA Students Sponsored by Simi Sunrise 2022-05-12 07:00:00Z 0

Simi Sunrise Foundation Giving

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The Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise maintains a Club per capita contribution of at least $200 to the TRF Annual Fund.

From awarding a Paul Harris Fellow to a new Rotarian this year to holding drawings for a PHF for contributing members , we are proud to support The Rotary Foundation, the work it does and the Rotary values it stands for.

Simi Sunrise Foundation Giving 2022-05-12 07:00:00Z 0

Moorpark Morning Rotary Tree Planting

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In celebration of Arbor Day the Moorpark Morning Rotary Club planted a tree at Miller Park in Moorpark on April 30! It was great to have some of our newer members come out and help make the event happen.

Here are just a few benefits trees bring to our community:

• Trees help absorb the sounds of traffic in urban areas by 40%.

• Neighborhoods with trees are seven to nine degrees cooler than those without.

Moorpark Morning Rotary Tree Planting 2022-05-10 07:00:00Z 0

Two Moorpark Clubs Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

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For the two years I have been President we have talked about bringing the Moorpark Morning Rotary and the Moorpark Rotary together for a group social. Cinco de Mayo was the day it finally happened.  We made new friends, caught up with old and had a few drinks to celebrate the occasion!

Two Moorpark Clubs Celebrate Cinco de Mayo 2022-05-10 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo Eto Park Project

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Volunteers of the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo recently completed the restoration of Eto Park at 170 Brook Street in San Luis Obispo, CA. The Park, originally constructed in 2002 by SLO Rotary, was built in recognition of Eto family who contributed to the development and culture of the community over the past century. The Park had fallen into disrepair and was restored by 46 Rotary volunteers this year.

In 1902, 18-year old Tameji Eto emigrated from Japan to California, settling in San Luis Obispo County in 1914, where he organized various agricultural organizations, was involved in the Co-Operative Farm Industry of Southern California, and serve as a leader of the Japanese community in San Luis Obispo.

Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo Eto Park Project 2022-05-10 07:00:00Z 0

Carpinteria Sunset Raises Over $200,000

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We wanted to share our club's success regarding our foundation's hard work in the community. In response to Covid starting March 2020, our Foundation, Rotary Club of Carpinteria Sunset Foundation, Inc we rolled out the 93013fund. We raised over $200,000.00 between now and then. Please follow the website link below and select to read our article ran in our Coastal View newspaper July 2021:  https://93013fund.org

Carpinteria Sunset Raises Over $200,000 2022-05-10 07:00:00Z 0

SLO Rotary Book Club Event

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We had a really special Book Club and Author Event during this Rotary Year.  I am fortunate enough to know a woman who is a good friend of best selling author David Michaelis, who has written an extraordinary biography of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Eleanor”.  It was a New York Times bestseller, and Pulitzer Prize winning author David Michaelis presenting a “stunning” (per the Wall Street Journal) breakthrough portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt, America’s longest serving First Lady. 

All our Rotary Book Club members had read the book, and I think we were riveted by David’s incredible presentation of his many years of research on this remarkable woman.  I personally am a real history buff, and learned a huge amount about her I had never known before.  I think it was a very special and memorable event.

SLO Rotary Book Club Event 2022-05-10 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary de Tolosa Hosts Teen Track Event for Middle Schoolers

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The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa was pleased to bring back its annual Teen Track event for Central Coast middle schoolers on a beautiful spring day!  Athletes in grades 6-8 gathered at Cuesta College to compete in all kinds of track and field events – races, relays, long jumps, shotput, high jump, and more!  The students and volunteers had a great time and we were glad to see so many families gathered to cheer their athletes on.
Rotary de Tolosa Hosts Teen Track Event for Middle Schoolers 2022-05-09 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary of Carpinteria Morning Club Launches its mentoring program

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The official launch of the Mentoring program was a huge success. Steve Gerteis, Interact Liaison and Mary Layman, Vocational Chair person talked to students about the program and invited them to become mentored by our Rotarians. About 45-50 students at Carpinteria High expressed interest which shows how hungry our kids are for help.  The Rotary Student Program connects high school students with business professionals living their dream career.

By exploring the possibilities in the earliest stages of their career development and selection process, they have the chance to confirm or redirect their dreams. In live, virtual reverse-interview settings hosted by Rotarians, student participants gain rare access to professionals that are considered experts in their fields —from CEOs of global corporations to small-business owners and startup entrepreneurs.

Rotary of Carpinteria Morning Club Launches its mentoring program 2022-05-08 07:00:00Z 0


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In the Summer of 2021, the Conejo Valley Rotary Club, set out to continue and expand our Annual Thanksgiving Meal Distribution.  The annual mission of the distribution is to help rebuild local communities by connecting families to their impoverished neighbors in need. We identified families in need through local charities including CancerFit, Conejo Community Outreach, and The Bumblebee Foundation.

In 2020, we had cooked and served about 1,260 meals and in 2021 we set out to double the meals cooked and delivered. All in all, with the help of Group 4 Rotary Clubs, other District 5240 Rotary Clubs such as RC Simi Sunset, D2 Giving Inc, and local Rotaract and Interact Clubs we nearly tripled our production and cooked and delivered over 3,300 meals.


Camarillo Rotary Receives Recognition at Walk For Kids Event

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The Rotary Club of Camarillo won an award for being the top fundraising team at the recent Walk for Kids benefitting the new Ronald McDonald Family Room at Ventura County Medical Center.  Here is President-elect Laurie Bennett with the trophy. 

Camarillo Rotary Receives Recognition at Walk For Kids Event 2022-05-07 07:00:00Z 0

E-Club Rotarian’s Book Sales to Support Rotary Projects

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Dawn O'Bar, Charter member and Past President of the Rotary EClub of One World, has written and published a book called, COVID 2020- A Year Like No Other; a roller coaster ride of losses, challenges and opportunities.   

The book started out as a memoir of her experiences during the start of the pandemic, but became a larger project as she interviews people from around the world including Rotary members from eight different countries.  The chapters are framed with inspirational stories and there are reflection questions posed for the reader to process his/her own thoughts and experiences for future generations.

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Bakersfield East Helps Provide Scholarships for High School Seniors

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This year we are once again working with Jose Gonzales of the Lamont Chamber of Commerce to assist with Scholarships for academically qualified and financially needy High School Seniors graduating from Arvin High School.  Lamont/Arvin is a rural agricultural area in Kern County with economic challenges.  Many of these students are the first in their family to attend College.


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SLO de Tolosa gathers for 4th Business Social of the Year

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The Rotary Club of SLO de Tolosa has a longstanding tradition of bringing together its seasoned, new, and prospective Rotarians for social events at members’ businesses.  On April 27, the club gathered for an early Cinco de Mayo-themed event at Cerro Pacific Wealth Advisors.  As you can see, we had a great time!

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Simi Sunrise Does Community Outreach for Membership Growth

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On Saturday, April 30th, Simi Sunrise Rotary attended the Simi Valley Chamber Street Fair. There were hundreds of visitors that walked a stretch of approximately 1/2 of a mile. The street was packed with community members; we were able to talk about our club and the activities that we are currently engaged in.

We delivered our Rotary elevator speech.

We sold tickets to our upcoming music festival, invited people to color a picture, and handed out cards to attend a meeting, as a guest.

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Evolving Membership to Reach Young Professionals

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The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, founded in 1984, is currently 84 members. We aren’t looking to grow larger, but want to maintain this size.

For 2021-2022, our membership committee identified these goals:

·      Attract Young Professionals (less than 11% of our members are under age 40)
Our new Young Professionals Plan has a lower financial commitment, if needed. All members are asked to support the YP plan on their annual financial commitment form. Just at one meeting when announced, $1000 was contributed.

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Promoting Peace Building Efforts in Kern County

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As Rotarians we should make every effort to have our clubs incorporate PeaceBuilding/Conflict Resolutions projects. Rotary Clubs in Kern County continue to do community service projects that could qualify as Peace Building projects. In 2020 Bakersfield College kicked off the BC Peace Initiative to create a Peace Garden on campus. Dr. Sonya Christian President of Bakersfield College at the time, indicated  partnership with Rotary and other community groups working towards peace. Several seminars designed to engage small groups including women, veterans, educators and police in conversations about peace and how we can build it.

In October 2, 2021 Dr. Bharati Shah unveiled the BC Peace Garden on the birthdate of Mahatma Gandhi. Bakersfield East Rotary funded the Rotary Peace Pole the first in our area.

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Kinko’s Founder Speaks at Ventura South Rotary

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Paul Orfalea, the Founder of Kinko’s, was the Guest Speaker at the Rotary Club of Ventura South on April 25th. Paul Orfalea is an American businessman who founded the copy chain Kinko's in Santa Barbara in 1970 for 100 square feet and a $5,000 loan. He built the business to 1,200 locations and over $2 billion in sales and was named the best company to work for three years in a row by Fortune Magazine.

Some lessons from Paul:

“There are only 3 things you do in business 1) motivate your workers 2) understand your customers and 3) Balance your checkbook.”

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Cambria Rotary Donates Motorcycle to Kristina Health Center

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Julius Achon had a dream to build a Medical Clinic in his village of Awake in honor of his mother Kristina who was shot and killed during the war in 2004. With the closest access to health care being 78kms away, there was a huge need within the rural northern Uganda community for a clinic to treat the local residents. Kristina Health Center provides primary medical care including triage and appropriate treatment, disease testing, inoculation, medication dispensing and education. The most common illnesses are malaria, typhoid, cough and flu, pneumonia and other serious conditions including internal organ issues requiring referral to Lira Regional Hospital.

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Cambria Rotary’s “Member Ship”

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As she began her tenure as Membership Chair, Donna Crocker pictured us on a Rotary Member Ship: Pas- sengers of all backgrounds sharing revolutionary ideas, culinary delights and camaraderie docking just to do good deeds and take on new passengers.

Turning her vision into reality, Donna placed tiny figures, representing each member of our club, on the ship. At new member orientations, the new members placed their “mini-me’s” wherever they wanted on the ship, which was adorned with Golden Jubilee signage, Rotary pins, photos of officers and a smoke-stack of “energy spent” on Rotary projects.

Cambria Rotary members always say, “If it ain’t fun, it ain’t Rotary!”

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China Lake Received the ShelterBox Hero Bronze Award

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Rotary Year Round Up

This past October the Rotary Club of China Lake was recognized with a ‘ShelterBox Hero Bronze’ award for their donation of $2,000 to ShelterBox international.

Established in the year 2000, ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and other aid items to people worldwide who have lost their homes as the result of a disaster or conflict.  Each easily transportable “shelter” box contains a tent, tools, and cooking gear to support a family in their time of need.  This was a new project for China Lake’s International Directorate, and was sufficient to fund two such boxes.

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Thousand Oaks Socials are a Highlight of Club Membership

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The Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks has socials throughout the year. We have Holiday Parties, Super Bowl Parties, Mystery Nights, Peace Fellowship Dinners and of course, our famous Fireside Chats. Fireside Chats are always  fun, where small groups gather and bring potluck to a Rotarian's home. These usually last late into the evening and are quite loud!  We have 3 sets of Fireside Chats a year. Next one to be in the Fall of 2022!
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The Centro Medico Rotario de Margarita (CMRM) is a Health Foundation created and directed since 1996 by the ROTARY CLUB MANEIRO, Rotary District 4370, Margarita Island, Venezuela to provide quality health care at cost for low income people in the island of Margarita and to help prevent pathological diseases by utilizing an intense patient educational program and periodic screenings.  To continue providing this important service and expand capacity, CMRM needed to replace old equipment, acquire new equipment, and increase the stock of medical supplies.

The Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise partnered with the Rotary Club Maneiro on Global Grant 2118572 to provide the needed equipment and supplies. The Global Grant was supported by six clubs in District 5240.  Supplies were purchased in the United States and shipped to Margarita Island.


Rotary Club of Ojai Steps Up to Aid Babies, Students and Families in Need

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Covid restrictions limited Rotary Club of Ojai’s usual in-person involvement with youth while it dramatically increased basic needs among babies and young people in the Ojai Valley.  Rotary Club of Ojai partnered with community organizations to meet some of those needs, utilizing D5240 district grants to double their relief efforts.

As a result of on-going COVID stressors, low-income families in Ojai and surrounding towns faced unprecedented need for free diapers and wipes.  Secure Beginnings, a non-profit organization in the Ojai Valley that seeks to nurture healthy relationships for families with children 0-5, operates a Diaper Bank in Ojai twice a month.   Pre-Covid, their Diaper Bank served 13 families a month.  Now it provides diapers to over 400 babies a month. Rotary Club of Ojai helped meet this dramatic increase in need by donating $2000 for baby wipes, as well as Rotarian volunteers to help staff at the Diaper Bank twice a month during the spring.

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Thousand Oaks Rotary Grows with Five New Members

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The Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks welcomed five new members in one big induction. Thank you to their sponsors- Darin Arrasmith, Mike Murphy and Herb Gooch. We have lots of work to do so welcome to our wonderful club. Our membership team will work with these folks to get them fully integrated into our large club.
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Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower Program

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Debra Weaver and Patty Evans from the Rotary Club of Goleta joined forces with Annie Vu (President), Taylor DeVries (Social Media), and Nathan Bero (Secretary) from the Santa Barbara Rotaract Club to create lovely flower arrangements the for the Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower Program!

We arrived at 8 am and suited up a crash course in flower arrangements. The Rotaract team has been supporting the Dream Foundation in this way for a while, so their bouquets were quite tremendous! Together, we made several spring bouquets that were whisked away by another set of volunteers to bring cheer to members of our community.

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Rotary Club of Fillmore presents Spring Fling 5K/10K Run plus Fun Run/Walk

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Join us for Spring Fling! One of the best runs you'll participate in! Our scenic course in picturesque Fillmore takes all participants alongside the wild Sespe River with beautiful mountain views. The 10k runners will enjoy running by avocado orchards on one side and lemon orchards on the other. Spring Fling costumes are encouraged!

After the run, grab a snack, relax and enjoy the sounds of our local DJ. Bring the kids for the Bounce House located at the Finish Line. There will be plenty of awards and raffle prizes for a great day of fun!

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Derby Day Wine Fest at Windfall Farms

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After more than two decades of hosting a successful crab feed fund raiser, the Rotary Club of Paso Robles Sunrise is switching gears! Our first annual ‘Derby Day Wine Fest at Windfall Farms’ wine tasting event will be held on Saturday May 7, 2022, from 1:00 to 5:00 at the Windfall Farms foaling barn located at 4710 Flying Paster Lane, Paso Robles.

The event will be limited to thirty-six Central Coast wineries where they will showcase their most favorite wines.

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Viva la Comida Returns to the Camarillo Community Center for the 51st year

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Community Center on Monday, April 25 from 5pm to 8pm. Last held in January 2020, the dinner’s return was delayed by the pandemic and renovations to the Center’s kitchen. The event had been held every year since 1971 when Mike Loza, the founder of El Tecolote Restaurant, had the idea for a Mexican dinner fundraiser for local youth programs.

Admission includes an enchilada dinner, chips and salsa bar, mariachis, opportunity drawings and piñatas for the kids. A bar serving margaritas, beer and wine is also available. A “Grab and Go” drive thru will also serve dinners.

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Thousand Oaks Rotary Club Partners with Calcutta Metropolitan Club
to Provide Oxygen Generation at India Hospitals

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The collaboration between the Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks and the Rotary Club of Calcutta Metropolitan over the past 14 years has resulted in millions of Global Grant dollars given to support many of Rotary’s Areas of Focus.

The most recent partnership involving the two clubs not only involved Thousand Oaks but many other clubs throughout District 5240.  When the stories of Covid hitting India so hard and people having limited access to life saving oxygen emerged, our clubs (with the support of PDG Deb Linden) jumped at the opportunity to create a Global Grant to provide funding for oxygen generation systems to be used by two hospitals in Calcutta, India.

Thousand Oaks Rotary Club Partners with Calcutta Metropolitan Clubto Provide Oxygen Generation at India Hospitals 2022-04-06 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary de Tolosa and Passport “Plant It Forward” in Day of Service

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Rotary de Tolosa and Rotary Passport Clubs joined forces on February 5 to plant 15 live oak trees in the Terrace Hill Open Space in the City of San Luis Obispo. Rotary de Tolosa started the tree planting initiative to beautify open spaces, boost community enjoyment, and capture carbon.

Rotary de Tolosa seeks opportunities to work with additional Rotary Clubs and community partners to plant 100 trees per year for 10 years. At maturity the trees will have converted over 3200 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere to living carbon. Thus far, we’ve planted a total of 140 trees.

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While we are constantly bombarded with news about violence and conflicts around the world, Cambria Rotary’s Peace Builders committee saw an opportunity to promote peace right here in our community. Several years ago, Rotary installed Peace Poles in the Peace Garden at the Vet’s Hall and on the campuses of each of our schools.

The Peace Poles are planted with the Universal Peace Message “May Peace Prevail on Earth”. The time seemed right for finding a way to promote peace right here at home once again. It was decided to approach the local school district to see how the students might participate in a Pickets for Peace Project.


SLO Rotary Spaghetti Western Fundraiser Raises Funds for Local High School & College Student Scholarships

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Yeeee – Haaaw! Join the San Luis Obispo Rotary Club at their annual Spaghetti-Western Fundraiser Saturday, May 7th 2022 at the SLO Veteran's Hall from 5 PM - 8 PM.

Join us for this family friendly event - Enjoy Cafe Roma Pasta, Top Sirloin BBQ, Wine & Beer, Cal Poly Country Line Dancing, Western Movies, Sweet Shoppe & Cake Walk, Carnival Games for the kiddos, and an AMAZING Silent Auction.

Silent Auction items include… local staycations & other vacation packages, TONS of local dining gift cards & wine, Fishing Trip, handcrafted jewelry & arts, spa packages, photography, golf packages at several area golf courses including the San Luis Obispo Country Club, and much, much more!

SLO Rotary Spaghetti Western Fundraiser Raises Funds for Local High School & College Student Scholarships 2022-04-01 07:00:00Z 0

Tree Planting at the South Hills Hiking Trailhead

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Today about 30 Rotary de Tolosans and family members brought their shovels, trowels, knee pads and gloves to plant 40 live oak tree seedlings at the South Hills Hiking Trailhead (intersection of Exposition and Woodbridge in SLO).

This event starts the Climate Action Committee’s plan to plant 1000 trees over the next 10 years in support of SLO’s desire to plant 10,000 new trees by 2035.

Interested in the next Oak Tree Planting, or in finding out more about Rotary de Tolosa? Email mary@verdinmarketing.com!

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Supporting Growing Grounds Nursery

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Community service is a driving force behind the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. This past Sunday our members were out at Transitions - Mental Health Association Growing Grounds Nursery, helping them maintain their facility that helps support so many others.

For over 35 years Growing Grounds Farm & Nursery has offered a supportive and empathetic environment for personal growth, recovery, and the acquisition of soft job skills for individuals with mental illness.

The Nursery is a wholesale business growing succulents, trees, and Mediterranean climate zone perennials including California native plants and the funds raised here are used to support the Growing Grounds social enterprise mission. For more information: https://www.t-mha.org/program-details.php?id=13

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Humanitarian Concert for Ukraine

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The Rotary Club of Tehachapi and the Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District are sponsoring a “Humanitarian Concert for Ukraine”.  All proceeds will be routed thought District 5240’s efforts to support the humanitarian crisis that is building in Ukraine and surrounding countries.
Four Bands and dancing!  What could be better?  April 24, 2022, 2-6 pm.  Tickets are $25.
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Pismo Beach 5 Cities Rotary Club Recognizes Essential Employees

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The Pismo Beach 5 Cities Rotary Club recently recognized essential employees at their weekly meeting.  Vocational Chair, Eddie Salame, introduced each recipient being recognized and told of their hard work and commitment that led to the recognition. 

Club President Karen Zappia then presented the recipients with a plaque and a gift card for dinner at a local restaurant.  The employee’s supervisors and a guest were present to witness the recognition.  It was a wonderful opportunity for the club to thank the employees, from various professions, that work hard to serve the public every day. 

Pismo Beach 5 Cities Rotary Club Recognizes Essential Employees 2022-03-31 07:00:00Z 0

Beautify Goleta

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The Rotary Club of Goleta is volunteering with the City of Goleta as part of the City’s Beautify Goleta campaign.  On Saturday, March 26th, the City hosted the first Beautify Goleta event at multiple locations around town.  Close to 20 Club members participated, picking up trash and showing support for our community.  Club and community members cleaning up the Old Town area of Goleta were treated to a BBQ lunch courtesy of Community West Bank.   The City of Goleta will be hosting additional Beautify Goleta events throughout the year.  For more information on Beautify Goleta:  https://cityofgoleta.org/beautifygoleta

For more information about this event, contact Frances Gilliland, PR Chair, Rotary Club of Goleta,  FranEG@msn.com or (805) 705-1686

Beautify Goleta 2022-03-30 07:00:00Z 0

Ojai Rotary Adds 5 New Members

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On a beautiful Ojai evening, fireside fun and fellowship were recently on tap for new Rotary Club of Ojai members, pictured here from right to left, Kevin Davis, Fern Barishman, Sean McDermott, President Betsy Watson, Renee Halbrook and club membership co-chair Greg Webster (not pictured, new member Dominic Peno and membership co-chair Cheree Edwards).

Currently at 67 members, RC Ojai has inducted five new members this Rotary year with several more in the “pipeline” for membership in the coming month.

Ojai Rotary Adds 5 New Members 2022-03-30 07:00:00Z 0

Taft Rotary Donates Dictionaries to 3rd Graders

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The Rotary Club of Taft started a tradition in 2006 of donating a dictionary to every local 3rd grade student in our area.  We have a total of 8 schools that we serve.  Each year we donate around 350 books…..which means we have donated approximately 5,600 dictionaries during the life of this project!! 

We involve our entire club in this project by putting stickers of the 4-Way Test on the inside cover of each dictionary and distributing the books to each school.  When we donate the dictionaries, we put on a mini assembly explaining what our club does for the community and going over the 4-Way Test.  The kids have fun learning about words from our motto and it is a joy seeing their faces light up!

Taft Rotary Donates Dictionaries to 3rd Graders 2022-03-18 07:00:00Z 0

School Supplies to Anguilla

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The Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks worked with the 5240 Rotary Next Generation Club in sending school supplies to the island of Anguilla, east of Puerto Rico, which has been impacted by natural disasters and COVID. The children of Anguilla were in need of school supplies. We helped by purchasing school supplies and promoting the project. 5240 Rotary Next Generation Club, who deserves most of the credit, raised a total of $4,000 in supplies including computers, laminators, backpacks, calculators, etc. Thank you to President James Hilser and the members of Rotary Next Generation Club for this project.

School Supplies to Anguilla 2022-03-17 07:00:00Z 0

Member Spotlight

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As we emerge from a difficult time in history, education has changed significantly. I wanted to recognize and congratulate Jimmy Cantillon, of the Camarillo Morning Club, for creating a program that enriches high school students in areas that the typical classes don’t offer.

Jimmy and his brother, Kevin are both passionate about education, and have created a program for high school students that bridges the gap in areas that kids are currently missing out on.

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A Playground for Prashanti School, India

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Nothing brings a smile like watching joyful children playing! Active play develops bodies and minds. But many children in slum areas in India do not have safe places to play, and this problem was heightened as Covid closed schools.

Since 2016, the Rotary Club of Ojai has had a close relationship with Prashanti International School (PIS) for low-income children in Puri, India. We completed several Club and District Grants plus a Global Grant in partnership with Rotary Club Srikshetra, Puri, funding drinking water and septic systems, computers, boundary walls, gates, restrooms, classroom furnishings, teacher training, etc. When the need for a safe playground at PIS became apparent, we jumped at the idea.

A Playground for Prashanti School, India 2022-03-08 08:00:00Z 0

Cambria Rotary Blood Drive

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The nation is in the midst of a blood shortage due to the coronavirus pandemic, impacting the supply at San Luis Obispo County hospitals where patients depend on blood donated from community members. Hospitals receive blood from Vitalant, formerly United Blood Services, and give it to patients every day—not only for emergencies but also as part of cancer therapy, surgery, and treatment for burns or blood disorders. Vitalant has seen a 10% decline in Central Coast donors in the past 12 months compared to the year before. There were 58,000 fewer individuals who gave blood in 2021 compared with 2020.

Cambria Rotary Blood Drive 2022-03-06 08:00:00Z 0

Interact Club Bake Sale

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The Rotary Club of Cambria is proud to sponsor the Coast Union Interact Club and watch these students take action to make a difference each year. They plan various fundraising activities so they can raise money to donate to causes the club members select.

In previous years, the club has donated to such causes as high school scholarships, Camp Ocean Pines, HART, Feeding America, Doctors Without Borders, St. Jude’s, Rotary’s Neighbors Feeding Neighbors and FFRP.

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Ventura South Donates $4,000 to Boys & Girls Club

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The CEO of The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura Patti Birmingham was our club Guest Speaker on Monday,  February 7, 2022 at The Tower Club and the Foundation Board presented her with a $4,000 check donation. 

In the picture are Rotary Club Foundation Board members - Jackie Sanchez, Lee Gibson, Miriam Estrada, Ed Keay, Patti Birmingham, CEO, and Peter McClintock, Director of Resource Development at the Boys & Club of Ventura.

Ventura South Donates $4,000 to Boys & Girls Club 2022-02-08 08:00:00Z 0

Bakersfield Clubs East & North Collaborate for Jamison Center

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Bakersfield East Rotary participates in many community service projects. One of those projects is the Jamison Center located in Bakersfield California. This agency, supported by Kern County Human Services, provides temporary housing and care for children from neglectful and abusive home environments. They are housed, fed and able to live at the center until a qualified family member can take them home. This agency has saved many children throughout the years. The good work done by this agency is heart-touching.

Bakersfield Clubs East & North Collaborate for Jamison Center 2022-02-05 08:00:00Z 0

20-Club Collaboration Highlighted in Rotary International Magazine

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Over 900 collaborative Rotary projects throughout the world have been submitted on the Rotary Showcase website this year, and Rotary Magazine's February issue included a spotlight of a Backpack Project for students coordinated by the 20 Rotary Clubs in Ventura County.  District 5240's Groups 4, 5, 6, and 7 each coordinated these backpack stuffing events in collaboration with other nonprofit organizations and school districts in their communities.
RI President Shekhar Mehta challenged Rotary clubs to participate in Rotary Days of Service worldwide, and highly encouraged group collaboration with other clubs and other organizations.  The Ventura Chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters played a huge role in this project by arranging for 1200 backpacks to be donated through the NBA and NFL.  These events were very successful and brought together club members and potential members.
20-Club Collaboration Highlighted in Rotary International Magazine 2022-02-03 08:00:00Z 0

Three Group 8 Clubs Collaborate with Sister City Education Project

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At age 72 most men think of perfecting their golf swing or cruising or traveling to exotic destinations.  Not Art Fumerton. We Rotarians in Rotary Clubs of Santa Barbara North, Santa Barbara Sunrise, and Carpinteria have an incredible program collaboration with the Volcanes Education Project in Santa Barbara Sister City Puerto Vallarta. It is built and operated by an amazing Rotarian, Art Fumerton.

Art and his wife, Mayra, moved to Puerto Vallarta from California in 1994.  Art became involved with the International Friendship Club and the School of Champions providing English and computer programs to underprivileged children in areas surrounding Puerto Vallarta.  At one location, the Magisterio (former dump), they provided a hot breakfast and lunch to 250 children.  But like all  noble endeavors, funding became scarce and the program came to an end.  However, two sponsors continued their support - Cafe Roma and The Hard Rock Hotel.

Three Group 8 Clubs Collaborate with Sister City Education Project 2022-02-01 08:00:00Z 0

Solvang Rotary Spearheads Vocational Collaboration of Four Clubs

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Solvang Rotary sponsored a Tour of the Career Technical Education Center and Agricultural Farm (“CTE Center”).  Representatives from four Rotary Clubs (“RC”), the Santa Barbara County Education Office, Allan Hancock College Foundation, and Rotary District 5240 participated in a tour of the new CTE Center in Santa Maria on January 13th

The tour was conducted by Dr. Paul Robinson, CTE Director for the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District.  Participants viewed and heard descriptions of the CTE Center’s Culinary, Machinery, Diesel, Construction, and Agricultural Farm areas. 

Solvang Rotary Spearheads Vocational Collaboration of Four Clubs 2022-01-31 08:00:00Z 0

Thousand Oaks Rotary Vocational Service Project

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High School is always a difficult coming of age time for any student, especially someone who questions what career pathway might be appropriate for them to pursue given their interests, talents and abilities.  The Conejo Unified School District Career Technical Education department might have made this journey slightly easier for some students with a new website that went live in December 2021.

Thousand Oaks Rotary Vocational Service Project 2022-01-19 08:00:00Z 0

Bakersfield Breakfast members help “Ring the Bell”

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About 12 Rotarians from Bakersfield Breakfast helped to “ring the bell” for Salvation Army at the local Hobby Lobby store.  We did this on a very cold December day (12/17) over a four hour period, engaging shoppers and promoting both Salvation Army and Rotary in general … helping to raise funds during a time when Salvation Army was short handed for bell ringers.

Bakersfield Breakfast members help “Ring the Bell” 2022-01-18 08:00:00Z 0

Rise Against Hunger Guatemala Project

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The Rotary Clubs of Ventura South, Ventura, and Ventura East collaborated with other service organizations for the Rise Against Hunger Guatemala Project.  They packed 10,000 meals in 90 minutes destined for Guatemala even though they had to move inside when it started drizzling!

Rise Against Hunger Guatemala Project 2022-01-18 08:00:00Z 0

Rise Against Hunger Guatemala Project

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The Rotary Clubs of Ventura South, Ventura, and Ventura East collaborated with other service organizations for the Rise Against Hunger Guatemala Project.  They packed 10,000 meals in 90 minutes destined for Guatemala even though they had to move inside when it started drizzling!

Rise Against Hunger Guatemala Project 2022-01-18 08:00:00Z 0

Rose Parade Float Decorating

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Look at all the individual seeds!!  Santa Maria Noon Rotary sent 6 decorators down to the Phoenix warehouse near Pasadena.  They found that the “Glue Man” was a very popular guy.  He dispensed with several specific types of glue for specific jobs.  At the end of the shift, Mr. Glue Man was pretty darn tired.

Rose Parade Float Decorating 2022-01-13 08:00:00Z 0

Enriching Fellowship Through Vocational Awareness

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Rotary Club Bakersfield Twilight — Every other meeting of our club, we have either a “vocational moment” or a brief “two truths and a lie” presentation focused on one of our members.  The objective is to get to know most of our membership. We are an age-diversified club with new, young, veteran and seasoned members, each with a story to tell. This year we are making a cooperative effort to develop our understanding of our newly found friends through attention to the Rotary objectives and the Vocational Avenue of Service.

Enriching Fellowship Through Vocational Awareness 2022-01-10 08:00:00Z 0

Cambria Rotary’s Secret Santas Bring Gifts

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The evening of December 18th, our club continued the tradition of delivering gifts of toys and clothing donated by club members to 45 children in San Simeon. Club members “adopted” a child (or children) and purchased and wrapped items that child asks for in the letter to Santa.

In addition, one of our secret Santa’s (who prefers to remain nameless) donated a pair of shoes for each child. San Simeon businesses and individual donors provided soccer balls and sweaters as well as household items and gift cards for each family. Some of the families were so overwhelmed they insisted on inviting the Rotarians delivering the gifts to come inside to see their Nativity Scenes and Posadas and then entertained us by singing Christmas Carols. What a great way to end 2021!

Cambria Rotary’s Secret Santas Bring Gifts 2022-01-03 08:00:00Z 0

Cambria Rotary Time Capsule

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On the afternoon of December 18, we continued the celebration of our 50th Anniversary by burying a time capsule which included photos, a club roster, a Rotarian Magazine, a Peace Quote and a Rotary mask (Covid) among other things.

Thanks to the Cambria Historical Society, we were able to bury the capsule next to the town clock that our club donated to the town and placed on the museum property back in 2010. There was champagne, nibbles, camaraderie, some short speeches and lots of cheers. What more could you want on a sunny Saturday in December?

Cambria Rotary Time Capsule 2022-01-03 08:00:00Z 0

Cambria Rotary’s World Polio Day Challenge

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At a meeting of the Rotary Club of Cambria in early October, our Polio Plus Chair, Julie Jenkins reminded us that October 24th was World Polio Day and that RI was encouraging clubs to hold challenges from October 24 to November 24 to both create awareness of and raise money for Polio.

Our own “Rotarian Extraordinaire”, Otis Archie quickly volunteered to do “Push-ups for Polio”. In three weeks, at a buck each, the senior-citizen & stroke survivor’s athletics amassed $2,821 in donations from club members that will pay for an amazing 4,702 vaccinations!

Photo shows Polio Plus Chair, Julie Jenkins, counting some of Otis Archie’s pushups at a recent meeting.

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Service Clubs United

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During this holiday season the Rotary Club of Nipomo was able to collaborate with several other service clubs in our area to provide service to our community.

On November 22 the entire community came together to provide a free Thanksgiving dinner to all Nipomo residents. Due to Covid this was our second year in a row to offer a drive-up meal but we still managed to serve 1000 dinners. Our club responsibility was to cook and carve the turkeys.

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Kern County Rotaract: "Help Warm Those in Need"

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Kern County Rotaract, in collaboration with the Bakersfield Kern Regional Homeless Center, partnered with the Bakersfield East Rotary Club and the Twilight Rotary Club of Bakersfield in raising funds for and acquiring warm clothing to benefit the homeless population.  The service project was titled “Help Warm Those in Need”.    

The donated items were collected by the participating clubs over the course of a month and a half, beginning in mid-November to late December, along with financial contributions from both Rotary clubs. 

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RC of Santa Barbara’s Teacher Recognition Award

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Monte Vista Elementary School teacher Allison Heiduk has received the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara’s Teacher Recognition Award for the 2021 fall quarter. Heiduk, who teaches third-grade, was presented with a plaque and $1,000 by the Rotary Club on Oct. 29.

"We celebrate Ms. Heiduk's continued dedication and commitment to providing meaningful engagement and learning experiences for her students and serving as an educational leader," said County Superintendent of Schools Susan Salcido, whose office coordinates the recognition with the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara. "The Rotary Club's recognition program underscores the value our community places on high-quality education," she said. “Thank you to the Rotary Club for supporting teachers and our schools."

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Carpinteria Morning Delivers Solar Light to Roatan

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Back in February, 2020, the Rotary Club of Carpinteria Morning hosted a matching grant for a project called Unite To Light.  Rotarian Mary Layman worked on this project which included the purchase of solar lights and batteries for an Orphanage in Roatan, Honduras.  Mary’s son, David Cicleo is also working on this project. 

Since the pandemic, the solar products were not able to be delivered. Months later, on Nov 12, 2021 we were able to meet and Mary and her son hand delivered the solar products to Roatan and visited the orphanage. 


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Instruments for Nicaraguan Children

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The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise provided funding for musical instruments for the children of Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua. The municipality will maintain a music school where children, adolescents, and youth from the city can learn to play music. The city has instructors in place, a physical location, and some basic instruments, but they lack a larger variety of instruments to be able to develop the music training.

The grant funded the purchase of the following musical instruments and supplies: 18 guitars (15 clasica and 3 electroacoustic), 1 bass guitar, 19 guitar bags, 1 guitar strap, 2 cables, 12 classical guitar pedistals, 4 keyboards, 4 keyboard adapters, 4 keyboard pedestals, 4 keyboard bags, 1 bongo, 1 pedestal for bongo, and 1 Peruvian percussion box.

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Environmental Grant Awarded to Channelkeeper

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The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise presented the Santa Barbara Channelkeeper with a $3,500 grant for their Youth Environmental Science Education Program. Students from two classrooms from Harding Elementary School will participate in the program. Once the students complete this program they are taken on an educational kayak paddle in the harbor. Channelkeeper recognizes that today’s youth are the decision makers of tomorrow and that their environmental ethics are critical to our planet’s future. Photo: Diana Washburn, Community Service Committee Member, with Penny Owens, Channelkeeper Education & Community Outreach Director.

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Camp Whittier Peacetime Adventures Camp

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Michael Baker, President and CEO of the United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County, attended the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise’s recent meeting to thank members for their support of the Global Grant to operate a one-week camp, called Rotary Peacetime Adventures at Camp Whittier. The grant, developed and written by members Janet Napier and Luz Maria Ortiz Smith, with funding provided by District Designated Funds from two Rotary districts in South Korea, one in Mexico and our own district 5240, as well as $5,000 cash from the Sunrise Club and $2,500 from the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara, provided $47,500 to operate a five day camp for 62 children between the ages of 8 and 13 years old. Because of the coronavirus, it was unclear when the camp would be able to take place but, with increased vaccination rates and an easing of the rate of COVID, the camp was held August 3-7, 2021. 


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Rotary Club of Oxnard marks 100 years

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On Oct. 19, 1920, the Rotary Club of Oxnard held its first meeting.  Its minutes show that over 20 people were in attendance. However, it wasn’t until December of that year that the club received its charter from the Rotary District Governor and became an official member of Rotary International.

The Rotary Club of Oxnard celebrated its 100th year of support of area children and its role shaping community leaders at a luncheon earlier this month. 

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

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After cancelling last year due to Covid, the Rotary Club of Nipomo was able to resume our major annual fundraiser, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. With participation from two other local organizations, Nipomo AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) and LMUSD (Lucia Mar Unifies School District) Robotics Teams, we had our most successful event yet. After the final tally was in we were able to provide checks of $9,000 to each of our partnering organizations.

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Next Gen Charter Celebration December 4

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The NextGen Rotary Club of 5240 has announced its Charter celebration will take place on December 4th at 5:30 pm.  The last time our district had a new charter was in 2016.  NextGen has just completed their first fundraiser to support Rotary’s newest Area of Focus - Protecting the Environment.

Club President James Hilser is extending an invitation to Rotarians in the District to attend the charter celebration at the Palm Garden Hotel in Thousand Oaks.



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New Twin Club Relationship

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The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa (District 5240) and the Rotary Club of Morelia Experiencia y Juventad (District 4140) established a Twin Club relationship. Thank you to Wade Nomura for introducing the fantastic Mexican club to us! Members from the two Clubs have exchanged physical and virtual visits and plan to do many more in the future.
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Santa Letter Party

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Each year the Cambria Rotary Club adopts about 40 children in a low-income housing complex in neighboring San Simeon and provides them with gifts to put under their Christmas tree. The kids fill out "Letters to Santa" listing what they would like for Christmas (usually toys) and what they need (clothing, etc.). Club members then adopt one or more of the children and donate some, if not all of the items they requested, wrap them and deliver them to "Santa" who will distribute the gifts to the families closer to Christmas.
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Santa Barbara Sunrise Rotary Online Auction

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The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise is pleased to announce its virtual auction in support of The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Charitable Foundation is now open for bidding!
The collection of auction items offered during this fundraiser include experiences, restaurant certificates, memberships, wine, artwork, and more. Please bid with your heart knowing it will benefit our local and international projects. These offerings and much more are available for bidding now through November 12, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. PT at https://paybee.io/@sbrotary.
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Arroyo Grande Rotary teams up for Day of Community

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The Rotary Clubs of Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach and Pismo Beach have been long-time supporters of the Boys and Girls Club, so when we were challenged with a Day of Community project, we knew exactly what needed to be done. The landscape of the Boys and Girls Club in Oceano was badly in need of some tender loving care. 
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Arroyo Grande Rotary teams up for Day of Community

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The Rotary Clubs of Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach and Pismo Beach have been long-time supporters of the Boys and Girls Club, so when we were challenged with a Day of Community project, we knew exactly what needed to be done. The landscape of the Boys and Girls Club in Oceano was badly in need of some tender loving care.

Arroyo Grande Rotary teams up for Day of Community 2021-10-21 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary District 5240 Mourns the Passing of Donald Joseph Sabol

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District 5240 mourns the passing of Donald Joseph Sabol, a charter member of the Newbury Park Rotary and a Conejo Valley Pioneer Pharmacist. Don passed away at Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks on Aug. 12, 2021, from COVID-related pneumonia after battling three cancers over the past 25 years.
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Rotary is More than Service

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The Rotary Club Bakersfield Twilight gathered together with its sponsored Centennial High School Interactors at the City of Bakersfield 911 World Trade Center Memorial to learn and appreciate our first-responders who risk their lives for us every day. It was ironic when we arrived  to find that our host Fire Department had all of its personnel out on duty for a major gas pipe leak in the City.
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Rotary District 5240 Mourns the Passing of Ari Larson

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It is with sadness we share the news of the passing Ari Larson, long time member of Rotary Club of Fillmore. For all who knew her, Ari was a strong and generous life force in her community and well beyond. Serving as President of Rotary Club of Fillmore in 2019/2020 she led her club in a multitude of programs and projects. Her passion in Rotary was Youth and Education and as a life long resident of Fillmore she dove into local annual projects, often coordinating with other organizations for the greatest impact.
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20 Ventura County Rotary Clubs Collaborate in Back-2-School Drive

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The planning of this Rotary Days of Service project, the Back-2-School Backpack Drive, started in July 2021 in anticipation of completion to coincide with the beginning of the Fall semester.  These backpacks were stuffed with the essential school supplies that are necessary for educational success.  Our county has several organizations who work to assist children in need in lower income situations and are supported by our Rotary clubs in Groups 4, 5, 6, and 7 in District 5240.  
20 Ventura County Rotary Clubs Collaborate in Back-2-School Drive 2021-09-28 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks distributes financial support to 32 nonprofit organizations

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Thirty-two local nonprofit organizations were recently invited to and attended a luncheon meeting of the Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks. “The purpose was two-fold; the members of Rotary recognized the financial pinch these organizations are in, due to a halt in fundraising, and wanted to provide a bit of financial support, as well as letting these organizations know how important they are to people in need in our community,” said David Stowell, last year’s club president.
Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks distributes financial support to 32 nonprofit organizations 2021-09-28 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club of Montecito 2021 Community Grants Program 2021-09-28 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Paso Robles Hosts 22nd Annual Winemakers Cookoff

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Calling all wine lovers! The 22nd annual Paso Robles Rotary Winemakers’ Cookoff is returning for a night filled with quality wine, gourmet food and fun. Twenty of the region’s best winemakers and breweries will battle it out for the Judges’ Awards and People’s Choice. All proceeds will benefit the Harlow Ford Scholarship Fund for local high school seniors. The Paso Robles Rotary Club is dedicated to helping youth in the community. During the 2020 pandemic, our club donated more than $75,000 in scholarships. Help us continue supporting local youth and delight your taste buds with choice wine and excellent food at the 22nd Annual Winemakers Cookoff. We hope to see you there!
Rotary Club of Paso Robles Hosts 22nd Annual Winemakers Cookoff 2021-08-06 07:00:00Z 0

Passport Club of the Central Coast - Top Reasons to Join a Rotary club

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We all know that Rotary’s motto is ‘Service Above Self.'  If you have an inkling to help others, Rotary is a great place to do it.  However, Rotary is SO MUCH MORE than that.  WIIFM?  What is in it for you?.... VALUE!  Rotary offers lots of amazing opportunities to meet influential business leaders in your community and professionally network with them. Rotary club members represent a cross-section of the community’s owners, executives, managers, political leaders, and professionals – people who make decisions and influence policy. 
Passport Club of the Central Coast - Top Reasons to Join a Rotary club 2021-08-06 07:00:00Z 0

New Santa Ynez Valley Leadership Program Aspiring Community Leaders

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The Rotary Club of Solvang is piloting a Santa Ynez Valley Leadership Program for residents who aspire to leadership roles in municipal government, public agencies and not-for-profit organizations. This is in response to requests for such a program that Lompoc, Santa Maria, and Santa Barbara County have had to develop community leaders for 30+years.
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Rotary Club of Cambria’s New & Different Rotary Year

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We are thrilled to be doing things a bit differently this year. For the first time, we will have 3 Co-Presidents who will share the duties of heading up our club for the next 2 years. We are proud to introduce the trio of amazing ladies who will be taking on that role the next two years: Patty Griffin, Christel Chesney and Linda Sherman.
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Rotary Club of Cambria Celebrates 50 Years

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On Friday, June 4th our Rotary Club gathered both in person and via Zoom to celebrate our 50th Anniversary!  We were pleased to have Past District Governor Deb Linden attend via Zoom and say a few words about this special event.


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Bakersfield East Fundraiser

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The Rotary Club of Bakersfield East served up over 200lbs of tri tip that went into over 300 dinners served for their fundraiser Saturday night. Proceeds benefited several organizations including the Ronald McDonald House of Bakersfield, Valley Fever Americas Foundation, and Bakersfield East Rotary Foundation.


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June Message from DG Deb Linden

Welcome to the last month of our Rotary year, and what a year it has been! Challenging, weird, heart-wrenching, and heart-warming all at the same time. You - our members and clubs - have done an amazing job adapting to our “new normal” and finding ways to provide service and support to our communities and across the globe. I could not be prouder! And even though I did not get to visit you in person, I am so glad we had the technology that allowed me to be with you virtually. Although we cursed Zoom daily, imagine what we would have done without it this past year!  And now, as our clubs are opening back up to in-person meetings and events, I urge you to consider hybrid meetings where members can join virtually when they need to so they can stay engaged and involved even when they can’t be there in person.

Since this is my last newsletter message, I would like to share some personal news. Husband Bill and I have decided to move to the Monterey area to be closer to our sons and our siblings and their families. We just purchased a home in Marina and will be physically moving in August. But, thanks to the support of my club’s leaders, I’ll be staying in my club and in the District. I will be attending club meetings remotely and contributing and supporting my club however I can. I will continue to serve on the District Board and PETS Committee for another year and starting July 1, 2021, I start a new assignment as the Zones 26/27 Communications Officer. And I’ll be coming back for our really cool events such as the District Conference in October! We are excited for this new chapter in our lives and to be moving closer to our families.

Speaking of Cool Events…

I am so excited to announce that registration is now open for Encore: 2020-2021 District Awards & Year-End Celebration!  This FREE virtual event will be on Friday evening, June 25, 2021, at 6:00 pm. We will be giving surprise awards to clubs and members, honoring those we have lost this year, and celebrating the end of this very unique year. The event is free, but you must register in advance. Information and the link to register can be found at this link: https://rotarydistrict5240.org/sitepage/encore

Be sure to register for the 2021 Virtual RI Convention June 12-16, 2021! This is your chance to experience an RI Convention for only $65. For more information and registration information, click HERE.
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Healing Little Hearts in Romania

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This past week, DGE Dana Moldovan visited a Global Grant project she helped develop in Romania. The project, called Healing Little Hearts, provides life-saving heart surgery for infants and children. The project was developed by Rotary Clubs in Romania and USA and with two foundations, Gift of Life International based in USA and Save a Child’s Heart based in Israel.

Healing Little Hearts in Romania 2021-05-31 07:00:00Z 0

Roatan Clinic—A Vocational Service Team Project

Posted by Carl A. Gross
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19 years ago, Glenda Fae Woods had a dream.  She saw the needless complications of diabetes and hypertension, no access to medical care or medications were killing her people.  With a small inheritance from her father’s estate, she built a clinic and volunteer house for her people.  This was 19 years ago.  Since then, her dream has been realized.
Glenda was born and raised on Roatan, a 40-mile-long island, 30 miles off the coast of Honduras.  She moved to Los Angeles where she currently works as a registry nurse on the obstetrics wards of several Southland hospitals and enjoys dual citizenship. She works tirelessly and makes 2-3 trips a year to the Island to serve her people.
Roatan Clinic—A Vocational Service Team Project Carl A. Gross 2021-05-27 07:00:00Z 0

Garden Boxes for Boys and Girls Club

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Moorpark Morning Club President, Chris Barrett, was picking up his kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Moorpark when one of the staff noticed he was wearing a Rotary mask. She mentioned that they were hoping to start a gardening project for the kids, but wanted to know if Rotary had anyone who might know a source for building garden boxes. As a firm believer that we are people of action, Chris let the staff member know that Rotary would make it happen.
When his club heard the need, they quickly had a committee formed to make this dream a reality.  After pricing to build the boxes themselves, they found a source who could make the boxes cheaper than they could get the wood for, so they ordered 8 boxes.
Garden Boxes for Boys and Girls Club 2021-05-13 07:00:00Z 0

Wheelchairs Delivered To Ukraine, Venezuela, and Colombia!

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The Rotary Club of Conejo Valley along with 11 local Rotary Clubs, The Wheelchair Foundation, and friends distributed over 330 wheelchairs!
The need for wheelchairs around the World is tremendous. "It is estimated that over 100 million children, teens, and adults with physical disabilities worldwide need wheelchairs, though less than 1 percent own or have access to one." ~ Wheelchair Foundation 
In 2020, International Service Director, Diego Velasquez, along with his Rotary Club of Conejo Valley, set out in their mission to distribute a container of 280 Wheelchairs to Ukraine. 

Wheelchairs Delivered To Ukraine, Venezuela, and Colombia! 2021-05-13 07:00:00Z 0

Hand Sanitizer Distribution

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The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo has distributed 1,000 16-ounce bottles of hand sanitizer to local non-profits and schools, as part of their local COVID relief outreach.  Obtained through a special program by the California Medical Association, the Club was assisted by Transitions-Mental Health Association which contributed to the shipping costs and storage pending local distribution.  Recipients have included Shower the People, PathPoint, CAPSLO, SLO County YMCA, Noor Clinic, San Luis Coastal Unified School District, Casa de Flores, and Transitions-Mental Health Association, each of which will utilize the hand sanitizer in connection with their local community programs.  Delivery to the recipients was made by local Girl Scout Troop 40104, as part of their efforts toward their Silver Award.  
Hand Sanitizer Distribution 2021-05-10 07:00:00Z 0

Little Free Pantries

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The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo was proud to be the first club in our district to participate in the Little Free Pantries program.  Similar to Little Free Libraries, these Pantries are built and stocked by volunteers.  There is a tremendous need for easy access to food and personal care items, and the Pantries, being located in residential neighborhoods, are an important supplement to existing programs. Club member, Greg Gillett, approached the club with an urgent request for help shortly before Christmas, 2020.  He provided the plans and materials list, and members sprang into action, building 5 Pantries in time for the holidays.  Our members continue to keep them stocked, and have since built more Pantries which have been placed in a variety of locations throughout the county.  The club project received widespread recognition, and was featured, with credit to Central Coast Rotary clubs, on the front page of New Times in the February 11-18, 2021 issue.

Photo: Joel Sheets, President-Elect, Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo, stocking one of the Little Free Pantries
Little Free Pantries 2021-05-10 07:00:00Z 0

RC of Cambria Helps With Uganda Education

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Jesca Acipa is from Oduworo Village, a remote village in northeast Uganda. Upon completion of  primary school she was selected by the Rotary Community Corps from the village to attend  Lords Meade Vocational School in Jinja where she studied tailoring. She was then accepted to  St. Peter’s Secondary School in Kampala. Upon graduation, Jesca decided she wanted to be come a nurse or midwife, applied to and was accepted at Florence Nightingale School of Nursing  and Midwifery in Apac, Uganda. She is now in her second year of Nursing School which was de layed one year due to COVID. If all goes well, she will graduate in 2022-23. 

Because improving girls’ education can help pull families out of the poverty cycle, the Rotary Club of Cambria is proud to have sponsored Jesca for the past 6 years. It is reported that every additional  year of education yields a 10-25 percent increase in the income of a woman, 90% of which is then reinvested into her family.
RC of Cambria Helps With Uganda Education 2021-05-09 07:00:00Z 0

Happy Face Hill

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Why has Happy Face Hill Become so popular?
The simplicity of a Happy Face 100 foot in diameter on the hillside entering Simi Valley brings a smile on one’s face. Let us face it. It has been a tough year. People are looking for signs of joy. Simi Sunrise Rotary does maintenance on the hillside about every 4 months. The cars beeping in the distance on the 118 freeway as they go about their work fills their souls. The neighbors surrounding the hillside bring them water to drink. They want to say thank you to the ones doing the work. The club gives out a baseball cap with the Happy Face on the front and their Rotary logo on the back. The meeting speakers wear it immediately and the club knows it will be worn promoting the Rotary Brand. It has become an important part of the club. Club President, William Klepper says, "We say it jokingly we bring Happiness to the Community, but we know in our heart, we really do. It is our privilege."
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My Stuff Bags and the Blanket Brigade

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My Stuff Bags is a project that the Westlake Village Sunrise Rotary Club completed in January for an organization called “My Stuff Bags”. It is a local organization with a nationwide outreach and the club has been working with them over the past several years to support their mission.
My Stuff bags are bright blue individual duffels filled with brand new age and gender, appropriate toys, books, a stuffed animal, school supplies, clothing, personal toiletries and a warm (often hand-made) "security blanket" that is all theirs to keep. My Stuff Bags provide things to do and to hold during a difficult time.

This year there was a particular need for fleece blankets for the many bags that are to be distributed. This need provided an opportunity to create a "hands-on" project in a safe environment while many of the club's members continue to remain at home during COVID challenges.  And so was born the WLV Sunrise Blanket Brigade!
My Stuff Bags and the Blanket Brigade 2021-05-06 07:00:00Z 0

RC of Goleta Noontime Backpack Project

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The Rotary Club of Goleta Noontime did a successful backpack program where they packed 288 backpacks in August. The project outline was to get school supplies for students in need, pack the supplies in backpacks and distribute them to the students one day a couple of weeks before the school started in August. The school district identifies who those students would be and provide Rotary with their needs. 40% of the students in Goleta are coming from low income families, most who do not have funds to pay for a new backpack or supplies.

RC of Goleta Noontime Backpack Project 2021-05-03 07:00:00Z 0

Mural Paintings to Stop Graffiti

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Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary and Golden Valley High School Interact, along with neighborhood children, joined with the Arts Council of Kern and artist Alex Gallardo to paint a beautiful butterfly mural at Kern Bridges Youth Homes in Bakersfield. KBYH is a non-profit organization that provides a safe, stable, and consistent environment for children ages 0 to 21 years old. When a child is adopted through KBYH, a butterfly with his/her name and date of adoption is added to a wall inside the building. Reaching of butterflies in the mural signifies the more than 1400 youth hoping for a home. The mural covers a wall prone to graffiti and makes a welcome addition to the southwest neighborhood. It also encourages others to become interested in art and to beautify blighted areas of Bakersfield.
Mural Paintings to Stop Graffiti 2021-05-03 07:00:00Z 0

Dictionaries for Santa Barbara Third Graders

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Sunrisers worked from their homes to prepare dictionaries that will be delivered to 600 third grade students at Santa Barbara schools. Club members would normally gather in one location for the assembly part of the project and teams would deliver the dictionaries in person to each of the class4rooms. With health restrictions the assembly was done by each club member at home and the dictionaries were dropped off for teachers to distribute to their students. 
Each Student Dictionary includes the Rotary emblem sticker on the front and a book plate inside honoring the name of one of our speakers from the previous year. 
Dictionaries for Santa Barbara Third Graders 2021-05-02 07:00:00Z 0

Camarillo Rotary's Earth Day Project

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For Earth Day, and to advocate for Rotary’s new area of interest in Protecting the Environment, project kits were distributed to 950 Second-Graders in Camarillo and Somis. The kits consisted of a bucket, shovel, packet of 100 carrot seeds, and a card with planting instructions and a QR code for more information. Each class was also given a bag of potting soil donated by B&B Hardware.
Mary Lingua and five Interactors prepared 1000 seed packets.  New Rotarian Megan Cooper wrote a brochure about Rotary’s interest in the environment. To avoid waste, the brochure was not printed on paper, but was linked with a QR code (see below).  A packet of 100 carrot seeds was attached to a card showing the QR code and planting instructions.  
Camarillo Rotary's Earth Day Project 2021-05-02 07:00:00Z 0

May Message from DG Deb Linden

Happy May Day Fellow Rotary Members!  May Day (usually celebrated on May 1) is a celebration of Spring. It symbolizes a time of rebirth and unity as the flowers begin to bloom, the weather gets warmer, and we begin to emerge from our COVID isolation.
Youth Service Month:
May also marks Youth Service Month in Rotary when we turn our focus to the many programs and projects organized by our clubs and District to serve youth in our communities. We just concluded two of these programs – RYLA and the annual Four-Way Test Essay Contest. Our District organized its first ever Virtual RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) for over 130 high school students and it was a huge success! Congratulations to our RYLA Director Darin Arrasmith and his RYLA team for their willingness to adapt and for creating an amazing event. And Steve Geil once again led our District Four-Way Test Contest where nine outstanding students will be recognized and receive cash awards from their sponsoring clubs. Thank you Steve!
I would also like to welcome our newest Interact Club: The Vista Real High School Interact Club sponsored by the Rotary Club of Santa Paula. Forming a new Interact Club can be a challenge at best and even more so in the middle of a pandemic. I can’t wait to see what amazing things this club does for their school and community. 
Because of the continued threat of COVID in many parts of the world, Rotary International has suspended in-person Rotary Youth Exchanges for 2021-2022. But that does not mean we are giving up on RYE! Many Districts are engaging in different types of virtual exchanges and this is something our District Rotary Youth Exchange Chair Barry VanderKelen is exploring for the upcoming Rotary year. 
Rotary Foundation Donor Recognition:
Registration is now open for the 2021 District 5240 Rotary Foundation Donor Recognition & Celebration, which is virtual this year on Friday, May 7, 2021, at 6:00 pm. The event is free, but you need to register in advance by clicking HERE. We will be recognizing YOU – our members who have achieved various donation levels to The Rotary Foundation – and we will have a special presentation by the CFO from Feeding America about the dramatic increase in food insecurity during COVID and how organizations like Rotary helped address the crisis. A flyer for the event is below. 
Registration is Open for the 2021 Rotary International Convention:
Registration is now open for the 2021 Virtual RI Convention June 12-16, 2021! This is your chance to experience an RI Convention for only $49 (promotional rate good until May 7, then $65 after that). You can also register for pre-convention events focusing on Rotaract and Inter-Country Committees. For more information and registration information, click HERE.
Save the Date for the District Awards and End of Year Celebration:
On Friday evening, June 25, 2021, we will be coming together to honor very deserving Rotary members and clubs and celebrating their successes at our Virtual District Awards and End of Year Celebration. Despite the challenges this past year presented, our clubs and members have done amazing work deserving of recognition and celebration. We will also be remembering the members we lost this year and keeping them in our hearts. And we’ll be looking to the future as I turn over the virtual District gavel to our incoming District Governor Dana Moldovan! Please save the date and look for more details and registration information coming soon. 
May Message from DG Deb Linden 2021-05-01 07:00:00Z 0

Bakersfield Clubs Come Together for District Cleanup

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Rotary Club of Bakersfield Twilight (“Twilight Rotary Club”) joined members of Bakersfield East Rotary Club (“BERC”) and students from Centennial High Interact Club (“Interact”) for the District 5240 Rotary Work Day on Saturday, April 24th.  The volunteers met at the Rotary Wheel area of Panorama Park, also known as Rotary Park, where they cleaned up the Rotary Wheel area and areas surrounding the pathway along the Bluffs.  The volunteers enjoyed perfect weather as they fanned out in groups of three and four to pick up an eclectic mix of trash and debris that littered the pathway along the bluffs and pruned overgrown and dead shrubs around the Rotary Wheel area. When the volunteers were done, there was a large pile of dead shrubbery removed from plants and numerous large bags of trash collected by the Rotary and Interact members.
Bakersfield Clubs Come Together for District Cleanup 2021-04-26 07:00:00Z 0

RC Arroyo Grande Water Project in Uganda

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The Arroyo Grande Rotary Club has been staying busy throughout 2020-2021.  We partnered with St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church of Monterey Park, CA to fund a clean water project for the Village of Wakiso,, Mukono District, Uganda.  A well was dug to access clean water, underground piping was laid and an 8 foot high structure was built for three water storage tanks to provide water pressure and protect from the unwanted animals.  Additionally solar panels were installed to power the well pump ensuring continual operations.  Now the over 350 families of Wakiso Village have clean water and the children can spend their time in school rather than traveling daily to carry containers of water gathered from ponds they find.
RC Arroyo Grande Water Project in Uganda 2021-04-22 07:00:00Z 0

Cambria Rotary’s High School Peace Essay Contest

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In an effort to empower youth as informed peacebuilders, we reached out to Sarah  Johnston, CUHS English teacher, to ask whether she was interested in coordinating a  Peace Essay contest for her students. As the daughter of Rotarians, she embraced  the idea immediately but needed to figure out how to work it into the year’s course  work. A few ideas were sourced from Rotary’s website for Sarah’s consideration.
Cambria Rotary’s High School Peace Essay Contest 2021-04-21 07:00:00Z 0

RC of Thousand Oaks Helps James Storehouse

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The Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks created a grant to benefit James Storehouse that helps out young men and women transition from a foster program to being successfully independent. The club recently provided approximately $600 worth of cookware, containers, utensils, bathroom items, and more to get a young woman started in her apartment. Thank you to Deborah Kniss for organizing this. The club plans to set up 8 more apartments and provide 50 kitchen kits and 20 bathroom kits for these young adults.  They are glad to be partnering with James Storehouse. 
RC of Thousand Oaks Helps James Storehouse 2021-04-19 07:00:00Z 0

RC of Thousand Oaks Cleans Up Hometowns

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Members and Friends of the Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks participated in this year’s Coastal Cleanup. Because of COVID, instead of being at the beach, Coastal Cleanup encouraged the volunteers to clean up their hometowns. They cleaned up in Thousand Oaks. 18 individuals picked up approximately 800 pounds of trash from two locations. 15 volunteers cleaned up the wash that runs along the 23 Freeway between Janss Road and Paige Lane, which includes a homeless encampment and 3 volunteers cleaned up at Wildwood Park. Thank you to everyone who helped out.
RC of Thousand Oaks Cleans Up Hometowns 2021-04-19 07:00:00Z 0
2021 4-Way Test Essay Contest Winners 2021-04-19 07:00:00Z 0

Mexico Hearing Aid III Global Grant Project

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Thousand Oaks (and Sister Tijuana Club) Rotarians Partner to Help Hearing-Impaired Children and Elderly
The Thousand Oaks Rotary Club is the International Sponsor of a Global Grant providing hearing aid devices, fittings and speech therapy to underprivileged children and elderly individuals in Tijuana, Mexico.  The Tijuana Rotary Club (which has been the “Sister Club” of the Thousand Oaks Rotary Club for over 15 years) was the local Host Club, and the grant project also involved the assistance of two medical services charities located in Tijuana.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic public gathering restrictions, fitting sessions were spread out over four months (from November 2020 through March 2021), with each session involving a small number of recipients, instead of two large fitting ceremonies as was initially planned.
Mexico Hearing Aid III Global Grant Project 2021-04-14 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa helps local families survive the pandemic

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Last Fall, after six months living through the pandemic, the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa knew more support was needed for local charities as these organizations struggled from the lasting impacts of COVID-19. To meet this need, the Board of Directors voted to accelerate the club’s annual community grants program, which would normally have occurred in Spring 2021, and to focus specifically on COVID relief. A total of $25,000 was distributed by the end of calendar year 2020 to five organizations, each receiving $5,000.
Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa helps local families survive the pandemic 2021-04-12 07:00:00Z 0

District 5240 Joint International Project

Senguio, Mexico,  Additional Schoolroom Project

The RC of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa is working with the RC of Morelia Experiencia & Juventad District 4140 to provide an additional schoolroom at the Teodora Medina de Guijosa elementary school in the Senguio Community near Morelia in the state of Michoacan.  The effort is to provide educational opportunities for youth with the aim of diverting them from joining gang life.  Earlier projects undertaken with support from District 5240 RC San Luis Obispo Daybreak and RC Conejo Valley provided a new classroom, computer room, water, bathrooms, computers, desks, chairs, school supplies, and school uniforms.  As a result, enrollment increased from 17 to 70 students, who are meeting in 2 classrooms (3 grades in each). 
District 5240 Joint International Project 2021-04-05 07:00:00Z 0

Conejo Valley Rotaract Helps Manna

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On March 13th of this year Rotary year, the Rotaract club of Conejo Valley worked with the local Manna food bank to sort food. When they arrived, they were shown around the facility and were told that Manna would soon be moving into a larger facility they had purchased. Rotaract was told about the precautions they had to take during COVID and how those in need would have to fill out a form to receive their food.
The Rotaract Club was instructed on how to check for dates to make sure items were safe to give out to the community members that needed them. While it got hot during their service project, they were able to stay cool by drinking water and wearing sunscreen. Overall, the club members had a wonderful time sorting the food and making sure they put the items in the correct locations. Current club president, Benjamin Wilson, is confident that their club will be back to help again and enjoyed the time bonding over whether the item belonged in the ramen bin or the pasta bin.
Conejo Valley Rotaract Helps Manna 2021-04-03 07:00:00Z 0

April Message from DG Deb Linden

Dear Fellow Rotary Members,
I can’t believe it is already April! Spring is here, COVID vaccines are more available, and there is a feeling of hope in the air. April also marks Maternal and Child Health month for Rotary which spotlights Rotary projects around the world that expand access to quality care, so mothers and their children can live and grow stronger. Nearly 6 million children under the age of five die each year because of malnutrition, poor health care, and inadequate sanitation. Many of our clubs in District 5240 are involved in projects that address this tragic situation. You are making a difference in the lives of countless mothers and children!
PolioPlus Update Presentation:
You are invited to a very special presentation - PolioPlus: Signs of Progress - on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, at 5:00 pm via Zoom, presented by Michael McGovern, Chair of Rotary International’s PolioPlus Committee. Mike will provide a "hot off the presses" update on the progress being made worldwide to eradicate Polio and you will have a chance to ask Mike questions. The event is FREE but you do need to register in advance by clicking HERE. After you register, you will receive an email confirmation containing the meeting link.
Rotary Foundation Donor Recognition:
Registration is now open for the 2021 District 5240 Rotary Foundation Donor Recognition & Celebration, which is virtual this year on Friday, May 7, 2021, at 6:00 pm. The event is free, but you need to register in advance by clicking HERE. We will be recognizing YOU – our members who have achieved various donation levels to The Rotary Foundation – and we will have a special presentation by the CFO from Feeding America about the dramatic increase in food insecurity during COVID and how organizations like Rotary helped address the crisis. A flyer for the event is below.
2021 District Training Assembly:
This year’s District Training Assembly is virtual on Saturday, April 17, 2021. We are offering a wide range of classes open to all members in the District. And it is free to attend!  Click HERE to see to the session schedule and descriptions.  Click HERE to register. 
2021 Rotary International Convention:
This year’s RI Convention will be virtual due to COVID-19, which means it is accessible and affordable for everyone! The convention will be June 12-16, 2021. Event registration will open in mid-April and will include a promotional fee of $49 for 21 days, with an increase afterward to $65. For more information and registration information, click HERE.
Finally, I want to say Thank You for the creative ways our clubs and members continue to serve our communities even through the COVID challenges. We’re not out of the woods yet and there are significant concerns over additional COVID surges, so I urge everyone to still be careful and please get vaccinated as soon as you can.
Take care and stay safe!
April Message from DG Deb Linden 2021-04-01 07:00:00Z 0

Moorpark Rotarian’s Providing Healthier Choices

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At the beginning of the Pandemic, the Moorpark Rotary Club knew they were going to be be needed, now more than ever, so they developed a plan to focus on their local food pantry.  They kicked off their plan by providing much needed school supplies, and throughout the pandemic held various food drives to help back fill the increasing needs of those who were food challenged.  As Rotarian’s, they knew they could do more, so they asked the food panty what other critical items were needed.  The food pantry quickly responded by sharing what they really needed: fresh vegetables and fruit.  Moorpark Rotary Club President, Kelly Best, reached out to a local farmer and told him their food pantry was in need of healthier choices in food.  He provided the Club with the opportunity to purchase local vegetables, and also connected them to a fresh fruit connection in Los Angeles.  Each week Club members from the Rotary Club of Moorpark picked up several large boxes of fruits and vegetables from the farm and they delivered them to the food panty in Moorpark.  They consider each delivery a win/win, as it provides healthier food choices for their families and a very rewarding experience from the heart.
Moorpark Rotarian’s Providing Healthier Choices 2021-03-30 07:00:00Z 0

Centennial Interact Pet Event Service Project

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Twilight Rotary Club of Bakersfield Sponsored Club
Submitted by CHS Interact President Makenna Moseley
On Saturday, March 20, Centennial's Interact Club held an Animal Shelter Drive collecting items for the local SPCA center. The students from the club participated in the drive through event at Riverlakes Ranch Park from 12-2pm, donating items such as dog food, cat food, treats, blankets, and toys to all be donated this week. There was a great turn out for the event, some students donating 20+ pound bags of cat/dog food! The SPCA is excited to work with Centennial's Interact Club and receive these generous donations for the animals. Thank you Centennial Interactors for such a great turn out and always giving back to the community!
Submitted by Ana Heron, CHS Interact Service Project Director
Our Interact Club at Centennial High School collected over 80 items for abandoned pets at the SCPA, a no kill shelter in Bakersfield. CHS Interact President Makenna Mosley and I, as well as members Abby Khoury and Will Foulk helping set up a table at Riverlakes Ranch Park from 12 to 2 while members dropped items off. One member, Jonathan Hernandez, brought 35 items by himself!  We’d like to thank everyone for the incredible turnout. Makenna is delivering the the items on Monday, the SPCA has already expressed their appreciation for the donations over the phone.
Centennial Interact Pet Event Service Project 2021-03-28 07:00:00Z 0

The Art and Process of Wood Carving as a Meaningful Occupation

Posted by B-Rad Henderson
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One aspect of Rotary’s Vocational Service calls on us to empower others by sharing our unique skills and expertise which will help others discover new professional opportunities and interests. During this COVID-19 period, many people find themselves light on work or are embattled in unemployment situations. If you are an active, engaged Rotarian, you probably view vocational service as a way of life, even if you find it difficult to characterize a clear definition.

I have found myself to be a type-A person, with characteristics associating self-worth with achievements and always looking for something to do. This parallels the notion that “work is dignity,” where I’ve transitioned from career to career with the passion to engage in what I believe is important and what I find fun in “doing.”

The Art and Process of Wood Carving as a Meaningful Occupation B-Rad Henderson 2021-03-28 07:00:00Z 0

RC of Camarillo Gives Exemplary Service Award

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The Rotary Club of Camarillo gave its first Exemplary Service Award to Kate Lewis, Chaplain at St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital, in recognition of her "extraordinary effort and sacrifice for fellow citizens through this difficult time."
Nominations are being accepted from the community to recognize Camarillo's local heroes including first responders and other essential workers.  Nominations can be sent to tsprinkl@aol.com.
Photo (L to R) is of President Dave Drumright, Kate Lewis and Community Service Chair Tim Sprinkles
RC of Camarillo Gives Exemplary Service Award 2021-03-20 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Simi Valley Presents Mount McCoy Remembrance

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Rotarians to read the names of loved ones lost during the pandemic year at the cross at Mount McCoy
Simi Valley, CA – Lighting the Cross at Mount McCoy in Simi Valley during Easter week has been a tradition  for the Rotary Club of Simi Valley for nearly 60 years. Club members volunteer to light the cross from dusk  until midnight and on many nights, they are joined by community members. Many of whom express their  gratitude for this special gift to the community. Last year the Cross remained dark during Easter week due to the  COVID-19 pandemic. “We were disappointed that we had to cancel the lighting last year. I am happy to share  that we will be resuming our tradition and lighting the cross March 29 – April 3,” said Lynne Kline, president of  the Rotary Club of Simi Valley.
Rotary Club of Simi Valley Presents Mount McCoy Remembrance 2021-03-13 08:00:00Z 0

Ojai Rotary Global Grant for Prashanti International School, Puri, India

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An Amazing Journey of International Cooperation
March, 2021 - by Leslie Bouche, International Service Committee Chair

Prashanti International School (PIS) is a non-profit day school for Kindergarten through 8th grade in a poor village area outside the city of Puri, India. PIS provides a quality, values-based education for a current enrollment of 270 students at a very low tuition accessible by poor families. Enrollment is growing each year. The program also includes a residential children’s home for 40 of the students from the most impoverished backgrounds that provides housing, food, clothing, medical care, education and daily tutoring for them on full scholarship.

In 2016, 2017 and 2018, the Rotary Club of Ojai created and successfully completed five District and Club grants to benefit the children of Prashanti International School. These grants provided drinking water purification units, laptop computers and related items, water storage tanks, washrooms tiling and fixtures, and a septic tank and sanitation system for the school. The grants ranged in value from $1032 to $10,937. Additionally, RC Ojai granted $1000 to PIS to provide emergency food items to local families who were unable to get basic foods at the beginning of the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in Puri. The projects totaled over $20,000, and they were very successful and completed on time and to budget.
Ojai Rotary Global Grant for Prashanti International School, Puri, India 2021-03-08 08:00:00Z 0

Rotaract – Rotary Funded Uganda New Water Source Community Project

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A new clean water source community project in Africa, which was awarded a Rotary District 5240 grant (round two) for $850.00, was recently completed. In a unique collaborative partnership, the DDF FY 2020-2021 project grant monies, were combined with Rotary Club of Bakersfield Twilight ($850.00) and Rotaract Club of Kern County ($2800.00) funds to benefit Ugandan residents with a clean and sanitary water source that includes establishing a community water committee and a repair savings account, and providing instruction on sanitation/hygiene and preventative maintenance. The $4,500.00 global community water source project now provides a clean community water source to approximately 500 villagers for the Naibinga community in Uganda. The global project was made feasible by the international community development non-profit Love Water Incorporated (LWI) which is based in Bakersfield, California. Since 2010, LWI has provided clean, potable water in developing countries to over 63,000 people.
Rotaract – Rotary Funded Uganda New Water Source Community Project 2021-03-03 08:00:00Z 0

Santa Barbara Sunrise Rotary Gives Donation to Food Bank

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Eric Ryan, President of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise, presented a contribution of $2,375 to Erik Talkin, Chief Executive Officer of the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. The donation was made through the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Charitable Foundation.  
As thousands of families have struggled with food insecurity during the COVID-19 crisis, the Foodbank has stepped up to provide tons of nutritious food to community members in need! 
Santa Barbara Sunrise Rotary Gives Donation to Food Bank 2021-03-02 08:00:00Z 0

March Message from DG Deb Linden

Dear Fellow Rotary Members,
Water, Sanitation, Hygiene Month: Rotary International has designated March as Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene month to bring greater awareness and support for these critical needs. Clean water, safe sanitation, and healthy hygiene are basic human needs, but millions of people throughout the world – including in our own communities – do not have access to resources to meet these basic needs. Here are links to information If you want to learn more about how Rotary clubs and The Rotary Foundation are addressing these needs:
DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Update:
This past month, Rotary International President Holger Knaack issued an update on RI’s efforts to ensure Rotary is committed to inclusion, diversity, and respect for all throughout our clubs and programs. You can read President Holger’s update HERE. To further DEI efforts in our District, the District 5240 Board of Directors has approved a new DEI Coordinator position to be a centralized resource to District staff and clubs on DEI-related initiatives, education, and resources. More information about the position will be coming soon. If you are interested in volunteering for the DEI Coordinator position, please email your interest and qualifications to me at rotarylinden@gmail.com.
Leadership Development Courses from Toastmasters:
As part of Rotary’s alliance with Toastmasters International, Rotary is now offering a series of leadership and communication courses to Rotary and Rotaract members. The courses, now available in the Learning Center, discuss fundamental leadership skills like motivation, integrity, and team inclusiveness. You’ll also discover how ethics, decision making, goal setting, and delegating help you develop the skills necessary to lead a team effectively. Watch this video to learn how to find the courses in the Learning Center and how to get the most out of them: Toastmasters Course Info Video. To access the courses, log into the Learning Center at www.rotary.org and search for Toastmasters. 
Save the Dates:
District Training Assembly:
Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 17, 2021, for the kick-off to our 2021 Virtual District Training Assembly. We will be offering a wide range of classes open to all members in the District. And it is free to attend!  More info to follow soon.
District Rotary Foundation Recognition Event:
Our annual TRF Recognition event will be virtual on Friday evening May 7, 2021. Save the date and look for more info soon!
March Message from DG Deb Linden 2021-03-01 08:00:00Z 0

Tehachapi Rotary Recognizes Students with SOAR

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Tehachapi Rotary was happy to recognize 61 Jacobsen Middle School students with their SOAR award on February 18th.  Student Outstanding Achievement Recognition was created in late 2019 to recognize those JMS students who had improved on their first quarter Grade Point Average (GPA) by at least .5 with no F grades.  (The program was not done in the spring 2020 because of Covid-19.)
Tehachapi Rotary Recognizes Students with SOAR 2021-02-25 08:00:00Z 0

New Signage for Carpentia Rotary Clubs

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Rotary Club of Carpinteria Morning President Karen Glancy shows off the new signage for all three Carpinteria clubs; Carpinteria Morning, Carpinteria and Carpinteria Sunset. The updated signs hang at the community welcome kiosk across the street from Carpinteria City Hall.
New Signage for Carpentia Rotary Clubs 2021-02-24 08:00:00Z 0

Teens in Need

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Centennial Interact Club members hosted a drive up drop off event for the homeless teens in need in Bakers during the holiday season. They collected items such as clothing, blankets, hygiene products, shoes, games, etc. It was all donated to the Bakersfield Homeless Center teens the following day. The CHS Interactors love giving back to their community!
Teens in Need 2021-02-18 08:00:00Z 0

Brookdale Senior Center Project

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On Saturday February 13, Centennial Interact club set up a drive by Valentine’s Day card event for the Brookdale Senior Center! All cards were hand made by the Interactors and dropped off on Valentine’s Day. All the seniors were thrilled to receive such kind and thoughtful cards from the students. In total, the Interactors created about 225 cards for the 175 residents! A special recognition to Jonathan Hernandez for hand making 51 cards! Happy Valentine’s Day from Centennial Interact Club!
Brookdale Senior Center Project 2021-02-18 08:00:00Z 0

Morning Rotary of Carpinteria Places Solar Lights and Chargers Internationally

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...and your Club can too. 
Rotarian Mary Layman put the Carpenteria Club in contact with the Roatan Village Project on a small island off the coast of Honduras. Many villagers and local schools were without reliable electricity. Mary led the way for the club to support the schools and families there. She recruited other team members, and applied for a Peacebuilder Solar Matching Grant for solar powered lights and cell chargers from the Carpinteria Morning Rotary Club. The grant matched each solar light and solar cell charger with a free solar light and charger. In the first phase, 40 Unite to Light solar lights and 10 cell chargers were sent to Roatan.
Morning Rotary of Carpinteria Places Solar Lights and Chargers Internationally 2021-02-16 08:00:00Z 0

Thousand Oaks Rotary Club Foundation Program

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The Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks had the honor of hosting Brenda Cressey on January 21st.  Brenda was the first female governor for district 5240 serving 2001 – 2002.  She and her husband are members of the Arch Klumph Society, Major Donors, Paul Harris and New Legacy Societies.  They established the Brenda and Richard Cressey Endowment for Peace supporting peace certificate fellows.

Brenda is the recipient of the RI Service Above Self Award, the Foundation’s Citation for Meritorious Service and the Foundation’s highest recognition, The Distinguished Service Award.

She was kind enough to award Paul Harris pins and a Major Donor level 3 award at the meeting.  Her program was focused on the Foundation and all it does on our behalf.  She also spoke conflict resolution and the Peace fellowship.
Thousand Oaks Rotary Club Foundation Program 2021-02-10 08:00:00Z 0

Paso Robles Rotary Club Community Service Success Story

Story By: Robert Fonarow, President of the Rotary Club of Paso Robles
The Drop your Drawers project is just one part of the overall effort of 4 Rotary Clubs in the North County to support ECHO, but it has already been a great success story.

Initially, a small group of Paso Robles Rotarians met with management of the new ECHO shelter that just took over a Motel 6 in the North part of town.  The shelter has 60 rooms for homeless people to stay overnight in a warm, clean environment, including an evening meal.  When asked what was needed at the shelter, our Rotarians got a list of about 10 things, with the most important one being new mens and women’s underwear. 
Paso Robles Rotary Club Community Service Success Story 2021-02-05 08:00:00Z 0

February Message from DG Deb Linden

Dear Fellow Rotary Members,
February marks Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention month for Rotary, a cause that is a priority for many members and clubs. Nelson Mandela said, “Peace is not just the absence of conflict; peace is the creation of an environment where all can flourish regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, class, caste or any other social markers of difference.” Through our many projects and efforts throughout the world, Rotary helps create this environment by providing opportunities for education, combating disease and food insecurity, and promoting peace through the Rotary Peace Centers and Scholars.
Our District Peace Page contains a variety of resources to help our clubs get involved in Rotary Peace efforts, including becoming a Peace Club. Here is the link: https://www.rotarydistrict5240.org/sitepage/peace-page-1
Save the Date - District Training Assembly!
Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 17, 2021, for the kick-off to our 2021 Virtual District Training Assembly. We will be offering a wide range of classes open to all members in the District. And it is free to attend!  More info to follow soon.
Rotary International Convention Going Virtual:
The 2021 Rotary International Convention will be virtual this year due to COVID-19. This is a great opportunity for all members to experience an International Convention. Convention information can be found at this link: https://convention.rotary.org/en 
Public Image Grants Now Available!
Did you know that groups of clubs can apply for a Public Image Grant from the District Charitable Foundation?  Check it out at this link: https://www.rotarydistrict5240.org/sitepage/district-public-image-grants
Rotary Rose Parade Float Commemorative Patches:
As you know, the annual Rose Parade was cancelled this year because of COVID, only the second time in history this has happened. To memorialize this unique occasion and to raise funds for next year’s Rotary float, the Rotary Rose Parade Committee created commemorative patches available in exchange for a $50 donation. The patch is dedicated to everyone who has been affected by COVID-19. You can purchase your patch and support next year’s float by clicking on this link: https://rotaryfloat.org/product/commemorative-patch/
All Things Rotary Podcast – New!
Rotary International (Club & District Support Office) has launched a new Podcast series called “All Things Rotary” that will cover various Rotary-related subjects. A link to the podcast channel is included under the “Links” tab on the District website, and here is the direct link: https://allthingsrotary.buzzsprout.com
Finally, thank you all for the incredible service you continue to provide to our local communities and throughout the world. You make a difference every day and I am so proud to serve in Rotary with all of you!
February Message from DG Deb Linden 2021-02-01 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Inclusion in Action

The Way Forward: Let's Get Uncomfortable
The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara presents the third lecture in the Inclusion in Action series, titled “The Way Forward: Let's Get Uncomfortable” with Myke Rousell on February 16, 2021 at 12:00 PM PST.
Myke Rousell will present a thought-provoking talk on the experience of being Black in America. By sharing personal encounters and experiences he will disabuse us of the belief that we live in a color-blind society. Mike is a Rotarian, a Texan, a CPA, a husband, and a father of 4 children.
He will share experiences that may not make news, but do leave scars. He doesn't think of BLM so much as an organization, but rather as a long-desired wish. Myke was inspired to speak for the benefit of his children and impress upon those of us who are not a visible minority that we as a nation can (and must) do better.
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Inclusion in Action 2021-01-29 08:00:00Z 0

Twilight Rotary of Bakersfield Brings Holiday Cheer to Local Children and Seniors

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Rotary Club of Bakersfield Twilight joined together with local Rotary clubs and others in our community to make the holidays a little brighter for children and seniors in need by participating in two local projects to collect new toys for children in need and much needed sundry items for low income seniors.  Twilight Rotary members donated generously to both the 17 Days of Christmas Project spearheaded by local news station KGET and Christmas for Seniors coordinated through the East Niles Senior Center.  The donated toys were given to children at the Bakersfield Homeless Center and the Boys and Girls Club Kern County, while the donated sundry items were given to low income seniors through the East Niles Senior Center. Through the collective efforts of Twilight Rotary members and others in our community, children whose families are experiencing homelessness and other financial difficulties and seniors living on limited fixed incomes experienced extra holiday joy this year.
Twilight Rotary of Bakersfield Brings Holiday Cheer to Local Children and Seniors 2021-01-29 08:00:00Z 0

Solvang Rotary Club Partners with Sister Clubs

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The Solvang Rotary Club is pleased to announce that they have recently partnered with two Rotary clubs in two different countries as their Sister Club. The premise behind a Sister Rotary Club is that you establish a partnership with another club to further international and cultural understanding and to foster goodwill through long standing fellowship and international service and relationships.  Both partnerships were confirmed in November of 2020. 
Solvang Rotary is pleased to confirm Aalborg City Rotary Club of Denmark as our Sister Club because of the long standing relationship with the city of Aalborg. The City of Solvang established a Sister City relationship with Aalborg, Denmark, on May 13, 1976.  This relationship was cemented between Solvang and Aalborg because of the many Danish immigrants and the Danish heritage brought to our area. 
Solvang Rotary Club Partners with Sister Clubs 2021-01-26 08:00:00Z 0
Thousand Oaks Rotarians Thank 2500 Essential Workers Across the Area 2021-01-22 08:00:00Z 0

Thousand Oaks Rotary Honors Grocery Store Workers

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Thousand Oaks Rotarians are recognizing 20 grocery stores in Thousand Oaks with a framed Certificate of Appreciation and a poster reminding customers to show their appreciation to all employees. We visit one store per week and the poster gets moved from store to store every week, so it doesn’t end up in the trash can.
Thousand Oaks Rotary Honors Grocery Store Workers 2021-01-22 08:00:00Z 0

Tehachapi Food Drive

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A Rotary Club project that was originally designed by Rotarian Rhonda Brady just for members as a way to give back this past holiday season grew by leaps and bounds into a food project that included people from all over the greater Tehachapi area. There were donations of cash from local individuals and bigger donations from Terra-Gen and BHE Renewables LLC that allowed Rotarians to shop for food to fill the nearly 200 boxes. Many individuals in our community put together the boxes of food, many with extra Christmas surprises.

Tehachapi Food Drive 2021-01-13 08:00:00Z 0

Cambria Rotarians Respond

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Since the Regional Stay at Home order went into effect in early December, local hotels and restaurants  have had to layoff many of their employees once again. Over 100 families in Cambria and neighboring  San Simeon, affected by layoffs, find themselves struggling to feed their families and to provide every day necessities. While both the San Luis Obispo Food Bank and Cambria Vineyard Church have regular bi-weekly food  distributions and the Cambria Lions Club is providing a hot meal each week, families are still in need.  So, Cambria Rotary has once again jumped in to help by providing gift certificates for our local market to the 100+ families identified as being in need. It was determined that providing gift certificates rather than groceries gives people the opportunity to purchase items that may not have been included in the various food pantries such as paper goods, over the counter medications and perishable items.  The plan is to continue to provide gift certificates every other week until the stay at home order is lifted  and people are able to get back to work. 
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KernYES! 2021 Announcement

The KernYES! Board of Directors met during the Holiday break and decided that in an abundance of caution to not hold the upcoming February 2021 event. The first priority is the safety of our students and volunteers and student education. As the pandemic rages on with students still not meeting in person, we felt it was not safe or prudent. We also took into consideration the burdens on teachers and counselors coupled with the difficulties they face even after they return to in-person learning; we could not add the challenge of coordinating KernYES! registration, it would be too difficult and a near impossible task. We will be meeting mid-August 2021 to plan our February 26, 2022 KernYES! event and very much look forward to continued collaboration in support of our youth.
On behalf of the KernYES! Board of Directors, we thank you for your support! 
Li Gibbs
Executive Director, KernYES!
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Rotary of Westlake Village Holiday Drive In Movie Elf Event

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There’s room for everyone on the nice list when you are a volunteer with Rotary of Westlake Village. Their enthusiastic member Erin Culbertson, took the challenged to create a COVID safe event and she did it. On December 12, a simple Drive-In Movie Elf night idea turned into a sold-out EVENT. The Club's members all pitched in to help with every detail. Lynn Jacobsen created a colorful Candy House Village and Christina Ortega took it one step further to build an amazing Tunnel of Light. Mike Dutra dressed up as Buddy the Elf and Ventura County Sheriff Ayub was a jolly Santa. The local businesses, Home Helpers In-Home Caregivers, Reed Capital Management, PEDEGO, and The Arledge Group helped to offer this special event to the Conejo Valley Community. All the proceeds went to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Conejo Valley.
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Packing Food for Distribution to Families at Christmas

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The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise had Team Rotary volunteers pack up 200 bags of groceries donated by Albertsons to be distributed to United Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara families at Christmastime. Big thanks to Tina for her tireless work for UBGC and to all Sunrise Rotarians for lending a hand to help families during this holiday season.
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January Message from DG Deb Linden

Happy New Year Rotary Members! Thank you for all you did to serve your communities in 2020 during one of the most challenging years in recent memory. I know you and your clubs will make 2021 an even more memorable year, in a good way, with the help of the COVID-19 vaccine!
Vocational Service Month:
January is Vocational Service Month in Rotary, which marks the intersection of your professional life with your Rotary one. Our members represent a wide range of professions and skills and Rotary opens opportunities for business networking and mentoring of others. To help inspire ideas for Vocational Service Month (or anytime), click here to see the Rotary Vocational Service in Action Handbook. Also, check out our District Rotarian Business Network webpage where you can list your business for other members to find:   https://www.rotary5240.biz
Rotary DEI Webinar Series
Throughout 2020-2021, Rotary International is hosting a webinar series called Accountability + Inclusion to explore diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in Rotary.  Here is a link to the webinar schedule and the recordings of the webinars that have already been held. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how your club and members can create welcoming and inclusive Rotary clubs and projects: http://msgfocus.rotary.org/files/amf_highroad_solution/project_188/DEIWebinar-Sept2020-Description.pdf

Rotary and COVID:
I have received some questions about Rotary’s role in the COVID education and vaccination program. Here is an official statement from RI staff regarding RI’s involvement in the COVID response:

Rotary and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) have built a global health infrastructure that has brought polio to the brink of eradication and is now also being used to help protect communities from COVID-19. 

Given promising new developments on effective COVID-19 vaccine candidates, many Rotary members are wondering whether Rotary and its partners can play a role in the eventual distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine, utilizing the polio eradication infrastructure--including the polio vaccine cold chain. While there are conversations ongoing within Rotary and between the GPEI and other organizations involved  in the pandemic response, a strategy to use the polio eradication infrastructure to distribute a future COVID-19 vaccine has not yet been decided. We will keep members updated with any developments as possibilities are explored.  

When we hear more from RI, I will notify all members in the District.
New Year Message:
Finally, here is a special New Year message from your DG Line – Deb, Savi, Dana, Scott, and Marta:  https://www.jibjab.com/view/make/countdown/fab73ac1-441e-4d3f-8e9a-0c413d07d9be
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Simi Valley Clubs Come Together During Covid 19

During Covid 19 Pandemic, members from Rotary Clubs in Simi Valley got together to help out at the Simi Valley Senior Center. The clubs help in getting food and supplies to our seniors who have been impacted by this terrible virus. The Senior Food Share Program has been in existence for over 18 years feeding seniors in the Simi area who are financially unable to provide for themselves. There are about 70 folks who use this program. But when Covid-19 hit, the program doubled and the volunteers at the Senior Center were needing help from other volunteers. That’s when the Simi Clubs went into action. They are working every Sunday and Monday collecting food from three different stores. Every other Monday afternoon, they drive their trucks up to the Oxnard Food Share Warehouse and load their trucks up with all kinds of food which is donated by the big stores. On Tuesday, the group separates all of the food onto tables and load up approximately 140 shopping bags of food. There is usually extra eggs, milk, bread and desserts that are added in addition with the bags.  At 8:30am, the distribution starts, the seniors drive their cars through a line and the bags are then loaded up into the trunks or back seats of the senior’s cars. All this work is being done utilizing Covid-19 PPE’s and procedures.
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Pismo Beach 5 Cities Rotary Honors Essential Workers

In recognition of Rotary Gratefulness Week, the Pismo Beach-5 Cities Rotary Club honored several essential workers at their November 17th meeting.  This was a wonderful meeting that the club enjoyed because they were able to personally thank some very special people for the great work they do on a daily basis.

The workers recognized were representatives of their profession and their colleagues.  Each was given a plaque to commemorate their recognition and all but one received a $100 gift card to an area restaurant.  One honoree, California Fresh Market, received a check for $100, which they matched, to be used for a pizza party for all their employees before the start of the holiday rush.  The honored essential workers are listed below with a picture of them receiving their plaque from club President Shannon Bowdey.
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Rotary Club of Ojai’s Virtual “Taste of Ojai” a Success, netting $33,000!

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We’ve all learned during these times that we need to not only carry on, but also learn how to “reimagine” carrying on our events. It was with great enthusiasm that the Rotary Club of Ojai’s 2019/2020 “Rising Star” and Taste of Ojai Chair Tara Saylor did just that and more!
Along with a stellar committee effort led by Tara, the club’s annual fundraising event went both live at Ojai’s Topa Mountain Winery and online via Zoom, with a well-choreographed and beautifully filmed event highlighting local restaurants, ranches, wineries and breweries for the entire community to enjoy.
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December Message from DG Deb Linden

December in the Rotary world marks Disease Prevention and Treatment Month, a truly relevant focus since we have all been impacted by COVID-19 in some way. Today also marks Giving Tuesday, a global movement for good that began in 2012 on the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving. As I’m writing this message in the warmth and comfort of my home, I’m reminded how fortunate my family and I are compared with so many people in this world, and how blessed we are to be able to help others through Rotary. Today’s newsletter includes some ways you can Do Good on this Giving Tuesday and beyond.
Rotary and Giving Tuesday:
The Rotary Foundation supports communities all over the world through local projects and global efforts such as Polio Plus. Here is a short video from Rotary in honor of Giving Tuesday: https://vimeo.com/474720383/b16d6743b7
Honduras Relief Fund:
Over the past few weeks, Honduras has been hit by two major hurricanes - Eta (Category 4) and Iota (Category 5) - causing widespread devastation. Buildings have been destroyed, bridges washed-away, and infrastructures obliterated. Many people have been left homeless or are simply missing. The 33 Rotary Clubs in Honduras have come together to start the Rotary Honduras Hurricane Relief Fund, in partnership with Florida-based Make It Count Foundation, to help provide food, clothing, and shelter to those in need. Many clubs in our District have done projects in Honduras and our District participates in an Inter-Country Committee (ICC) with Honduras.  Here is a link to the Relief Fund should your club or members wish to make a donation: https://rotary.themakeitcountfoundation.org
PolioPlus Fundraising – Thank You!
As you know, our District participated in the Step Up for Polio project from August through October to raise funds for Rotary’s polio eradication efforts. We also raised funds for Polio during our Party for Polio kick off to the Virtual District Conference. I am thrilled to announce that our members and clubs raised $17,861 through the Step Up Campaign, and the Party for Polio donations and club pledges raised another $14,382, for a total of $32,243 raised/pledged for Polio! The even better news is that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is matching our donations $2-to-$1, which means our money will be tripled!  Thank you all so much for your strong continued support of our PolioPlus fund. Our goal this year is 100% club participation in PolioPlus giving, so if your club/members have not participated, it is not too late. Here is the link to donate: https://www.endpolio.org/donate
$52.40 Annual Fund Challenge:
Only one month left for clubs and members to meet the $52.40 Annual Fund Challenge! Help your club meet this challenge with a donation of at least $52.40 to the TRF Annual Fund. The Annual Fund makes our local and international grant projects possible! Click HERE for more information about the $52.40 Challenge.
Rotary Partnership with Toastmasters:
Rotary International has formed an alliance with Toastmasters International to offer additional benefits to our members. As part of this alliance, Rotary is offering a series of leadership and communication courses to Rotary and Rotaract members. The first two courses, now available in the Learning Center, discuss fundamental leadership skills like motivation, integrity, and team inclusiveness. You will also discover how ethics, decision making, goal setting, and delegating help you develop the skills necessary to lead a team effectively. Watch this video to learn how to find the courses in the Learning Center and how to get the most out of them.
Meet our 2023-2024 District Governor!
Marta Golding Brown from the Rotary Club of Oxnard has been selected as our District 5240 Governor for 2023-2024. Marta has been a member of Rotary for 15 years and served twice as President of the Rotary Club of Lancaster Sunrise. She has served in various positions in two Districts (5240 and 5300), including Education and Training Director, PRLS Director, Assistant Governor, Executive Assistant Governor, Group Study Exchange Area Coordinator and Director, and PETS Trainer. Marta participated in a 30-day Group Study Exchange to Brazil in 2005.
Professionally, Marta is the Government Affairs Director for the Ventura County Coastal Association of REALTORS. She is married to her husband Forrest Brown and they have one grown daughter MacKenzie and a Queensland Heeler named Cairo. In her spare time (and pre-COVID), Marta loves to travel. Marta is a strong supporter of The Rotary Foundation and is a Major Donor Level 1, Benefactor,  member of the Bequest Society, and member of the Paul Harris Society. Congratulations Marta!
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Tablets and Backpacks Donated to La Casa de la Raza Community Center

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Members of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise presented La Casa de la Raza with 30 tablets and backbacks. The supplies will be utilized by the center for students in their after school programs and center staff. The La Casa staff gave a tour of the facility and described some of the many programs they offer.
Eric Ryan, President of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise, stated, “We were impressed with the number of programs that are run out of La Casa and with the potential of the facility.”
The Rotary club will be looking into ways to develop further partnership through their Community Service and Youth Service avenues of service.
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Twilight Rotary Club of Bakersfield Service Project

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Twilight Rotary Club of Bakersfield (“Rotary Twilight”) helped make sure the children of Mt. Vernon Elementary School in Bakersfield, California, enjoyed Halloween despite remotely learning from home because of the pandemic. As part of Mt. Vernon Elementary School’s Red Ribbon Spirit week of October 26, 2020, Rotary Twilight delivered an astounding 400 pumpkins (enough so each student picking up breakfast and lunch at the school could have their very own pumpkin.) All 400 pumpkins were generously donated by Rotary Twilight President Elect Robin Paggi’s husband, Pat, and his company, Daniells, Phillips, Vaughan & Bock. Rotary Twilight members, Robin Paggi, Laura Williams, Pamela Elisheva (with hubby, Irvin), PP Anselmo Moreno and Brad Henderson picked up and loaded the 400 pumpkins from Trader Joe’s and transported them across town to Mt. Vernon Elementary School where a very happy Principal Xochitl Prieto was there to receive them.
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November Message from DG Deb Linden

Happy November!  This month in the Rotary world is special because it marks The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Month. And as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and reflect on all we are thankful for, let’s take a moment to be thankful for all the incredibly good things The Rotary Foundation has done throughout the world. TRF funds local and global projects ranging from huge efforts, like eradicating Polio, to small projects in our own communities through our District Grant program. Your support of TRF – especially the Annual Fund – makes this happen! And you will have a wonderful opportunity to support the TRF PolioPlus fund at our Virtual District Conference – see below.
Virtual District Conference & Party for Polio:
The Rotary District 5240 Virtual Conference is less than a week away! It will be LIVE on November 6-8, 2020 so be sure to register now. We have amazing Keynote presentations and breakout sessions planned and be sure to visit the virtual Exhibitors on our Whova conference app. A detailed agenda and link to registration is on the Conference website at www.rotary5240dc.com.
The kick-off to the conference will be our Party for Polio on Friday evening November 6 featuring an interview with Jim Messina, live musical performances of his songs, a journey on a National Immunization Day (NID) in India, door prizes, and more. During the Party for Polio, we will be raising funds for Polio in a virtual version of passing the hat. In addition, we have a very generous donor who wants to remain anonymous who will match the first $3,000 donated, and the Rotary Club of Santa Ynez Valley has added another $1,000 to this matching challenge for a total of $4,000!  Even more incredible is any funds we raise will be matched 2-to-1 by the Gates Foundation, so our donations will be tripled for PolioPlus!
We have set up a direct donation platform for the TRF PolioPlus fund and you can donate by clicking HERE anytime before or during the Party for Polio. We will announce the total raised at the Party.
Rotary Gratefulness Week Honoring Essential Workers – November 16-22, 2020:
Our Rotary Zones (Zones 26/27 comprised of 30 districts) have developed a wonderful community service opportunity called Rotary Gratefulness Week to honor essential workers. All clubs are encouraged to do something to honor the essential workers in your community anytime during November 16 - 22, 2020. 
A flyer is below with additional information and a list of sample projects. And please share photos and videos of your efforts on your club and District Facebook pages. Let's all come together during Rotary Gratefulness Week to show our essential workers how much we appreciate them!

Rotary Zone Institute:
Each year, our Rotary Zones convene a Rotary Institute, which is similar to a district conference but bigger and open to Rotarians throughout the two Zones. This year, the Zone Institute will be virtual from Thursday, November 12 to Saturday, November 14, 2020 and is open to everyone! The cost is $49 per person.
Here is the link to the Institute website that includes registration and additional information, including a detailed schedule: https://zone2627.org/2020-rotary-institute. You will see that on Thursday and Friday, there are special classes in a variety of topics you can sign up for. 
New COVID Order Regarding Private Gatherings:
Unfortunately, COVID-19 remains a significant concern and risk throughout our District. On October 9, 2020, the California Department of Health issued a new order concerning private gatherings (such as those at peoples’ homes or gatherings of families/friends at parks, etc). The order can be found at this link:
Please continue to use caution and follow State and local regulations regarding COVID. We want to keep all our members and their families safe and well!
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Centennial Interact Canned Food Collection

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The world of those experiencing hunger and homelessness seems very far from the students at Centennial High School, Bakersfield, CA. To bring this issue to the forefront of teen awareness, the Centennial INTERACT Club is illuminating this plight through its early Canned Food Drive. The Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week will be recognized Nov. 15-22 this 2020 COVID year.

The Centennial Interact Club has sponsored a drive-thru Can Food Collection project, Saturday, October 24th from 11:00AM – 3:00PM. This school year, it appears the Kern High School District will continue its restriction on campus activities that are also a part of this Interact Club’s association and its contiguous social base.

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Tehachapi Rotary & Salvation Army’s Coats for Kids

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On Wednesday, October 21st, Tehachapi Rotary donated 35 coats to the Tehachapi Salvation Army.  These coats were purchased by monies budgeted by the club along with a donation from the Walmart in Tehachapi.  Rotarians Rhonda Brady and Cathy Criger went shopping at the Burlington Coat Factory in Bakersfield and Walmart a few days before, choosing coats for teenagers at the request of Salvation Army.  Tehachapi Rotary is happy to continue supporting the Coats for Kids drive and looks forward to its next service projects, Rhonda’s idea of a Twelve Days of Christmas food drive and participating in Salvation Army’s annual bellringing in front of different Tehachapi businesses.
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An Update from ShelterBox

Join us online for “An Evening to Experience ShelterBox”
An Evening to Experience ShelterBox
8:00 - 9:00 PM ET
Join ShelterBox for an hour of inspiration, highlighting the lifesaving work you have enabled and the lives your support has transformed.
2020 Global Humanitarian Service Award presentation to Rotary International.
This event is free; registration is required. https://www.ShelterBoxUSA.org/Virtual
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Rotary & Interact Clubs Keep Bakersfield Beautiful

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At the invitation of Mayor Karen Goh, Bakersfield citizen volunteers in their socially-responsible masks, banded together to help beautify Downtown Bakersfield, Saturday October 17th. Among the sea of red shirted Centennial Interact Club members were dozens of volunteer Rotarians from East, West and Twilight clubs, including several city representatives. Home Depot donated six flats of perennial flowers for the planters at 'H' and Eye streets.
  Centennial Interact Club
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Bakersfield West Rotary Club Emergency Services Project

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Bakersfield West Rotary Club Facilitates Donation of Ambulance to Hospital in Guatemala.
The Hall Ambulance Company of Bakersfield has generously donated an ambulance as part of an international service project organized by the Bakersfield West Rotary Club. The Bakersfield West Club will ship the ambulance to Guatemala for use by a small hospital located in the highland community of Santiago Atitlán in the Sololá Province of Guatemala. Bakersfield West Rotary is partnering with the Guatemala City West Rotary Club, who identified the hospital’s need for the ambulance.
Bakersfield West Rotary Club Emergency Services Project 2020-10-16 07:00:00Z 0

Twilight Rotary of Bakersfield Donates to Homeless

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While Covid-19 has been difficult for everyone, it has been especially difficult for members of our community who are homeless. The Bakersfield Homeless Shelter is a lifeline for many families with children and other individuals who are faced with the challenges of being homeless while trying to stay safe during a pandemic. Rotary Twilight members came together during a drive by and drop off "event" staffed by several Rotary Twilight members (with face masks and proper social distancing, of course). They dropped off and gathered a significant amount of much needed hygiene items, new underwear for adults and children, diapers, hand sanitizer, and face masks for later donation to the Bakersfield Homeless Center. For those staffing the drive by and drop off event, as well as those driving by to drop off items for donation, it was a much welcome "non-virtual” experience. The collected items were subsequently donated to the Bakersfield Homeless Center by Rotary Twilight President, Li Gibbs, Past President, Nancy Pollard, and Community Service Chair, Laura Williams. Seeing the large number of items collected and donated was a reminder to all of us that small clubs can make a big difference! 
Twilight Rotary of Bakersfield Donates to Homeless 2020-10-13 07:00:00Z 0

2020 Rotary Council on Resolutions

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The Rotary Council on Resolutions meets online every year to vote on proposed resolutions and urgent enactments. Resolutions are requests to the Board or the Trustees to take an action that is outside the purview of the constitutional documents.  A resolution should affect the Rotary world, rather than address local or administrative issues. An urgent enactment is a change to the constitutional documents, proposed by the RI Board, that the Board has determined cannot wait until the next Council on Legislation, which is held every three years.

Representatives from all Rotary districts vote as a Council on Resolutions on  proposed enactments and resolutions. Adopted resolutions are then considered by the RI Board or The Rotary Foundation Trustees. Urgent enactments that have been adopted will amend the constitutional documents, and will take effect one month after the Council on Resolutions report has been sent.

The 2020 Council on Resolutions will take place 15 October through 15 November. This year there is one emergency enactment and twenty-seven resolutions for consideration.  As a Rotarian in District 5240, you have the right to review the proposals and provide comments to the District’s representative.

A list of the resolutions and instructions on how to read a resolution can be downloaded by clicking here.   If you have comments or questions, please send them to the District 5240 Council Representative PDG Nick Frankle via email at nickdg1617@earthlink.net.  Be sure to include your name, contact information, club name, resolution number and whether your comment is in favor of or opposed to the resolution.

All comments must be received by November 1.  Results of the Council on Resolutions will be posted on the District 5240 website when they are announced.
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October Message from DG Deb Linden

World Polio Day Special Event: 
October is a special month in Rotary! On October 24, we celebrate World Polio Day when we join together to celebrate our success so far in eradicating Polio and raise funds to “Get to Zero.” Our Group 8 clubs have organized a very special event for World Polio Day and everyone is invited. Craig Needham, an attorney in San Jose, will share his amazing and inspiring story of being raised by him mother while she was confined to an iron lung after being paralyzed from Polio. Click on the flyer below or on this link to register: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcocOmrpjIsGtecQY1o1iqPcOQiHbGA_5hH
Rotary Alumni Reconnect Week:
October 5-11, 2020 is Rotary Alumni Reconnect Week, a special time to renew relationships with former Rotary program participants, including Peace Fellows, Youth Exchange Students, RYLA students, Rotary Scholarship recipients, and former Rotaractors and Interactors. Take some time to reach out to these Alumni and invite them back into the Rotary family. Invite them to your virtual club meetings or schedule a special virtual social to reconnect and hear their stories. Every Rotary Alumnus is a potential Rotary Member!
Virtual District Conference:
We are SO excited for the Virtual District 5240 Conference, LIVE on November 6-8, 2020! A detailed agenda is now posted on the Conference website at www.rotary5240dc.com.
Here is your Call to Action for the conference:
  • Register: Registration and info are now available at www.rotary5240dc.com. Cost is only $25 per person ($10 for Rotaract members; youth under 18 are free).
  • Share What Rotary Means to You: We want to hear what Rotary means to our members, and we will be compiling the responses into a cool video that will be shown at the conference. All you need to do is shoot a short video of yourself responding to the following question: “To me, Rotary is ____________________.” Your response should be a max of five words long. And be sure to hold your smart phone in landscape mode (sideways). Email your videos to Ron Regier at rsregier@gmail.com. Please share with your members and encourage them to submit videos.
  • Display Your Project or Fundraiser: Advertise your club projects, grant opportunities, or fundraisers with a free Virtual Booth. If you are interested, please contact Berni Ann Lewis at bernilewis1@gmail.com.
Rotary Newsletters:
Did you know that Rotary publishes electronic newsletters in over a dozen topics, including leadership, membership, youth, service, and peace? You can subscribe for free for any of the newsletters and they will be emailed you on a regular basis. They contain super relevant and interesting information. To see the list of newsletters and to subscribe, click on this link: https://my.rotary.org/en/news-media/newsletters
Rotary Zone Institute:
Each year, our Rotary Zones (Zones 26/27) convene a Rotary Institute, which is similar to a district conference but bigger and open to Rotarians throughout the two Zones. There are 30 Districts in Zones 26/27. This year, our Zone Institute will be virtual from Thursday, November 12 to Saturday, November 14, 2020 and is open to everyone! The cost is $49 per person.
Here is the link to the Institute website that includes registration and additional information, including a detailed schedule: https://zone2627.org/2020-rotary-institute. You will see that on Thursday and Friday, there are special classes in a variety of topics that you can sign up for. 
In Memory of Staci Ingram:
Finally, let us all remember and pay tribute to Staci Ingram who died late Tuesday night September 22, 2020, from a sudden and unexpected illness. Staci was a member of the Rotary Club of Ventura and an incredibly active and valued member of her club and her community. She was a wonderful mother and spouse and an accomplished professional at Roth Staffing Companies. She was generous with her time and her talents and she supported her Rotary club and the community of Ventura in countless ways. She has left a legacy that will live on long after her passing.
Staci’s family has set up a Go Fund Me account to assist with funeral expenses. Here is the link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/in-honor-of-staci-ingram. Please keep Staci’s family and the members of the Rotary Club of Ventura close to your hearts as they deal with this tragic loss.
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Camarillo Rotary Helps FoodShare

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The Rotary Club of Camarillo recently donated $7,000 to FoodShare of Ventura County to help feed people in need during the Covid19 pandemic.

The funds are being used to purchase thousands of cardboard boxes for food items being distributed at community pop-ups. This is the largest grant that Camarillo Rotary has given FoodShare.

Camarillo Rotary Helps FoodShare 2020-09-02 07:00:00Z 0

September Message from DG Deb Linden

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

As I finish my first two months visiting clubs virtually, I am blown away by the creativity and adaptability our clubs have demonstrated during these challenging times. Despite the impact of COVID-19, our clubs are continuing to serve their communities, getting creative in their fundraising, and recruiting new members. Rotary truly Opens Opportunities and you should all be immensely proud!
District Conference Registration Now Open!
Our District 5240 Virtual District Conference is November 6-8, 2020, and registration is now open. You can find more information and a registration link at http://www.rotary5240dc.com
Here are some highlights:
  • Friday evening opening celebration: Party for Polio! Featuring Jim Messina of Loggins & Messina, Buffalo Springfield, and Poco
  • Saturday and Sunday morning General Sessions with incredible keynote presenters.
  • Saturday Breakout Sessions – choose your own training opportunity.
  • Virtual Project Expo
  • Networking, virtual meetups, and more!
  • Only $25 for Rotarians & guests, $10 for Rotaractors, and free for Interact members or youth under age 18.
Promote your Business!
Did you know that the District has a place where you can promote your business for other members to find? Well, we do! It is our online District 5240 Rotarian Business Network where you can add your business and where members can search for Rotarian-run businesses in our District. Let’s support each other! Go to https://www.rotary5240.biz for more info and to add/find a business.

Community Service Opportunity during COVID:
Are you or your club looking for a community service activity you can do safely even with the COVID restrictions? The California Coastal Commission has an opportunity for you (and you don’t need to live near an ocean!). The Commission has designated every Saturday in September as Coastal Clean Up Day in your own Neighborhood. For safety reasons, there are no large, centrally organized cleanup sites this year. Instead, cleanups will be self-guided and close to home. Cleaning your neighborhoods, local parks, streets, and storm drains helps protect our coast. Trash travels through storm drains, creeks, and rivers to become beach and ocean pollution. Help clean the beach by picking up litter in your community with your household. And if Saturdays don't work for you, don't let that stop you! You can clean up any day, any time. Go to https://www.coastal.ca.gov/publiced/ccd/ccd.html for more information, including a “Most Unusual Item” contest.
Step Up for Polio!
Don’t forget…we’ve launched our District-wide Step Up for Polio project, a way you can raise funds for PolioPlus through a personal fitness challenge. Click on the Step Up for Polio flyer in this newsletter for more information. Let’s all get moving and Step Up for Polio!

Public Image Grants Still Available:
There are still funds available to clubs for Public Image grants from the District 5240 Charitable Foundation. Have I piqued your interest? Go to https://www.rotarydistrict5240.org/sitepage/district-public-image-grants to learn more.
Finally, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you that Past District Governor Loretta Butts’ husband, John Butts, passed away on August 19, 2020, of health complications related to cancer. Loretta was our District Governor in 2014-2015 and John was her "official driver" for her club visits and her #1 cheerleader, not only during her DG year, but throughout their lives together. Loretta and John were married for 25 years and friends for much longer. John was a generous and giving soul and would support and encourage Loretta in whatever she undertook. John’s wish was to be cremated and no services will be held. If you would like to reach out to Loretta with a card or note, you can mail them to her at 7400 Pinal Ave., Atascadero, CA 93422
Take care and stay safe,
September Message from DG Deb Linden 2020-09-01 07:00:00Z 0

RC of Simi Sunset Donates to Make-A-Wish

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The Rotary Club of Simi Sunset was asked by Make-A-Wish to support a local Simi Valley resident. Joey fell into a swimming pool when he was 18 months old. The accident dramatically changed his and his family's lives. Now at the age of 15, he suffers from a nervous system disorder which has left him confined to a wheelchair. He can communicate through a tablet and with smiles and noises. His wish... An adaptive swing! Many wish kids avoid large groups during COVID-19 as it could put their health at risk. Having this swing would allow him to enjoy being outside with his family.
RC of Simi Sunset Donates to Make-A-Wish 2020-08-27 07:00:00Z 0

Message from Polio Plus Chair, Jim Lewis

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Dear Fellow Rotarians in District 5240,

As most of you know eradicating Polio from the face of the earth is Rotary International’s #1 objective. In 1985 that objective began. At that time there were 126 countries in the world endemic with 3 types of polio. 350,000 children and adults were paralyzed with one of the 3 types every year. Over the past 30 plus years, through the very hard work of those countries, Rotary, WHO, CDC, UNICEF and in 2007 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we can celebrate that all but 2 of those countries are polio free. The last countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only ones with wild polio cases. The good news is this week we have seen zero cases of Polio in the world. And even much better news Africa has been declared by WHO as completely Polio Free…this is such fantastic news, I felt I had to share it with all of you. Check out the links to Rotary and Time Magazine's articles:

Message from Polio Plus Chair, Jim Lewis 2020-08-27 07:00:00Z 0

RC of Cambria Delivers Food and More

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The Rotary Club of Cambria recently purchased and delivered bags of cereal, juice, canned fruit, snack bars and other snacks to over 90 families identified as being in need. They were also made aware of the concern about the children in low income families falling behind in school due to the difficulties of distance learning. Many of these children are in households with adults that have little or no education and cannot provide their children with the educational assistance needed. They were able to purchase 186 age appropriate activity books and games to give them a head start for the school year. These were delivered along with the bags of food.
RC of Cambria Delivers Food and More 2020-08-20 07:00:00Z 0

RC of Moorpark Community Service Project

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The Rotary Club of Moorpark gathered donations and purchased badly needed school supplies in support of students at the Moorpark Food Pantry Plus. Although they followed physical distancing guidelines, it provided them with an opportunity to be social as they filled 300 bags with school supplies. It was a fun community service project that made a big impact on the lives of their students.  Club President, Kelly Best always says, "many hands make light work." They all look forward to another social gathering like this one very soon!
RC of Moorpark Community Service Project 2020-08-19 07:00:00Z 0

Santa Ynez Rotary Clubs Donate $33,500

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The COVID-19 virus has altered life for all of us. Many residents have found themselves unable to provide basic needs for themselves and their family. Local nonprofits have stepped up and are working hard to meet the huge surge in demand. However, the need is great with the increase in demand coupled with the loss of several nonprofits main revenue stream; thrift stores. These organizations are struggling.

The four Rotary Clubs in the Santa Ynez Valley; Buellton, Los Olivos, Santa Ynez and Solvang, have united together contributing a total of $33,500 to local nonprofit organizations. The nonprofits selected are doing outreach in our community feeding hundreds of people daily with prepared meals and produce bags. These include home bound seniors and children out of school. Not only prepared meals are being provided, but help getting medications delivered, sewn masks and other needs. Our nonprofits are doing an incredible job by collaborating to be sure there is no gap in service to our community.
Santa Ynez Rotary Clubs Donate $33,500 2020-08-04 07:00:00Z 0

August Message from DG Deb Linden

Membership Month:
August is Membership and New Club Development Month in Rotary and now is the time we need your creativity! To reverse several years of declining membership in our District, we need to grow membership in our clubs and start new, innovative clubs. We are only constrained by our imagination! New, non-traditional clubs are being starting all over the world, including passport clubs, flex clubs, family clubs, caused-based clubs, young professionals clubs, virtual e-clubs, and almost any kind of club you can think of.

Want to learn more about new club models and club flexibility? Click HERE Want a whole bunch of resources and tools to help your club attract and retain members? Click HERE

$52.40 Challenge:
The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Annual Fund is the backbone of Rotary projects throughout the world. Contributions to the Annual Fund come back to our clubs in the form of District Designated Funds (DDF) that can be used to help fund local and international projects. Support for the TRF Annual Fund is an investment in our own clubs! In 2020-2021, to encourage support for the TRF Annual Fund, the District has created the $52.40 Challenge. Clubs that achieve a certain level of giving will receive special recognition. Click HERE for all the details!
Rotary and COVID-19:
As you all know, we are experiencing a significant and dangerous increase in COVID-19 cases and many of the transmissions are being traced back to small gatherings, such as friends and families gathering together (especially those involving unrelated people). All four counties in our District – SLO, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Kern – are now on the State watch list and additional restrictions regarding gatherings have been implemented. Rotary International recently announced that the Rotary insurance will not cover claims for COVID-19 cases. I know we are all eager to convene our club meetings and socials in person, but I urge you to use caution and make safe, prudent decisions. The safest way to hold club meetings right now is virtually. In addition, the RI Board of Directors has declared that members shall not be penalized if they choose not to attend a club, district, or RI function because of the COVID risk. As such, it is important to have a virtual option for members who do not feel comfortable or safe gathering in person. District staff is available to any club who needs assistance in this area. Please stay safe!

District 5240 Facebook Page:
If you want to learn about all the cool things our clubs in our District are doing, not to mention upcoming events and celebrations, be sure to join our District 5240 Facebook Group at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RotaryDistrict5240
August Message from DG Deb Linden 2020-08-01 07:00:00Z 0

PDG Wade Namura Appointed 3 Rotary International Positions

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District 5240's Past District Governor, Wade Namura, has been given the opportunity of being appointed to three Rotary International positions this year! He is now the Multidistrict PETS Alliance Chair for 2020-2021, he took over as the TRF Cadre Technical Coordinator Chair for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, and he has been appointed as the Regional Organizer of all cadres of North America; one of seven globally! Below is a summary of what the roles entail including how clubs in our district can benefit.
Assistance Available for Global Grant Projects
The Rotary Foundation has appointed PDG Wade Nomura as the global Chair of the Cadre of Technical Advisers for Water Sanitation and Hygiene. In addition, The Foundation has initiated a pilot program of Regional Organizers to help club and districts increase their humanitarian projects globally by utilizing the skills of the Cadres in the global grant application stages as well as throughout the project. There are seven Cadre Regional Organizers selected from throughout the world to assist with the implementation of this program, Wade being chosen as one of the seven to lead all TRF Cadres of North America plus English speaking Caribbean countries. This role incorporates grants for all Areas of Focus. Stay tune for more information and if you would like assistance from a TRF Cadre on any aspect of a grant or project, please contact: wade@wadenomura.com
PDG Wade Namura Appointed 3 Rotary International Positions 2020-07-21 07:00:00Z 1

Rotary Club of Montecito - President in the Paper!

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Congratulations to Kati Buehler, President of the Montecito Rotary Club, for the excellent article in the Santa Barbara News-Press Life Section!  Kati brought attention to Rotary International and its role in helping to eradicate polio as well as upcoming fundraising plans for World Polio Day! 
CLICK HERE to read the article.
Rotary Club of Montecito - President in the Paper! 2020-07-21 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Camarillo - Fundraising & Donating

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The Rotary Club of Camarillo received their District Grant Round 1 and Round 2 totaling $1,970. Then one of their members promised to match up to $2,500 if they could raise $2,500. They were able to achive their goal in ONE Zoom meeting for a total of $7000. BOOM!!!
They decided to donate these funds to Food Share for the purchase of packaging materials for fresh produce for low income people in their community. Properly packing produce for distribution reduces the spread of infection, increases food safety, and provides for a quick efficient hand-out at  the newly established drive-thru pop-up pantries.
Rotary Club of Camarillo - Fundraising & Donating 2020-07-20 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Nipomo - Food Distribution

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On Wednesday members of the Rotary Club of Nipomo helped with the distribution of fresh produce courtesy of BerryMan at the Nipomo High School.  Big thanks to the good turnout. Pictured are George Dubois, Lou Gomez, Lee Baggett, Harry Walls, Roger Ridley. (Not pictured Christine Ridley).   On Tuesday Jim Harrison, a friend of his and Ed Harris helped with the food distribution at Dana Elementary school.  The group helped unload the produce truck and distribute boxes of produce and bags of potatoes. Quite a work out!
Rotary Club of Nipomo - Food Distribution 2020-07-16 07:00:00Z 0
Simi Sunrise Rotary - Drive in Movie 2020-07-10 07:00:00Z 0

Message from DG Deb Linden

Posted on Jul 01, 2020
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Welcome to Rotary Year 2020-2021! The new year is certainly starting out differently than any of us could have imagined. You, our District 5240 members, have faced challenges and hardships that changed the very way we have been doing business. You have created new ways to serve your communities and to come together as clubs. I believe this experience will forever change the way we live Rotary.
2020-2021 Rotary International President Holger Knaack’s theme this year is Rotary Opens Opportunities. He selected this theme long before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is so appropriate now.We have the opportunity to re-examine and re-create how our clubs operate, how we do our fundraisers, how we serve our communities, and how we engage our current and future members. Please take a few minutes to views this short (4 minutes) video message for our clubs from RI President Holger: Holger Message to Clubs

As we begin this new year, our focus will be on:
  • Growing Rotary, including:
    • Expanding our membership by starting new, innovative clubs
    • Making sure we are taking care of and retaining our club members.
    • Encouraging clubs to attract and retain members through service projects, large and small.
    • Click HERE to review the new 3-year District 5240 Membership Plan.
  • Supporting The Rotary Foundation - OUR Foundation - including:
    • Finishing the fight against Polio by organizing fundraising events and awareness campaigns for the Rotary Polio Plus fund. Click HERE to read how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Rotary’s Polio efforts.
    • Encouraging donations to The Rotary Foundation (Polio, Disaster Fund, Annual Fund) with the $52.40 Challenge (more info on this in August).
    • Supporting Rotary’s Peace efforts through the Peacebuilder club and Peace Scholar programs.
  • Enhancing our Rotary Brand, including:
    • Focusing on our member and visitor experience at our club meetings so everyone feels welcome, valued, and engaged.
    • Branding our Rotary efforts through media presence, social media, signage, and other creative ways to raise awareness about Rotary.
    • Enhancing our community impact by branding our community service projects. Click HERE to learn about public image grants available through the District Charitable Foundation.
As we continue the important work of Rotary, every Rotarian in every club must make sure we hold the basic tenants of Rotary in our hearts and reflect them in our actions. We need to consider how we conduct ourselves in our clubs and in every aspect of our lives. Rotary recently released a powerful statement which applies to all of us:
Finally, let’s all give a huge Thank You to 2019-2020 District Governor Savi Bhim and all our 2019-2020 Club Presidents and District staff for leading us through an incredibly challenging time, including helping our clubs begin online meetings and adjust their projects and fundraisers. Let’s carry on their great work in 2020-2021!
Deb Linden
District Governor 2020-21
Message from DG Deb Linden 2020-07-01 07:00:00Z 0

Norm Anderson, Past District Governor Memorial

Remembering Norm Anderson

Mr. Rotary

Norm Anderson was a dedicated, dynamic Rotarian with perfect attendance for sixty-four years.  In fact, he participated in a Rotary meeting on his 89th birthday, two days before he died.

Norm was a very successful businessman with vision, imagination and energy which led him into many areas, but Rotary was always at the center of his life.  We think about driving or flying to an international convention. When Norm wanted to attend the Lucerne, Switzerland, convention in 1957, he had to book passage on a transatlantic ship. That was his first of 29 international conventions!

Norm was an outstanding, creative District Governor, with his 1993-4 year highlighted by the great convention he produced in and around Solvang, California – appropriate for Norm’s Danish heritage. I remember much of his year, because I was his District Newsletter Editor.  

And how that happened was typical of Norm’s style. One morning, shortly before his DG term began, as we were leaving a meeting of the Solvang Breakfast Rotary, Norm said “How would you like to be my newsletter editor?”  I had a full life with family and running my business, but I told him I would think about it.  I will never forget his next words, “Don’t think about it too long.” A few days later I understood his instruction when I received my copy of the district handbook, and saw that I was listed as the editor. Obviously, he had made that decision months before, and assumed I would accept.

Norm could assume that people would comply with his requests, because it always seemed to happen. He was a bright, thoughtful guy, and what he was asking for would seem reasonable and beneficial, and there was really no reason to refuse.

And in turn, whenever one needed help with a worthwhile project, there was no better person to ask than Norm. While our daughter was an army officer with the US mission in Kosovo she was appalled by the savagery with which villagers were driven out of their homes into the mountains with nothing more than the clothes they were wearing. The attackers even planted land mines in their schoolyards in case they returned.  Winter was approaching, and our daughter and her unit asked us for help. The Santa Ynez Valley gathered 4000 pounds of clothing, but we had to find a way to ship it, since all military flights from this area were full.

In a situation like that the obvious person to ask for help was Norm. Fortunately, Norm’s large circle of friends included one who owned a transcontinental moving company.  We boxed all of the clothing, hauled the boxes to Carpinteria, California, and were able to get everything into a partially full truck headed for Connecticut. All at no cost. And we knew that, if we could get the boxes to an APO box in New York, they would be shipped free to Kosovo.

But the Connecticut to NYC leg was still a problem. So Norm contacted the District Governor in Connecticut. That DG had a lot of reasons why it couldn’t be done, but we had Norm on our side, so it happened. Don’t waste your time saying no to Norm.

And in an interesting footnote to that adventure, the DG in Connecticut had a project providing goats for people in Haiti, and in the Rotary way he gave us an opportunity to help. So Norm and I spent the next month asking Rotarians and my clients to join us in the goats project. We funded several, and the City of Buellton employees donated enough money for a goat, and had a contest to name it.

Life with Norm was exciting and productive. As Rotarians in our district know, Norm was not shy about looking at Rotary needs and behavior, and offering critiques along with his help.  But as I look back, he was usually right, and we are all so much better for his decades of service. Thank you, Norm.

Norm Anderson, Past District Governor Memorial 2020-06-30 07:00:00Z 0
District 5240 Awards 2019-2020 Video 2020-06-27 07:00:00Z 0
District Awards 2019-2020 2020-06-27 07:00:00Z 0
District 5240 Relief Efforts- Covid-19 2020 2020-06-25 07:00:00Z 0

Young Professionals Satellite Club

Westlake Village Sunrise to Launch District’s First Young Professionals Satellite Club

Westlake Village, CA – The Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise has announced the charter of The Rotary Satellite Club of Westlake Village Sunrise Young Professionals. It has been one of the primary goals of Westlake Sunrise Rotary to “get younger” with the membership and the opportunity to do so presented itself by creating the Young Professionals club. Rotary International officially approved the application for this new club on June 17.

The group will begin their official meetings in early July, and the initial charter will have 12 members with a wide vocational diversification. The membership age range is from 21-39.  The club is pleased to announce that the chairperson will be Robert Rosenberg. Robert, an accomplished motivational speaker, has been connected to Rotary for many years, and is the District scheduler for DG Savi Bhim.

Robert works with the Simi Valley Police Department and just completed a law degree at Pepperdine. He worked his way to an internship in the White House under the Obama administration. Over the years, Robert has been recognized for his leadership and dedication to volunteerism in notable awards like being a Ronald Reagan Presidential Scholar, a City of Simi Valley Hometown Hero, and even receiving the first ever “Youth Service Above Self” Award from the Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise. “I am humbled and honored to be asked to lead this new charter group of Young Professionals”, said Robert. “This is a great opportunity for the District to convey its message about Rotary to our younger generation!”

The Club’s 12 members are Andy Conli, Christopher Strong, Dane Zabel, David Betancur, Francheska Tanglao, James Hilser, Shannon Ferrell, Tiffany Strong, Trevin Happe, Michael Reardon, Sarah Jacobson and Robert Rosenberg. Their vocational backgrounds include Business Development Director at Ventura Orthopedics, Voice Actor, Insurance Broker, Project Manager Engineer, Occupational Therapist (a past Rotaract President), Dispute Resolution Law, Pediatrics Program Founder, Assistant Stage Manager at Disney, Production Manager, and Hotel Operations Director.

Westlake Sunrise president Randy Strong teamed with past president Terry Moerler, president-elect Laura Willis, president elect nominee Jim Wisdom, Assistant Governor (Group 4) Don Martin, and District Governor Savi Bhim to form this new club. The Rotary Satellite Club of Westlake Village Sunrise Young Professionals is the first club of its kind to be chartered in District 5240. “We are all very excited to play a part in the development of this new club”, said President Randy Strong. “Hopefully, this can be a bridge to the charter of more satellite clubs in our district.”

Young Professionals Satellite Club 2020-06-24 07:00:00Z 0

District Foundation Year End Message- Frank Ortiz

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District Rotary Foundation Year End Message

By PDG Frank Ortiz, District Rotary Foundation Chair

As this Rotary Year winds down; I want to thank every Rotarian in District 5240 for their support by working to make our World a better place through our Rotary Foundation both locally and globally. Our collective efforts truly make a difference.

DG Savi Bhim and many District 5240 Rotarians have done a remarkable job with keeping the spirit of Rotary service alive and well through continued contributions to our Foundation, support for District & Global grant projects, and ongoing support for COVID19 related efforts in our backyard and around the Globe.

Should you desire to make one last contribution to the Foundation for the 2019-2020 Rotary year, you can use this link to get you to the needed forms, understanding that the contribution needs to be made by June 30, 2020.  https://rotarydistrict5240.org/sitepage/fundraising-sub-committee

IMPORTANT: A reminder that District Grant FINAL REPORTS from 2019-2020 must be submitted by June 30, 2020.  Failure to get your final report submitted will result in the loss of your Club matching grant allocation. Nobody wants that to happen!  You can use this link for the proper final report form and information.  https://rotarydistrict5240.org/sitepage/2019-2020-district-grants

The District Rotary Foundation Committee thanks DG Savi for her work and we are looking forward to her Virtual Step Down and Awards celebration on June 27.  We also look forward to soon to be DG Deb Linden who takes the District Governor reigns on July 1. Thanks and congratulations to all!

Frank Ortiz

Rotary District 5240

PDG 2012-2013

District Rotary Foundation Chair 2019-2022

District Foundation Year End Message- Frank Ortiz 2020-06-24 07:00:00Z 0


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Cayucos Rotary has donated $5,000 to support ‘Harvest Bag’ operated by Cayucos Community Church. The program is a collaboration with San Luis Obispo Food Bank to provide bags of groceries and produce to local families in need from Mondays to Fridays. For the past 10 years, Cayucos Community Church has been providing bags of food to families in need. Each bag, estimated to be worth about $20 in food, contains milk, bread, eggs, tuna, butter, peanut jelly, macaroni and cheese, and produce like tomatoes, potatoes and onion etc.

Rotary Club of Nipomo

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President Kelly Ricker and club members Lou Gomez, Ed Harris and Walter Con represent the Rotary Club of Nipomo in donating $2,150 to the San Luis Obispo Food Bank.  Accepting the donation is Garret Olson, Chief Executive Officer of the SLO Food Bank (see the picture below with appropriate social distancing). On a side note, Garret is a Rotarian with San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Rotary Club and he is our speaker at this Wednesday’s meeting.  

Rotary Club of Nipomo 2020-06-17 07:00:00Z 0

June- Rotarian of Action- Charlie Von Rueden

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District 5240 has no shortage of outstanding Rotarians whose service to humanity can serve as an inspiration to all of us. This Rotary year, we plan on recognizing and sharing their inspirational journey. Each of the 12 Groups in the District has been assigned one month in the Rotary 2019-20 year for the Assistant Governor and Presidents to select one Rotarian of Action in their Group. For the month of June the Rotary Clubs selected as their Rotarian of Action to be Charlie Von Rueden, Rotary Club of Camarillo. In recognition of “doing good in the world”, Charlie will be presented with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition.
June- Rotarian of Action- Charlie Von Rueden 2020-06-17 07:00:00Z 0

Refund to Clubs

This has been a unique year. Just as we were entering the last stretch of the year things dramatically changed because of the COVID-19 crisis. 
 You watched helplessly as your well laid plans and hard work went down the tubes. It has been especially hard on clubs that have had to cancel their major fund raisers. Some of you are wondering how will your clubs continue your projects next year.
Then there is the mounting possibility of losing members who are uncertain of their jobs and businesses and will not be able to pay their dues and will have to leave their clubs. This will not be their first choice because more than ever at  a time like this we all need our family of Rotary. Let us do our best to help them during the uncertain period.
With these concerns weighing heavily in the hearts of the District Board we have decided to see how best we can financially assist you. 
As a result the board of directors voted to refund 58% of the paid January dues to all the clubs. We wish to thank each and every one of you for your outstanding contribution to your clubs and your communities during these challenging times.
Savi and the D5240 Board of Directors
Refund to Clubs 2020-06-07 07:00:00Z 0

June Message from Savi Bhim

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There is no denying that 2019-2020 has been an eventful year.

There were the earthquakes that rocked the city of Ridgecrest and the wild fires of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

Yet this year will be defined by the last four months.

When we faced COVID-19 and Rotary faced our greatest challenge, how to observe physical distancing and yet stay connected.

You responded rapidly and with ingenuity. You launched virtual meetings and kept the clubs connected. In our communities there were new and urgent needs and you sprung into action.

June Message from Savi Bhim 2020-06-01 07:00:00Z 0
Santa Barbara Sunrise 2020-05-31 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Paso Robles Sunrise

Our Rotary Club of Paso Robles Sunrise recently participated in two projects in Ile, located within the Zambézia Province of northern Mozambique and we would like to share them with you.

It started out as a latrine project at a local school that did not have sanitary facilities for the students where one of our Club Member’s daughter Naomi was stationed with the Peace Corp. She brought the less than desirable conditions to our attention and our Club voted on supporting the construction of the two units with the projected cost of $846. As we neared completion, Naomi brought to our attention the need for better communication and resources relating to COVID-19 virus.

Rotary Club of Paso Robles Sunrise 2020-05-31 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Morro Bay-Hand Sanitizer 

Empty grocery shelves and sold out essentials have provided a seemingly endless source for memes, advertising schemes and Saturday Night Live pandemic parodies.  The lack of available toilet paper, masks and hand sanitizer created some precarious situations as families and essential businesses tried to keep their loved ones and customers safe from an invisible COVID-19 enemy. However, the Rotary Club of Morro Bay, recognized a hole that needed filling and a chance to support Morro Bay’s at-risk business community. 

President Melissa Davis, 2019-20, hit a major roadblock and realized she needed help. Not only was she learning the protocols for managing a newly secured general manager position at a popular local eatery, Pizza Port of Morro Bay, homeschooling her daughter Stella was added to her list of daily duties.

Rotary Club of Morro Bay-Hand Sanitizer 2020-05-31 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Ojai- Zoom

RC of Ojai, People of Action Zoomin’ along...

With 80 Active members, 50-60 have been attending our weekly meetings, including honorary members we don’t always get to see, family members, guest community members and timely speakers.

With a member assisting the Pres. each week to handle slides, videos, awards, etc. it has all moved along smoothly with interesting & packed programs.

Zoom has allowed us to carry on committee and Board business, hold our Annual Scholarships program (awarding over $68,000 to High School Seniors), honor local non-profits & programs (awarding over $30,000 in Community Grants) and raise $4000 on a successful Funds/Food drive during these Covid-19 times.

Rotary Club of Ojai- Zoom 2020-05-31 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Ojai- Water Project

The Rotary Club of Ojai has been working on an exciting new fog and water collection project, and we would love to share our progress with you! Utilizing modern versions of ancient technology, we are harvesting water from the offshore ocean fog and the mists that form in our mountain valley. With the aid of a district grant, multiple fog catching systems and weather stations have been installed in our local elementary and middle schools. Our students are learning about weather science, cutting edge design, and alternative methods of collecting potable water. What if you could gather the dew that forms on your cars every morning, and then use it to water a small vegetable plot? What if the fog from a cloud bank could be collected to serve the drinking water needs of an entire community? These are the questions we are asking, and the seeds of curiosity we hope to plant in our student’s minds. Collecting water from fog and rain has great implications locally and internationally, and we believe the possibilities are only beginning to be explored.

Rotary Club of Ojai- Water Project 2020-05-31 07:00:00Z 0

Successful Job Placement

Here is a letter from one of the employers:

Good Morning Larry,

I hope this email finds you healthy and happy. Last week you emailed me a resume and to be honest, it was completely unexpected. My communications firm has been extremely busy lately and it never occurred to me that during these uncertain times, I might need to add to my team. As it turns out, I was wrong.

Lindsey’s resume was outstanding. As I studied her skill set and read about her need to affect positive change in the marketing and branding space, it didn’t take long before I knew that I really wanted her on my team. My business partner and I interviewed her two days later and just this morning, I’ve made her an offer.

Successful Job Placement 2020-05-31 07:00:00Z 0

Simi Sunrise Rotary

People of action when they join Rotary immediately step up. Our Newest and Youngest member Ryan Valenica of Simi Sunrise Rotary did just that.  Our First fundraiser out of the gate for 2020-21 is a drive in Movie night. Ryan was asked to head up with a seasoned Rotarian. He did not hesitate, blink or stammer...he just did it! Even though new to the club he was not new to the community. He filled the leadership role easily. Added his own ideas and was receptive to guidance. Projects seem to be the area one finds out the most about another Rotarian's character. Ryan's Character came shining thru and I know he will have a Great future in Rotary! Let's all give him a warm Rotarian welcome!
Simi Sunrise Rotary 2020-05-31 07:00:00Z 0
REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! 2020-05-29 07:00:00Z 0

May- Rotarian of Action- Mike McGuigan

District 5240 has no shortage of outstanding Rotarians whose service to humanity can serve as an inspiration to all of us. This Rotary year, we plan on recognizing and sharing their inspirational journey. Each of the 12 Groups in the District has been assigned one month in the Rotary 2019-20 year for the Assistant Governor and Presidents to select one Rotarian of Action in their Group. For the month of May the Rotary Clubs selected as their Rotarian of Action to be Mike McGuigan, Rotary Club of Simi Valley. In recognition of “doing good in the world”, Mike will be presented with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition.
Mike McGuigan is the Rotarian's Rotarian ... his demeanor is grouchy, but peel back the layers and you'll find a kind and most generous human being. Mike is the go to guy for just about anything and has consistently supported the club's presidents year after year taking on tasks that no other members would volunteer for - from coordinating planting oak trees at Corriganville, and helping to maintain the Welcome to Simi sign, years of volunteering to barbecue for the hundreds of volunteers for the July 4th Fireworks and Share the Road charitable events.
May- Rotarian of Action- Mike McGuigan 2020-05-29 07:00:00Z 0

District Charitable Foundation- Food Bank Donations

The District Charitable Foundation gave out checks for $9036 to food banks throughout the region. 

This is a letter from the SLO Food Bank:

Deb and the rest of our Hunger Heroes in Rotary District 5240,

Thank you so much for your incredibly generous gift to assist the SLO Food Bank in our battle against hunger. Your $9036 donation has incredible punching power! With that amount we can purchase 33,364 meals for our neighbors in need. When combined with food we source from grants, donations, and gleaning (picking) operations, your generous gift provides food for 63,252 meals. That’s enough food to feed three families of four for one year! Talk about Service Above Self… you’re walking the talk!

On behalf of our thankful team and the clients we serve, THANK YOU!

Your friend and fellow Rotarian, Garret Olson, CEO SLO Food Bank

District Charitable Foundation- Food Bank Donations 2020-05-29 07:00:00Z 0

Birthday Celebration 

Here's how we roll in Cayucos. To celebrate Cayucos Rotary's Club President Steve "Lars" Larson's and Michele Lilley's birthdays this month, members of Cayucos Rotary decided a birthday parade would be in order, while practicing the 6-feet distancing.  
Several members met at 24th Street in Cayucos, put on fun hats, armed ourselves with bubble guns, cow bells, whistles and banners, and marched towards President Lars' home on 19th Street. Others joined us in a vehicle by Lars' home.
bday parade.jpg
Birthday Celebration 2020-05-28 07:00:00Z 0

4 Way Test Contest Winners

Announcing the 4 Way Test Essay Contest Winners!
I am pleased to announce the winers of the 4 Way Test Essay Contest!
Elementary School Level
1st Place: Stas Hite-Polansky, Joe Nightingale School
2nd Place: Addysen Clarin, Oceanview Elementary
Middle School Level
1st Place: Tanna Tartaglia, Santa Lucia Middle School
2nd Place: Arundhati Sharma, Lakeview Junior High
3rd Place: Arziz Haroun, Judkins Middle School
High School Level
1st Place: Isabella Palazuelos, Filmore High School
2nd Place: Garrett Leighton, Coastal Christian Nigh School
3rd Place: Elajae Lee, Ridgecrest High School
As you will see, the essays are always brilliant from the example below. This year was a difficult one with the Corona Virus event, however, it is very rewarding to be a part of the 4 Way Test Essay Contest. Hope you enjoyed reading the above winner’s entry as much as I did. I hope more Rotary Clubs participate in DG Linden’s year. Steve Geil
4 Way Test Contest Winners 2020-05-28 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of  Thousand Oaks

Rotary Gi​ving by the Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks

It took five days to hear back with RI approval for a covid-related grant for our local community.   

The $52,000 grant is for PPEs, medical supplies, and equipment for two local free clinics (Conejo and Westminister) and the Hospice of the Conejo. We have history with them. We know first-hand their needs and how critical, effective, and urgent their response has been to the evil twins of viral threat and economic paralysis.   

Rotary International promised to facilitate grants for covid-related needs in local communities. We took RI at its word and were delighted how helpful they were and stunned at how quick their response was.  

Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks 2020-05-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Cayucos

Each quarter, Cayucos Rotarians lead Cayucos school students; many of whom are Interactors to clean the beach and Ocean Front Street in Cayucos. Armed with bags and gloves, both Rotarians and students set out to hunt for "treasures".  
Featured in last winter's clean-up are past presidents, Sherry Sim and Steve Geil, and club secretary & Cayucos Interact advisor, Jessica Peterson.
Rotary Club of Cayucos 2020-05-26 07:00:00Z 0

 Cayucos, Morro Bay and Cambria

On October 27, 2019, rotarians from three clubs, namely Cayucos, Morro Bay and Cambria joined hands with members of Central Coast SurviveOars and Central Coast Dragon Boat Association in paddling to commemorate World Polio Day on October 24, 2019. 
For the past three years, Group 11 clubs have been organizing this event to raise the awareness of Rotary's efforts to eradicate polio and raise funds. Donations received from the three Rotary clubs were sent to The Rotary Foundation. Funds raised are matched ~ $1 with $2 from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to eradicate polio. 
In addition to rotarians, spouses and family members and friends also participated.  It was a fun way for members to promote polio eradication, and collaborate with another service organization.
Cayucos, Morro Bay and Cambria 2020-05-26 07:00:00Z 0

The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo

Funding our Future: Auction for Student Scholarships June 1 - 10, 2020

The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo online auction for Student Scholarships is taking place, June 1-10, 2020. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo had to cancel its annual Spaghetti Western Dinner & Silent Auction, which funded the Challenge Scholarship Program.  

The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo's Challenge Scholarship Program provides scholarships to local students who have faced significant personal challenges and excelled in their studies. Last year, the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo awarded $39,500 in scholarships to 14 local students to attend college or trade school, thanks to the support and generosity of our community members.

You have the opportunity to bid on some incredible items, support our local businesses and support our local students - a win-win for everyone! 

Preview auction items here: slorotary.ejoinme.org/FundingOurFuture 

Click on the menu links on the left to preview or bid, learn more, or help fund a scholarship with a direct donation.

Your bids and donations make these scholarships possible! Thank you for your support and generosity.

Hear from Janae, one of our four-year Challenge Scholarship recipients, who shares her inspiring journey:


The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo 2020-05-26 07:00:00Z 0

Chungsam Doh Music Scholarship Fund

All four students have to complete a full year at Cuesta College, must be majoring in music and looking to pursue a music-related career, to be eligible for the scholarship. In addition, the students had to undergo an audition which Cayucos Rotarians participated and provided input to select the most qualified candidates.  
In the past two years, the successful students performed at Cayucos Rotary's annual Masquerade fundraiser to receive their scholarship checks. Due to Covid-19, Cayucos Rotary decided the students could use the funds and the checks were sent to each student. All four students agreed to visit Cayucos Rotary soon, to perform.  
The scholarship fund was created to honor and thank Past District Govenor Chungsam Doh for his support and mentorship to Cayucos Rotary, The project, named "Chungsam Doh Music Scholarship Fund" is dedicated to help aspiring college students who are preparing for a career in music. PDG Chungsam Doh had presented the scholarship checks to the successful students in past years. Please contact Cayucos Rotary if your club would like to participate in this project.
Chungsam Doh Music Scholarship Fund 2020-05-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Bakersfield Waterman Grant Project

Receive, review, and vote on local charity/charities to receive up to $30,000 for Capital Project Project: Create Grant committee to receive, review, and vote on local charity ( or charities ) to receive needed funds for CAPITAL Project. 15 applications totaling, $322,945.00 in requested funds, were submitted to Grant Application Committee.  Each applicant has a Rotarian recommendation. The Committee agreed to fully fund the amount requested to a single nonprofit in our community, that being Golden Empire Gleaners ( a food bank ). The funds will be used for capital improvement. The Gleaners’ building is very old and needs 54 broken windows replaced, new carpet, painting inside and out, and new phones. Nothing has been upgraded for over 10 years. There are health and security issues with the windows and the fact that birds or burglars can access the warehouse area. The building is becoming unsafe due to the windows issues, uneven floors, and worn carpet. The paint is peeling on the outside causing damage to the wood siding.


Rotary Club of Bakersfield Waterman Grant Project 2020-05-16 07:00:00Z 0

Love Water Project of Uganda

Due to limitations on travel, Rotary Club of Bakersfield will Utilize Love Water organization to assess water NEED in community of Uganda

Fund and Utilize “Love Water” organization ( a locally founded non-profit ) to assess a NEED in community of Uganda and provide a school or entire community with a new borehole and protected well.

Funding Complete !!!!!

Every 21 seconds a child will perish from a preventable waterborne illness. Love Water Video provided 

Discussion for travel has been discussed, once the travel bands are lifted.



Love Water Project of Uganda  2020-05-16 07:00:00Z 0

Bakersfield Leadership and Ethics Conference

Rotarian & Student discussions of various scenarios involving characteristic and ethical practices.

Started by our Rotary Club of Bakersfield 34 years ago, includes ALL Local Clubs, and served over 200 students from Kern High School District The conference, now in its 34th year, provided students the opportunity to interact with businessmen and businesswomen from the Bakersfield community while exploring the leadership qualities and ethical practices they will need in their careers. Participants collaborated with Rotarians and Kern High School District representatives in roundtable discussions of various scenarios involving characteristic and ethical practices.

Rotary Club of Bakersfield Donated 73 HOURS of Service !!! Lyle Martin ( Rotarian and former Chief of Police ) delivered a Key NOTE speech that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Knocked it OUT OF THE PARK !!!!

Local News Coverage: 


Bakersfield Leadership and Ethics Conference 2020-05-16 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary de Tolosa- Virtual Member Induction

This year, Rotary de Tolosa has placed a big emphasis on attracting great new members, and on Wednesday, 5/6, President David Fuentes inducted our 12th member for the year, and our first virtually! (Maybe the first virtual induction in the District?) New member Michael Gunther and his sponsor, Rotary PEN Ermina Karim created a hilarious COVD-19 inspired induction video. 
Rotary de Tolosa- Virtual Member Induction 2020-05-16 07:00:00Z 0
Paso Robles "Old Timers" 2020-05-16 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Simi Valley

Providing Meals to Frontline Workers During Covid-19 Pandemic
The Rotary Club of Simi Valley has been providing meals to our Frontline Workers weekly by choosing a local restaurant to deliver lunch. Deliveries include the Simi Valley Adventist Hospital, The Free Clinic of Simi Valley, Simi Valley School District, Simi Valley Parks and Recreation, Union Banks, Fire Stations, and Albertsons Grocery Store Employees. We are grateful to all who continue to make sure our community continues to function and stay healthy.

Rotary Club of Simi Valley 2020-05-15 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Ojai

Rotary Club of Ojai, California – Helping our International Partners During Covid-19 Emergency

Rotary Club of Ojai, California, has had International projects in Niger and India for many years. During these challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic and economic disruption, we are focused on finding ways to help these communities face the threat of illness and food insecurity.

Niger: Wodaabe Nomad women annually cross borders to neighboring countries to sell their traditional medicines. They return home by public transportation. These trips are a huge risk of exposure to COVID-19 for their communities. RC Ojai supported the Nomad Foundation, Ojai, in providing 75 hand-washing stations, 75 barrels of soap, and two trainers plus transportation costs to help these communities understand the risks and learn how to protect themselves.

India: RC Ojai’s ongoing Global Grant in partnership with the Rotary Club Srikshetra, Puri, benefits Prashanti International School (PIS) for poor and underserved village families. India’s lockdown to slow the spread of Covid-19, means all schools are closed, and the children are back in their villages. Many families of these children and others in the slum areas live hand-to-mouth doing manual work, as servants, or even begging at the temples. They have little food and many fall through the gaps in government emergency ration programs. Normally, these families rely on cooked food given daily by churches and temples, which remain closed. On May 1st, with the help of PIS staff and alumni, RC Ojai and RC Srikshetra in partnership with World Family Foundation, Ojai, provided essential food items to 70 of the most needy families.

Rotary Club of Ojai 2020-05-09 07:00:00Z 0

Superheroes with Masks!

Our Superheroes have traded in their capes for surgical masks!

Bakersfield East Rotarians gathered at Mercy Hospital in downtown Bakersfield to feed the night shift Thursday evening, April 28. The club provided the groceries and Ryan Dalashmutt member, owner and chief pit master of Boss Hogg’s BBQ, oversaw the preparation.  The entire evening staff received a dinner of barbecued beef tri-tip, rice pilaf and green beans doctored with tomato sauce, bacon and onion.

A group of 15 Bakersfield East Rotarians helped man the grill, plate the grub in to go containers, and distribute the meals to the hungry hospital workers.  It seemed like a small effort to honor the men and women on the frontline. These folks labor at their vocations no matter the dangers they may face or the tasks that they perform. We especially wanted to recognize those workers who are on duty throughout the night.

Thanks to them and all others who continue to serve us during the Covid19 crisis. These folks are exemplifying the Rotary motto “Service Beyond Self”. 

Bakersfield East Rotary plans to continue this effort serving evening staff at Adventist Hospital and Memorial over the next two weeks.

Superheroes with Masks! 2020-05-08 07:00:00Z 0

The Paso Robles Rotary Club

The Paso Robles Rotary Club set up a booth to talk about Polio and the Foundation in August of last year at the Winemakers’ Cookoff fundraiser with hundreds of patrons. Volunteers from the club included Doug Barth and Lacey Clifton. The booth was set up at the entrance to the event next to a booth selling Rotary-branded t-shirts to gain the most attention to the Foundation and the work Rotary does to eradicate polio. A plush Rotary piggy bank was at the booth and was carried around throughout the event to continue to encourage donations. Many visitors came up to the booth with questions; a top question being the necessity of a polio booster shot, which is not needed. Rotary member Lacey Clifton’s mother is a polio survivor so Lacey shared her Rotary “why” with visitors to the booth and passed out invitations to attend a meeting. The Foundation booth was well received and the Paso Robles Rotary Club plans to host the same booth again this August. 


The Paso Robles Rotary Club  2020-05-08 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Westlake Village

“The Rotary Club of Westlake Village held a career day for students of Westlake High School, November 22nd 2019. The Rotary members spoke with 40 students of The Academy program about their personal experiences with school and how they prepared for college or a career. The Rotarians that participated were from left to right, Brian Hynes – Owner Borderline Bar and Grill, Mary Olsen – General Manager KCLU, Mike Dutra – Owner Candu Graphics and Kelly Honig – Mayor of Westlake Village. With the many paths taken by the members to be where they are today, the students understood the options available and that while they may be striving for a career in one field, most likely that will change with schooling and life experiences. In addition one of the students became an employee of one of the participants, wanting to experience a work life that many students do not have during these times.”


Rotary Club of Westlake Village 2020-05-08 07:00:00Z 0

April- Rotarian of Action- Laura Willis

District 5240 has no shortage of outstanding Rotarians whose service to humanity can serve as an inspiration to all of us. This Rotary year, we plan on recognizing and sharing their inspirational journey. Each of the 12 Groups in the District has been assigned one month in the Rotary 2019-20 year for the Assistant Governor and Presidents to select one Rotarian of Action in their Group. For the month of March the Rotary Clubs selected as their Rotarian of Action to be Laura Willis, Westlake Village Sunrise. In recognition of “doing good in the world”, Laura will be presented with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition.


Laura Willis has been a member of the Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise twice. She left many years ago when her Chiropractic practice moved and returned to the club a few years ago. She has been a spark to a 35-year-old club. Her intensity, enthusiasm, willingness to help on all levels, and devotion to Rotary is displayed continuously and in every aspect of leadership.

When she rejoined, she took it upon herself to meet, and get to know each member.  She reached out, joined committees and served as a cheerleader for events, projects and regular meetings.  She has been a spokesperson and major “instigator” sparking action and encouraging participation. 

April- Rotarian of Action- Laura Willis 2020-05-04 07:00:00Z 0
District Awards Criteria 2020-05-04 07:00:00Z 0
Message from Savi Bhim, District Governor 2020-05-01 07:00:00Z 0

Seeking Club Stories- Covid-19 Efforts

story thumbnail
To all our 5240 Club Presidents,
District Governor Savi has asked that I reach out to you to collect photos of your club's community service projects during these unprecedented times.
We know that so many clubs have been busy pivoting their efforts to help those in their communities with dire needs -- we have seen clubs provide supplies to the Salvation Army, collect food for seniors, and feed families in their communities.
What I would like are photos and a short description of what your club has been doing for your community.  
This information will be used to create a collective story of our District's projects and to also let RI know of our efforts and commitments to keep the ideal of Rotary - Service Above Self - alive in our communities during these difficult times now and probably in the months to come.
Thank you so much for helping me organize this for DG Savi and I look forward to receiving your emails shortly!
Cindy Jacoby
Seeking Club Stories- Covid-19 Efforts 2020-05-01 07:00:00Z 0
Outstanding Membership 3rd Quarter 2020-05-01 07:00:00Z 0
Covid-19 Project Ideas 2020-05-01 07:00:00Z 0
San Luis Obispo County Rotary Clubs 2020-05-01 07:00:00Z 0

Santa Barbara Sunrisers

Santa Barbara Sunrisers Help Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic by Making Masks

Members of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise are stepping in to supply personal protective equipment for those who are providing essential services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Practicing physical distancing, Rotary volunteers are sewing masks at home. The mask covers are made from cotton fabric in a variety of cheery patterns and colors with elastic that goes over the ears. The covers can be machine-washed and used repeatedly.

Judith McCaffrey, Past President and Mask Project Coordinator, purchased fabric and supplies, cut materials to specifications, provided easy sewing instructions, and safely delivered kits to each of the volunteer's mailboxes or doorsteps.

The first batch of completed masks were delivered to Peabody Elementary School and the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County for their staff and volunteers for food distribution. Additional deliveries have been made to Sansum Clinic, Center for Successful Aging, and Vista Del Monte.

Volunteers will continue to sew and deliver masks as needed.

The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise extends its appreciation to all of the healthcare workers, first responders, and those providing essential services during this time of crisis. 

Photo 1: Judith McCaffrey heads up the club's mask making project. 

Photo 2: Ellen Chase stitches up masks at home. 

Photo 3: Cheryl and Gary Jensen are the club’s highest producer of masks. 

Photo 4: Judith McCaffrey delivers masks to Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. 

Santa Barbara Sunrisers 2020-04-27 07:00:00Z 0

Carpenteria Morning Rotary

Interactors Join Carpinteria Morning Rotary in Shining the Light of Service

The Carpinteria Avocado Festival Booth manned by Carpinteria Morning Rotarians and the Carpinteria High School Interact Club members sold enough solar student lamps and solar cell chargers to replace kerosene lamps with solar lights in 7 homes in Cuba and provide 15 families and small businesses in Guatemala City and the Philippines with solar chargers for their cell phones.

In an AvoFest Booth, students explained the benefits of solar lights and solar chargers to AvoFest attendees from the, answered questions and made the sales.  Solar lights and chargers were sold on a “BOGO” basis, that is, “buy one and give one”. The buyer keeps one solar device to use at home and Morning Rotary sends the other solar device to a needy person in a village or town without a source of reliable electricity or no available electricity at all.  The Interact Club members learned presentation and business skills while providing a service to people around the world.

Carpenteria Morning Rotary 2020-04-27 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary de Tolosa- Paul Harris Fellows

Rotary de Tolosa had an amazing meeting today(Feb 25, 2020) where we welcomed our District Governor, Savi Bhim, to help award 41 Paul Harris Fellows among our members, 21 to first time recipients, making us become A 100%  Membership Paul Harris Fellow Club. Thank you to Cheryl Wakefield, our Foundation Chair, for rallying the members behind the cause. We would like to recognize her as Rotarian of The Month. 


Rotary de Tolosa- Paul Harris Fellows 2020-04-25 07:00:00Z 0
Help for the Unemployed 2020-04-25 07:00:00Z 0
Foundation Donates to Food Banks 2020-04-25 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Zone Covid-19 Membership Guide 2020-04-22 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Paso Robles-Branding

story thumbnail

Last week, Lacey Clifton of the Rotary Club of Paso Robles was the guest presenter for her Club to teach branding and ways to display Rotary pride on personal and business social media sites including Facebook LinkedIn, and Instagram. The Rotary Club of Paso Robles has switched to holding meetings on Zoom during the Shelter-in-Place order which allowed Ms. Clifton to give a step-by-step tutorial to the Club remotely using PowerPoint and live demonstrations on each platform. Ms. Clifton is an expert in social media and search engine optimization marketing and regularly gives workshops in the San Luis Obispo area. She joined the Club one year ago and immediately began working with the Club on their branding outline and social presence by establishing social media accounts with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram (they already had Facebook), but needed an opportunity to teach the Club more about hashtags, liking posts to boost visibility in the algorithms, and editing properties to display Club membership more prominently. 

The Rotary Club of Paso Robles can be found at:

  • https://www.facebook.com/pasoroblesrotaryclub;
  • https://www.linkedin.com/company/rotary-club-of-paso-robles;
  • https://www.instagram.com/pasorotary;
  • https://twitter.com/pasorotary;
  • and under the hashtag of #PasoRotary.

The tutorial was later distributed to everyone in the Club along with a survey asking members to share their Rotary Story for publication on the social media platforms and website.  As members begin engaging more with the Club online, the community will become more aware of the service activities of the Club and membership opportunities for others who believe in service above self.  

Rotary Club of Paso Robles-Branding 2020-04-21 07:00:00Z 0




Visiting RC of Tegucigalpa

The Club Rotario de Tegucigalpa was the host club on GG1876286 and has been a partner of Operation Footprint for eighteen years. We visited their club meeting the first night we were in Honduras. From Left to Right: Oscar Castaneda – Tegucigalpa and Primary Contact on GG 1876286, Harry Walls – Nipomo, Edgar Garcia – Westlake Village Sunrise, Edwing Pavon-  Tegucigalpa, Leigh Seaton – Simi Sunrise, Audrey Brown – Westlake Village, Nick Frankle  - Westlake Village Sunrise

Infant Casting- Leigh Seaton (Simi Sunrise) and Audrey Brown (Westlake Village) assist in casting the legs of an infant to correct a clubfoot condition.

Operating Room- Visiting Rotarians were invited into the operating room to observe the surgeries and provide support as needed.

From Left to Right: Edgar Garcia – Westlake Village Sunrise, Leigh Seaton – Simi Sunrise, Harry Walls – Nipomo, Audrey Brown – Westlake Village

Evaluation- Leigh Seaton (Simi Sunrise)  presents a beanie baby to a child waiting to be evaluated. Ty, Inc. donated two cases of beanie babies to the project.

Operation Footprint provides surgeons, training, medical equipment and supplies that enable doctors in Honduras to diagnose and treat children with deformities due to untreated clubfoot  and unable to participate in normal childhood activities. In January 2020 surgeons from Operation Footprint Baja Project traveled  to Honduras to perform surgical procedures that correct or mitigate impact on lives of  Honduran children. The public Hospital San Felipe provides staff, equipment and four operating suites.  

The Operation Footprint surgeons train local doctors in diagnosis and corrective procedures for the deformities. The result is children leading normal lives and local doctors better prepared to diagnose and treat clubfoot.

A Rotary Foundation Global Grant  provided laboratory and surgical equipment and supplies to enable Public Hospital San Felipe to better serve their patients. The Rotary Clubs of Westlake Village Sunrise and Tegucigalpa, Honduras sponsored the grant. Eight other clubs in District 5240 supported the grant.

This year Rotarians from the Rotary Clubs of Westlake Village Sunrise, Westlake Village, Simi Sunrise and Nipomo accompanied the medical team.  They interacted with the children, helped with casting, and spent time in the operating room.  They presented the equipment and supplies to Honduran government at the Congress building.   They made many new friends and had a life-chaining experience while seeing the Rotary Foundation in action. Many thanks to everyone who has helped  give a child the ability to go to school, play, participate in family activities and look with hope to the future.

Primary contact is Nick Frankle, Email nickdg1617@earthlink.net, Cell: 805-402-6303. Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification.

OPERATION FOOTPRINT 2020-04-20 07:00:00Z 0

The Global Impact Group

Project: Volunteer Surge 
It is a free, online training program that teaches you to help professional healthcare workers from your home or in the field. It requires no special skills. 
Once trained you can choose to apply your new skills by providing phone or online support from your home or by assisting healthcare workers in the field.
If this is of interest to you please check out this link for more information. 
Please stay safe
The Global Impact Group 2020-04-07 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club of Simi Sunset 2020-04-07 07:00:00Z 0
Online Club Meetings 2020-04-01 07:00:00Z 0
Maintaining Member Engagement Guide 2020-04-01 07:00:00Z 0

Polio- Thousand Oaks Rotary Club

Rotary’s Polio Eradication is on Thousand Oaks Club’s Radar

A special section on the website http://polioeradication.org  shows how Polio Eradication learnings can impact how we deal with COVID-19. This reminds us all how important it was for Rotary to take on the challenge of Polio Eradication throughout the world. Our District is also making progress in the fight against polio. But the job is not yet finished.

 The Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks has made a special effort this year to support eradication progress. There is still an active member in that club, Jere Robings, who was at the 1988 Philadelphia Convention that launched the project. Also, several TO club members have gone to India to get involved in NID projects.

Polio- Thousand Oaks Rotary Club 2020-03-25 07:00:00Z 0

March- Rotarian of Action- Blake Goehring

District 5240 has no shortage of outstanding Rotarians whose service to humanity can serve as an inspiration to all of us.

This Rotary year, we plan on recognizing and sharing their inspirational journey.

Each of the 12 Groups in the District has been assigned one month in the Rotary 2019-20 year for the Assistant Governor and Presidents to select one Rotarian of Action in their Group.

For the month of March the Rotary Clubs selected as their Rotarian of Action to be Blake Goehring, Shafter Rotary Club.

In recognition of “doing good in the world”, Blake will be presented with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition.

Blake Goehring, Shafter Rotary Club

2001 RYLA Participant

2006 became a member of the Rotary Club of Shafter

2010 National Immunization Day participant in India

2010-2011 Club President for Rotary Club of Shafter

2011 Basic PRLS graduate

2011-2017 RYLA Counselor

2013 National Immunization Day team leader in India

2013-2014 Assistant Governor for Group 3 under Jack McClenahan

2016-2017 Assistant Governor for Group 3 under Nick Frankle

2016 Zone 26 Emerging Leader Conference in Santa Barbara

2017-2018 Assistant Governor for Group 3 under John Weiss

2018-2020 RYLA Instructor for Goal Setting Course

Paul Harris Fellow 2+

March- Rotarian of Action- Blake Goehring 2020-03-25 07:00:00Z 0


Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors, and friends,

Let me get right to the unfortunate news — the RI Board of Directors has decided to cancel the 2020 Rotary International Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. We are all part of the Rotary family, and your safety remains our highest priority. Like the more than 20,000 registrants who planned to attend this year’s convention, I am very disappointed. However, this is the right and necessary decision to protect the health and safety of convention attendees, as well as those who call Honolulu home.
2020 RI CONVENTION CANCELLED 2020-03-19 07:00:00Z 0

Club Meetings Online!

CONTACT: Scott Phillips (scottdg2223@rotary5240.com)
As I speak to our club presidents their greatest concern is how to keep in contact with their members giving the guideline that now limits social gathering to 10 or less.
One of the most effective ways is on-line meetings and Scott Phillips our 22-23 DG has worked out a fantastic deal for our district .
A huge thank you from all of us in District 5240 Scott !
Here is Scott's letter...
Club Meetings Online! 2020-03-17 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Global Rewards 2020-03-17 07:00:00Z 0

Letter from RI President Mark Maloney

story thumbnail
Dear Fellow Rotarian,

The COVID-19 coronavirus is affecting every aspect of our lives in real time, and this puts Rotarians in an unfamiliar place. As People of Action, we are most comfortable when we are fully engaged in the world – moving freely, meeting openly, and offering helping hands. These are very difficult times for people who, like us, are at our best when we are learning, growing, and serving—together.
Letter from RI President Mark Maloney 2020-03-15 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary de Tolosa, San Luis Obispo

Offsite Meetings 

Our club recently held an offsite meeting at the Pereira Octagon Barn, which we and other Rotary clubs had helped renovate over the last year. This historically and culturally important structure was built in 1906 by three European immigrants, one of whom was a carpenter, and another a dairy farmer. This is reportedly the last remaining such octagonal barn on the west coast and is a remnant of a once-thriving dairy sector on the central California coast. One of our new Rotary de Tolosa members, Kaila Dettman, is Executive Director of the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County, which manages the Octagon Barn and its grounds for educational and other community events. 

Business Socials

Our club held four business socials at Rotarian’s worksites in lieu of regular meetings. As with the Octagon Barn meeting, we all learned something about our member’s workplace while having a great time socializing. Sites included Rothman Investments in Atascadero, and Cal Poly’s Performing Arts Center, the Nautical Bean coffee shop, and WineSneak wine bar in San Luis Obispo.

Rotary de Tolosa, San Luis Obispo 2020-03-15 07:00:00Z 0

San Luis Obispo Rotary Club

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Loads of Fun and Great Food at the Spaghetti Western Fundraiser
Annual Event Raises Funds for Local High School & College Student Scholarships
Join the San Luis Obispo Rotary Club at their annual Spaghetti-Western fundraiser at 5:00PM SATURDAY June 20TH, 2020 (Previously scheduled for 5:00pm Saturday, March 28th, 2020.) 
San Luis Obispo Rotary Club 2020-03-14 07:00:00Z 0


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Dear Rotary Leaders,
On behalf of District Governor Savi Bhim, this message is being sent to District Executives, Club Executives and Club Directors regarding guidance for Clubs pertaining to the COVID-19 situation.
DG Savi has received a number of messages from Clubs and District Staff asking her if there has been a District position/guideline issued regarding the conducting of regular Rotary Meetings or Club Events during this COVID-19 situation.
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Rotary de Tolosa, San Luis Obispo

Job Shadow Program with Pacific Beach High School

We partnered with our local continuation high school to provide academically at-risk students the chance to shadow a Rotarian for a few hours at their workplace. These career exploration activities were designed to expose high school seniors to a day in the life of a career professional. Thirty Rotarians volunteered to serve as job shadow mentors. Students chose a Rotarian to shadow, spent several hours with the Rotarian at work, then wrote up a report on their experiences. Job shadows included visiting a drywall firm’s job sites, Cal Poly’s Performing Arts Center during set up and a live band performance, a local realtor as she made her rounds of homes for sale, and a marketing/PR firm with involvement of the owner and several of her colleagues. Several students sent heart-warming thank you notes, grateful for the eye-opening experiences they shared with Rotarians.

A Pacific Beach High School student with her job shadow 

mentor at the Verdin Marketing firm.

Verdin Marketing President and Rotarian, Mary Verdin (left) with Pacific Beach High School job shadow student (upper middle, black top) and the Verdin team.


Article By: Mark Shelton, Vocational Service Chair, Rotary de Tolosa, San Luis Obispo, CA, mshelton@calpoly.edu (805) 459-7863


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March Foundation Focus

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DRFC - Grants Subcommittee

By PDG Frank Ortiz, District Rotary Foundation Chair

The District Rotary Foundation Committee (DRFC) consists of five (5) subcommittees: 

Today, the focus is the Grants Subcommittee.

Grants SubCommittee

This committee generally oversees the process for receiving District and Global Grants for Clubs within District 5240.  

District grants fund small-scale, short-term activities that address needs in our local communities and communities abroad.  District grants  fund a variety of district and club projects and activities, including:  Humanitarian projects, including service travel and disaster recovery efforts; Scholarships for any level, length of time, location, or area of study; Youth programs, including Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Rotaract, and Interact; Vocational training teams, which are groups of professionals who travel abroad either to teach local professionals about their field or to learn more about it themselves.  There is plenty of freedom to customize your service projects.

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February- Rotarian of Action- Fernando Aguirre

District 5240 has no shortage of outstanding Rotarians whose service to humanity can serve as an inspiration to all of us.

This Rotary year, we plan on recognizing and sharing their inspirational journey.

Each of the 12 Groups in the District has been assigned one month in the Rotary 2019-20 year for the Assistant Governor and Presidents to select one Rotarian of Action in their Group.

For the month of February the Rotary Clubs selected as their Rotarian of Action to be Fernando Aguirre. 

In recognition of “doing good in the world”, Fernando will be presented with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition.

Fernando Aguirre, Bakersfield East Rotary Club


  • CEO iKnowTechnology, Inc. for 16 years
  • Currently President at HydraTech Network Solutions
  • Married to Lucy Aguirre for 48 years, three adult sons
  • Joined Rotary in 2003

Positions and Awards:

  • Basic PRLS 2003
  • Master PRLS 2004
  • Club Rotarian of the Year 2006
  • Club Community Service Director for at least five different presidents
  • Active in Community Service AOS both serving on committee and advising new directors
  • Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for seven years.
  • Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board in 2007
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Los Olivos Jazz and Olive Festival

The will return for its 16th year on Saturday, June 6, from 1 to 4 p.m. at Lavinia Campbell Park in Los Olivos. This sell-out event, presented by the Los Olivos Rotary Club, will showcase a variety of carefully selected wines from thirty local wineries. Each wine will be uniquely paired with fresh olive inspired appetizers created by local volunteer chefs.

Back by popular demand, Grammy nominated vocalist Denise Donatelli and her band will be on hand to lend their special blend of smooth jazz to the festivities. 

Over the past 16 years the Jazz and Olive Festival has been the Los Olivos Rotary Club’s primary fundraiser that supports its charitable works. All proceeds raised go directly to local scholarships, well managed community projects, and nonprofit organizations.  

This year’s event chair, John Matthews, states: “The Jazz and Olive Festival is an all-hands-on-deck event for our club.  Every member is involved, keeping our costs low, and allowing us to maximize the proceeds that fund our charitable giving. We work really hard, but we know it creates tremendous impact.”   

 Photo Credits: Andy Doerr

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Ingredients for Membership Growth

Special Feature Including The Rotary Club of Westlake Village, Rotary Club of Carpinteria Morning,  and Rotary Club of Nipomo 

At the beginning of the Rotary year District Governor Savi Bhim gave all the club’s a new member goal for our district - 1000 new members during her year of service! This worked out to 14 new members per club in District 5240. Membership growth is the engine that powers the vehicle of Rotary.  Growth of our members is important because new ideas and new interests reinvigorate clubs – bringing in new energy and future leaders. 

This past quarter, four clubs achieved the highest Retention and Membership growth for their respective regions. Reading more about their success might just give other clubs new ideas of how to share the gift of Rotary with new members.

The Rotary Club of Westlake Village  

New Members:  Malati Baker, Dwight Brown, Chris Clark, and Denise Arledge, and not pictured Rob De Geus, and Colin Doyle

The Rotary Club of Westlake Village’s commitment to making sure each of their current and new members feel special starts with the day potential members show interest in joining Rotary.  

Potential members and guests feel the vibrant and warm culture of the Club because each Club meeting includes a welcoming of their “Family of Friends.” 

Emphasis this past year has been placed on looking at what each of their members can not only offer to the Club, but what they want to get out of being a Westlake Village Rotarian.  One of their goals has been to encourage that each member brings at least one of the 3 W’s to their organization; Work, Wealth, or Wisdom.  

By using the 3 W’s as a guide, they ensure that each member gets involved in some capacity. This assists with members feeling connected and a sense of belonging so that as an organization they can continue to do the good work to the benefit their community.

Rotary Club of Carpinteria Morning

In order to meet the District goals and be a thriving club, Carpinteria Morning established a steering committee to reduce their membership package cost without meeting less than four times per month or sacrificing programs and trainings.  

Their plan included reducing meal costs and no longer meeting on the 5th Wednesday of any month, designing new membership forms, creating a new approach, and rolling out a new membership package to invite people to join Rotary.  Key objective: Invite people! 

Inviting people is now an active conversation in their meetings and weekly newsletter. Invite someone to Rotary! 

The new members are people who have been volunteering for their events all along, volunteering in other organizations in town, and people who liked to participate in their events. 

They also invited back members that had left in the past and let them know they are always welcome. Several former members returned and are actively participating on committees. 

One of their secret ingredients for being an attractive club is having fun events that people can dress in costume. (See photo below!) This may be something as simple as a “Halloween Hat” bonfire, our “Spaghetti Western” themed annual casino night or the “Oh So Royal” stepdown dinner. They found that everybody loves to dress up and be outrageous. Their ever-changing themes for playing dress up is part of their club culture and including everyone who wants to participate has been a winning formula to attracting new members.  

Their plan seems to be a good one since Carpinteria Morning club has won this award for two quarters straight!

Rotary Club of Nipomo 

Though they meet early, you won’t find them half-asleep! At their meetings potential members and guests enjoy a lively and friendly atmosphere where they feel welcome to join in the fun.  While members like to joke and riff on one another, they also keep it lighthearted, with an approachable warmth for guests and new faces.

Their members are some of our most engaging speakers and during the Member Spotlight segment of the meeting members are encouraged to share their stories of how they joined Rotary or how their lives have brought them to the Central Coast. Instead of fining members, they pay for the “bragging rights” to tell the club about exciting events and celebrations of milestones within their families.  It is in this sharing of themselves that they learn about each other’s experiences and interests, creating true bonds of camaraderie and long-lasting friendships.

This fun and engaging environment encourages their members to invite their friends to join their club – a strategy that has achieved great success. It can be that simple. Your friends know of Rotary through your acquaintance. You have been that example of Rotary’s service and fellowship to them.  Your friends enjoy spending time with you; why not spend that time with you and in Rotary?

Remember to invite family and friends to your clubs’, social, fellowship and community events and activities.  (See photo below.)

It is in this giving of themselves, by sharing their activities, events and experiences, that the Rotary Club of Nipomo has become something much larger than just the trappings and routines of their weekly meetings.  It becomes a family, with kinship forged while committing to “Service above Self.” 

Rotary Club of Wasco

The club had lost significant membership over the last ten years, but the club has incorporated these keys to their stability and growth:

  1. They still have a large number of long-time members (15 + years).  These members take great pride in the club and it's infectious.  Long time members keep their influence in mind as newer members come in and want to carry on the legacy of the club.
  2. They take a "it never hurts to ask" approach when it comes to prospective members.  They really try to reach out and make contact with members of the community and some members seem to be especially good at this.  
  3. They give both time and resources, and believe the community has an even stronger appreciation of their support.  
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Rotary Club of Moorpark Sponsors Student Career Day

On Tuesday January 14, 2020, the Rotary Club of Moorpark and Moorpark High School jointly organized and conducted a vocational tour for high school seniors of 3 local Moorpark businesses. The first business visited was AeroVironment where students learned about unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) ranging from the size of a humming bird to one which was 100 feet long. The second business toured, and Rotarian owned, was Command Performance where students learned about culinary skills as well as job application and interview soft skills. The final business visited was PICNIC TIME where students learned about delivering manufactured consumer goods to consumers who loved outdoor dining lifestyles. 

This Rotary combined Vocational Service and Youth Service activity was an outstanding way to help students better understand local career opportunities via real world examples. It also helped local businesses generate excitement from future potential employees in order to assist with future hiring. This activity was made possible through the Rotary Club’s deep networking connections with local businesses and the local school systems’ administration. It was great to see the enthusiasm and direction it supplied to students who may have otherwise been undecided in their career decisions.

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January- Rotarian of Action- Mary Meyer Lundstrom

District 5240 has no shortage of outstanding Rotarians whose service to humanity can serve as an inspiration to all of us.

This Rotary year, we plan on recognizing and sharing their inspirational journey.

Each of the 12 Groups in the District has been assigned one month in the Rotary 2019-20 year for the Assistant Governor and Presidents to select one Rotarian of Action in their Group.

For the month of January the Rotary Clubs selected as their Rotarian of Action to be Mary Meyer Lundstrom. 

In recognition of “doing good in the world”, Mary will be presented with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition.

Mary Meyer LundstromRotary Club of China Lake

Mary is the member we feel best deserves to be nominated for the Rotarian of Action Award.

First, a little background on Mary.   Mary is a 30+ year member who has served as Club President and has held several positions on the club board of directors. She is currently serving as the Program Chair, and really works hard to find great, informative speakers for the lunch meetings, and she is committed to making Rotary a welcoming, friendly meeting place.  Mary is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow and a significant contributor to the Rotary Club of China Lake Charitable Foundation.  Mary is always ready to host club social events at her home and has hosted an official reception for a District Governor.  She has been responsible for a successful international project that involved an R.I. International grant.  Those are just a few highlights from her past Rotary involvement.  What makes her a Rotarian of Action is that she is still extremely active in the club and community.  

Mary is active in identifying and leading efforts for community service projects; including food drives for a local Food Bank, Coat Drives for winter for those in need, supplies and funds for the local animal shelter, and a book drive for a local long-term care facility.  Mary’s most recent effort is to help organize the club’s Earthquake relief efforts. In all of these projects Mary:

1) Coordinates volunteers

2) Places donation boxes in strategic locations around town and then picks them up as they are filled

3) Coordinates with the local churches and Salvation Army for dates and locations to hand out the donations

4) Sorts the donations and gets them ready for distribution

5) Delivers the donations to the charity, or in the case of the coat drive, Is on hand on the appointed day to distribute the coats to those in need

6)  If District Grants are involved, and there have been on at least half of her projects, Mary wrote the grant application and prepared and submitted the final report

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District Rotary Foundation Gala 2020

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District Rotary Foundation Gala

By PDG Frank Ortiz, District Rotary Foundation Chair

The recent District Rotary Foundation Gala was held in January at the elegant Sherwood Country Club in Westlake Village. It was an event to recognize many of our contributors who have supported The Rotary Foundation within the past year.  The event featured our keynote speaker, Past Rotary International President Ravi Ravindran.  In addition, Brenda Cressey, current Trustee of The Rotary Foundation was in attendance and spoke to the value of including the Legacy of Rotary in your estate plan.

The event was primarily dedicated to our many Clubs and Individual Rotarians around the District who have made it a priority to support our Foundation.  

Thirty-three (33) Clubs were recognized for their support in 2018-2019 with the End Polio Now - Countdown to History Campaign.  The effort recognized club contributions of at least $1,500 towards polio eradication efforts.  

Twenty-two (22) Clubs were recognized for their support in 2018-2019 as 100% Foundation Giving Clubs with total giving of at least $100 per capita and 100% member participation.

Nineteen (19) Clubs were recognized for their support in 2018-2019 as Every Rotarian Every Year Clubs with Annual Fund Giving of at least $100 per capita and 100% member participation.

The Top 3 highest per capita contributors in 2018-2019 in support of the Annual Fund were Ojai West ($384.21), Oxnard ($325.80), and San Luis Obispo ($320.11).

There were twenty-six (26) new Paul Harris Society Members recognized between January 1 of 2019 and January 6 of 2020.  These members are dedicated to an annual commitment of at least $1,000 to Rotary’s Annual Fund, Polio Plus, or an Approved Rotary Global Grant.

There were thirty-seven (37) new Major Donors recognized between December of 2018 and January 6 of 2020.  Of those, there were six (6) Major Donor Level 2 recipients, and three (3) Major Donor Level 3 recipients.  Those new Level 3 recipients were Matt Lallo and Vicki Arndt, both from the Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks; and Ragner Storm-Larsen from the Rotary Club of Newbury Park.

There were twenty-five (25) new Bequest Society recognized between December of 2018 and January 6 of 2020.  Of those, there were three (3) Bequest Society Level 2 recipients, and one (1) Bequest Society Level 3 recipient.  The new Level 3 recipient was Jeff & Sally King from the Rotary Club of Pismo Beach-Five Cities.

Brenda and Dick Cressey from the Rotary Club of Paso Robles were recognized for their support as Arch Klumph Society members, and most recently as contributors to the new Rotary Legacy Society program.

Lastly; there were forty-four (44) Rotarians and Spouses recognized as new Charter Members of  the District 5240 Triple Crown Donors Circle.  These individuals are recognized for achieving levels of giving as Major Donors, Bequest Society, and Paul Harris Society members.

Thanks to all who worked to make the evening a success and to all who attended and participated with this year’s Foundation Gala.

CLICK HERE for Club and Individual Recognitions


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District Designated Fund Projects

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Greetings Fellow Rotarians,

On the International Service Section of the District website, we have created a tab for District Designated Fund (DDF) projects.

Our goal is to encourage small and medium size clubs with limited DDF allotment to post their project(s) in this section so that other clubs might be open to using their limited funds to support another club’s worthwhile project.

We know that every club has “their special project” but we also know that there is Strength in Numbers.

  • 13 clubs have less than $500 in DDF allotment
  • 11 club have $500 to $1,000 in DDF allotment
  • 20 clubs have between $1,000 to $2,000 in DDF allotment

If you’d like to post your project on the website, please supply us a brief overview:

  1. Club
  2. Title of project (if you have one)
  3. One to two sentences on the project
  4. Funding goal 
  5. Any image or photo

A couple of important reminders:

  • The final Grants Qualification Webinar will be provided on Tuesday February 11, 2020 @ 5:30pm. 
  • You can register for the final webinar from this link:
  • February 11:   https://rotarydistrict5240.org/event/final-2020-21-club-grants-qualification-webinar/
    • Club Qualification:
      1) Clubs must have two members attend and participate in a District Qualification session.  The session is done by Webinar and is about 60 minutes in length. One of the attendees must be the President Elect.

2) Club must be qualified and certified in order to receive District Grants and Global Grants.

3) An unincorporated club must agree and adhere to the provisions of the DRFC District and Global Grants Policy.

4) An incorporated club must agree and adhere to the provisions of the DRFC District and Global Grants Policy with a club resolution

5) As of Jan 15, 2020; a total of 49 Clubs have been Qualified through previous (3) sessions; and (8) Clubs have been Certified. To get Certified, these Clubs still need to sign and submit the Club Memorandum of Understanding.  

We look forward to posting your project and spreading the word of good deeds throughout our district.


D5240 International Service Committee: Jennifer Alton (RC of SLO), Susan Weaver (E-club of One World), Michael Jansen (RC of Thousand Oaks) and George Poulakos (RC of Ventura)

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Australia Needs Our Help!

Rotarians Helping Rotarians

Rotary is once again taking the lead and looking

to provide support for families in need.

Appeal from District Governor of District 9570, Australia

Michael Buckeridge

In Australia, farmers are the lifeblood of the country and they are in crisis.  Record breaking heat and lack of rain means farmers are struggling to feed sheep and cattle and keep crops alive.  

District 9570 is in Central Queensland and is 600,000 square kilometers in area -- almost the size of Texas, USA.  Since 2012 a large part of the District has been drought declared and at the start of 2020, the entire district is drought declared. 

The drought has resulted in diminished crop growth and carrying capacity for livestock.   Apart from the environmental damage and cattle dying, water quality continues to decline.  The human cost includes financial loss and mental health issues, particularly suicide and depression.

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Rotary Youth Exchange Scholarships

Adventurous Teens Wanted! 

We’re looking for 15-18 year olds that want to travel the world, learn another language and culture and make lifelong international friendships.  The year abroad enables students to become more self-confident, self-sufficient and better world citizens.  A Rotary Youth Exchange year abroad is valued at over $24,000 due to our volunteer efforts.  Check out www.studyabroadscholarships.org to learn more.  Children of Rotarians are also eligible. 

E-mail Mary at paseta@att.net for an application.  Don’t delay!  Interviews and initial orientation are January 25th, 2020.



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Ventura South at Holiday Street Fair

Ventura South Spreads the Rotary Word at Ventura’s Annual Holiday Street Fair

Twenty members of the Rotary Club of Ventura South turned out on a rainy Saturday, December 7, to set up and staff a booth at the Annual Holiday Street Fair on Main Street in Ventura. Working in 90-minute shifts, the Club members handed out literature about Rotary’s worldwide efforts to eradicate polio and build peace, and also invited those who stopped by to attend a Club meeting to learn more.

The Ventura South Rotarians also promoted the Club’s major fundraiser, the annual Mardi Gras event in support of Turning Point Foundation, on March 1, 2020. For more than 30 years, Turning Point has provided a wide variety of services for those struggling with mental illness in Ventura County.

Club members pictured in the group photo are (l to r): Sandy Warren, Bob Braitman, Melody Thurman, Larry Matheney, Rosa Duran-Ramirez, and Dennis Longwill. Melody went the extra mile in her outreach efforts with a Rotary wheel on her cheek, courtesy of the face-painter in the neighboring booth!

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December- Rotarian of Action- Mike Gibson

District 5240 has no shortage of outstanding Rotarians whose service to humanity can serve as an inspiration to all of us.

This Rotary year, we plan on recognizing and sharing their inspirational journey.

Each of the 12 Groups in the District has been assigned one month in the Rotary 2019-20 year for the Assistant Governor and Presidents to select one Rotarian of Action in their Group.

For the month of December the Rotary Clubs selected as their Rotarian of Action to be Mike Gibson. 

In recognition of “doing good in the world”, Mike will be presented with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition.

Mike Gibson, Santa Maria Breakfast Rotary